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A place of reflection for the titans as they look over the city. Also, the roof conveniently has a full scale basketball court for them to play with.

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The sounds of the city below could be deafening at times. The air was bitter up there, but at times, strangely refreshing. So many questions could be asked and soon enough her peaceful get away dissipated, the quiet she found wasn't invaded by the noise below, but more so the noise of her thoughts. Her mind had been plagued with the thoughts of her family the what if's in life. She sighed and shook her head before standing up.

The cold wind blew through her thin brunette hair, causing an ethereal effect. Everything was incredible in that moment; it would've made a perfect picture, but alas she was alone and that moment vanished as soon as it happened.

The noise of the city drifted up to her and she caught everything, from the honking to the people, even the cries of children were detected. The quiet girl listened to the chaos, in a way it was a musical master piece, but no one, except for a few gifted souls would be able to hear it. A single breath of warm carbon dioxide was released into a white puff that quickly dissipated into the atmosphere, sucking in a lung full of oxygen, her breathing slipped back into a steady pattern, only varying slightly.

Despite the chilling weather, she wasn't particularly cold. However, then again, she was technically made from a ball of fire. Sighing again she stood there and waited for peace to back to her.

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Miranda walked to the roof, wearing jeans and a t shirt. She shot basketball, watching the girl who just seemed to watch the city. Miranda made consistantly her shots

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The girl turned and glanced at Miranda, frowning slightly. She simply wanted to be alone and there was nowhere for her to go. She wanted to also see her brother, but that was a no go as well. She sighed again and had to cool herself down as she felt herself grow warmer. Joining this team wasn't really her decision; it was one her brother and everyone else suggested was the right choice. She should've never listened to them, they were so very wrong. She didn't care what happened, she just wanted to be with her brother and not have to worry about any crap she has had to deal with lately.

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Miranda sat down after being tired. She looked over Jump City, looking at the many buildings. Miranda sat on the ledge, feeling the wind on her skin.

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