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The Titan Towers' Main Ops room serves as a living room, kitchen, and a debriefing area. It's basically where the titans spend time together while in the tower.

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Raven walked in and sat on the couch, closing his eyes he meditated.

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(( sorry forgot about the 3 line post))

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((Its fine. Just be descriptive))

Miranda walked out of the bathroom, with a towel around her body. She had some droplets of water running down her beautiful skin as she listened to a song on her ipod using headphones. Her eyes were closed and she bopped her head as she walked from the hall into the main ops room, unaware Raven was up this early.

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Raven kept his eyes closed he could hear her music playing. Levitating off the ground a little his blueish purple cape was covering his body and his hood was on. The hood covered his face so that nobody could see his eyes but just his mouth.

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Miranda didnt notice Raven as she began to cook her breakfast. She danced around, the ends of the towel spinning like a dress. Miranda cooked grits while humming her song.

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Raven opened his eyes, he stopped her music. He didn't want to scare her but it was best she know he was their.

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Miranda figured it glitched off, so she pressed play again to no avail. "What the?" Miranda took off the headphones looking around. She spotted Raven, "Why?" She asked, sounding half annoyed half amused.

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Raven let her music play again, without saying anything. Closing his eyes again and meditating. His hood still covering up his face.

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Miranda got her grits boiling. She walked up to him. "Raven, why'd you do that?" Miranda asks, a foot awau from him

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Raven kept his eyes closed, she should know that he doesn't talk much exept when he really needs to. He didn't move a muscle, he didn't want to get on her bad side though.

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Miranda sighed, going back to her grits. She finished cooking them and poured her bowl. "Want any?" Miranda called.

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Raven shook his head no, not even once looking at her. Letting Miranda eating on her own, he didn't want to be mean but he already ate. That's why he gets up this early it's normally fairly quiet, and beast boy isn't so loud.

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Miranda smiled softly and ate her grits quietly. After she finished she smiled and walked to him. Miranda went invisible and her towel fell in front of him with a sound. She ran to her room, invisble.

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Raven opened his eyes closed again, seeing the towel in front of him. He shook his head, 'girls' he thought. Standing up and walking over to the sink, getting a drink of water.

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Michael Taylor walked into the Main Ops room, quietly waving at Raven as he sat on the couch and calmly breathing. He had to frequently clear his mind in order to allow him to use his abilities effectively. This was one time he had to clear his mind.

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