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Full Name:







Hair Color:
Eye Color:





Relationship Status

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Full Name: Miranda Keyes
Alias: Shade

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Powers: Can make herself and things invisible

Grappling Gun

Two silenced pistols

Miranda is an extremely flamboyant and outgoing young woman, with a tendency to push the boundaries that circumscribe her freedom and expression. She loves being adventurous and going to exciting places often, and she thoroughly loves flirting. As a result she tends to have a dominant position in most scenarios.


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Weight: 125 lbs
Height: 5'5"

Due to Miranda being unable to keep her clothing while in her invisible form, she doesn't have a superhero outfit, but rather wears casual wear such as jeans and a tank top.

None that she knows of.

Miranda was raised in foster homes, and discovered her ability while being mistreated. She soon lived on her own and survived by petty theft, and became amazingly good at the control of her powers. However, she was caught by the Teen Titans, and rather than being arrested they recruited her. Ever since then she has called this place her home.



Relationship Status

Single, but loves to flirt.

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Approved, because why not.

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Thank You darling

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First name: Drew
Middle name: Argos
Last name: Nightshade
Alias: goes by Raven Nightshade ( people call him Raven)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Powers: Psionic abilities
Advanced telekinesis
Thought projection
Spiritual powers
Astral projection
Magic powers
Incredible knowledge of mystical artifacts, charms and spellbooks
Dark magic
Light magic
Telekinetic spells
Elemental magic spells
Freezing time

Weapons: Magic

Personality: Raven is a quiet guy, doesn't talk very much, doesn't smile or laugh. He is like the quiet but very deadly type. He may not be the best of friends but he will be their when you need him to be. He likes to hear people joke and stuff but doesn't normally give them. Has a hard time trusting or believing others.

Appearnace: http://evilhobo.deviantart.com/art/Ma...
Eye color: purple
Hair color: dark purple
Weight: 135
Height: 5'9"

Outfit: look at picture. Doesn't normally wear anything else but that.

Family: Unknown

History: Unknown

Sexuality: heterosexual

Relasonship status: Unknown

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Full Name: Michael Taylor
Alias: Knight

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Molecular Manipulation
→Can manipulate matter to bend to his will

His powers

Micheal consistently feels like he is invincible and untouchable by any situation he might be in. To a degree, it is correct due to the fact that he can change practically any characteristic about any matter. As a result, he is extremely brave and fearless. Michael is oft an extremely carefree and adventurous young man.


Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Weight: 160lbs
Height: 6'2"


Michael was in a home of four brothers, and was the youngest. He was taught from early on to be extremely brave and was so even when a gunman entered his family's apartment. Michael was sleeping when his parents and two brothers were shot, and he watched as the last two were killed in his room. When the gun was pointed at her, the bullet transformed to be extremely light. The bullet spun out of control, and embedded behind him. When once again the gun was pointed, the man's heart was turned to water, killing him instantly.


Relationship Status

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Accepted! You may make your apartment.

JBF the fabulous one and only (LEOFOREVA) Name: Peyton white
Nickname: unicorn -unknown reasons
Age: 14
Gender: female
Powers: strength
Weapons: strength, dagger
Personality: sweet, generous, kind, smart
Mischievous, sneaky, anger issues
Hair: brown, shoulder length but keeps in a ponytail
Eye: grayish blue
Weight: 140 pounds but doesn't look like it
Height: 5'2
Outfit: brown boots and blue leggings, a light blue plain shirt with a long sleeve under it. Her dagger is on the inside of her boot.
Family: dad, mom, sister. Oliver, Annie, Abby and in that order
History: happy life and family until they were kidnaped and killed when Peyton was 10 and she watched them die at the hands of her uncle. She hasn't realized her powers until then. She broke her uncle's neck and destroyed the house in rage. She has no other family but her aunt that just past away last year.
Sexuality: straight
Relationship status: none

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- description


First name: Alexandra
Middle name(s): Isis
Surname: Monroe
Nickname: Alex
Superhero Name: Frostbite
Abilities: Can create and control ice and snow. Can freeze water and drop the temperature. (All caused by exposure to nuclear energy)


Age: 19
Date of birth: April 21
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Country of Origin: England
Current residence: Titan Tower
Social status: Middle Class


Traits of Voice

Accent (if any): Slight British, although it has mildly faded
Language spoken: English
Other languages known: French, German, Italian
Style of speaking: Sarcastic tone usually, but can speak softly when worried
Volume of voice: Generally loud

Physical Appearance



(view spoiler)
Height: 5'7
Weight: 115
Eye color: green, with little flecks of gold
Skin color: porcelain white lice snow
Hair color: pale blonde
Hair style: fluctuates from straight to wavy, depending on the day.
Complexion: fair. She burns easily.
Distinguishing features: Her typically rosy cheeks, and her eyes.
Build of body: thin, but strong.
Clothing Style:
Costume: A black leather suit that can withstand drastic temperature changes and bends to her body movements.

Alex is very analytically and loves to study the ways others react. She is also pretty sarcastic and outgoing, but can seem pretty frosty when you first meet her (I had to lol)
Likes: The cold, clouds, stormy weather, poetry, gymnastics, lock picking, science
Dislikes: Warm weather, humidity, bad drivers
Education: Alex was attending college when the...accident...happened. She was only able to complete half of her first semester as a freshman.
Super Powers/Abilities: She can control ice and snow, freeze things, and drop the temperature. She is also very flexible due to years of gymnastics. Her body can withstand extremely low temps.
Fears: heat exhaustion, being in confined spaces, fire
Personal goals: To hopefully one day return to college.
Religious values: Believes there is a God, but does not align herself with any specific religion


Alex was born to an average family. She studied hard, kept up with her school work, and nothing was incredibly interesting. They moved to New York when she was 12. The transition was rough, but their family survived.
At the age of 16, she began working for a very well-known science lab, whose name shall remain secret for their own safety.


Once she graduated high school, Alex went on to college, while still working as an intern for the same science lab, conducting studies to enhance the body armor worn by the military. Their specific project was cold weather resistance.


The day her future changed was on September 15th. They were doing a study and she was alone in the room, recording temperatures on a specific piece of armor, seeing how it reacted when the nuclear serum was added to it.
Something went terribly wrong. While she was recording data, the containment chamber burst, covering her in nuclear byproduct. Her skin seemed to absorb it. She freaked out, as most people would, and sped to the hospital. When she arrived, she explained what happened. The only thing the doctors could find wrong was that she was drastically below body temperature, to the point where her body should have shut down.
She fled the hospital, running. It was in a dark alley that a member of the Teen Titans found her and brought her in.



Family: She has a typical nuclear family, a mother, and father, and an older brother. She doesn't see them much.

Relationship status:



Occupation: Teen Titan
Current home: Titan Tower
Hobbies/past times: Gymnastics mostly, and reading
Guilty pleasures: raspberry ice cream, lots of it
Pet peeves: when people don't use their turn signal. When people say "I'm good" instead of "I'm well."
Pets: None
Talents: Insane felxibility


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Evelyn (FallenAngelWithAShotgun) | 7 comments Full Name: Gavin Reiter

Alias: Prophet

Age: 16

Gender: Male


Gavin possesses the ability to foresee events before they occur. This ranges from battlefield use (predicting an enemy's attack before it occurs) to practical use (foreseeing a major or minor event). However, it does come with many limits; for example, Gavin understands that acting according to his prophecies always comes with a price, according to the rule of equivalent exchange. Because of this, when it comes to major prophecies, he uses his power sparingly. He cannot control when he predicts an event, and a prophecy is usually accompanied by symptoms such as migraines, dizziness, and unconsciousness. The magnitude of the prophecy often correlates to the severity of these symptoms.



Gavin's very friendly, but seems to lack a sense of humor. He's usually quite nervous, and his eyes dart around often. He's quick to accept, but slow to trust. He doesn't laugh or smile often, but it's a treat when he does. He doesn't actively seek out conversation, but he welcomes a change to find out more about his fellow Titans. He hates his powers, and wishes he'd never received them.

Hair Color: Dark brown/black
Eye Color: Brown
Weight: 136
Height: 5' 5"



Mother: Lucille Reiter (deceased)
Father: Edwin Reiter (deceased)
Brother: Albert Reiter

Mother (foster): Yvonne Huntmon-Smythe
Mother (foster): Esther Huntmon-Smythe


Gavin was born into a family that was fairly ordinary, aside from his little brother's extreme intelligence. Although the two didn't always get along, they formed a strong bond, and loved each other very much. Gavin's powers didn't appear until he was about ten years of age, when he suddenly fell unconscious in class with no warning. While he was asleep, he received a strange premonition- he observed a scene in which Albert was killed by a car on his way home from school. When he woke up in the nurse's office, he begged her to let him go home for the day. He convinced his parents to call the elementary school and dismiss Albert from school for the day, so that he wouldn't have to walk home. They set out to pick him up, but never returned. Gavin grew worried, and sure enough, after a few hours had passed, the principal arrived at his house, with Albert in tow. He gave Gavin the news that his parents had been killed in a car crash on their way to pick up Albert. Gavin realized with a shock that if he hadn't told them about his premonition, they would still be alive. This was his first experience with his powers, and though he hadn't yet figured out that he possessed them, he had the feeling that there was something different about him.

By the time he was twelve, he and Albert were living together with two foster mothers. Albert didn't fully understand what had happened to their parents, but he knew that Gavin had had something to do with it. At that age, Gavin's prophecies began to occur more frequently, and though he was able to hide the symptoms well, there was little he could do about the times when he fainted in class. One time, he predicted that everyone in his class would fail a test, and studied accordingly. Sure enough, the rest of the class failed. However, due to his lone success, the rest of the students began to shun him. In another instance, he predicted that the bus would break down during a field trip. This time, however, he didn't do anything about it, having learned from the past few times when he intervened with his premonitions. At this point, he knew about his powers, but hadn't worked out all of the details yet. Despite his unfortunate situation, however, he lived as best he could, and loved his brother above all else.

This all changed at the age of fourteen, when he received the most terrible prophecy in his experience: he saw a vision of himself strangling his brother with his own bare hands. In a panic, he packed up all of his belongings and ran away, not daring to even enter Albert's room to say goodbye. Instead, he left a letter, explaining his powers, their parents' death, and why he had to leave. He never learned what the equivalent exchange was for his actions, and he never dared to return and find out, lest he let his prophecy come true. Eventually, he ran into the members of the Teen Titans, who took an immediate interest in his powers.

Sexuality: Pansexual

Relationship Status: Single

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