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Morgan | 889 comments Hi

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Greetings. So mmf like two guys on a girl or we could do maybe even three girls?

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Morgan | 889 comments Either works. Can I tell you the premise?

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Sure, fff please.

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Morgan | 889 comments A boy is born and raised alone on a mountain with his mother. They are both witches, but she raised him to be a girl, or rather believing he is a girl. There was no reason to ever doubt this as he was dressed as a girl and was raised to behave as one as well. When her mother passed away, she went to Japan to attend an all girl school, and there it will be revealed to everyone, including himself, that he is in fact a boy, something that will shock him beyond belief.

But, a fact that is not well known is that the type of witch he is means that, in order for their kind to live longer, they are born boys, but become girls later, which was why his mother raised him female. He has a 95% chance of becoming a girl when he reaches puberty, and only a 5% chance of remaining a boy.

But with this thrown out into the open, both his abilities as a witch(not very good mind you as he's still learning and messes up a lot) as well as the newfound knowledge of his gender, which may or may not be permanent, what will happen to this boy? Will he embrace his masculinity? Will he prefer the feminine ways he has grown up learning? Will he perhaps find friends or even....love, at the school he's allowed to continue attending despite being a boy? (mostly because the headmistress knows his mom so she knows he will most likely become a girl so its no problem)

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Sounds good. Can she find love at the school and he and another girl find a girl that loves other girls and get her to have you know? Or?

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Morgan | 889 comments Um.... Could u explain that a bit <.< I'm lost

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As in she falls in love with the girl and another girl does too. So they took her to one of their houses and me her have sex. (Or we could just try as we go.)

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Morgan | 889 comments Ok....

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Sorry, off track..

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Morgan | 889 comments Lol it's fine.... Umm could you maybe play too of the girls? Also since you want to make it a FFF maybe start off with the "boy" in the plot being a girl who thinks she's a boy cuz that's what she was raised to believe, or something similar? But then she goes to the girls school and she's all wth <.<?

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Sure. Sounds good. I'll play a girl named Bella and a girl named Grace.

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Morgan | 889 comments Mmk can we do a small character template like name, age and appearance?

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I like using actors instead of pictures because of things fyi.

Alright sounds good. Like what age?

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Morgan | 889 comments um 16-18 doesn't matter :P

And that works for me I always use actors I haven't RP'd a girl in a while tho so I'll have to find somone xD

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Name: Bella Friar
Age: 17
Appearance: Emma Stone

Name: Grace Bolin
Age: 16
Appearance: Jennifer Lawrence

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Morgan | 889 comments Name: Lauren Jones
What she thinks is her name: Louis Jones

Age: 17
Appearance; Sky Ferreira

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Morgan | 889 comments I'll start in a little bit I really have to finish this last chapter in my book >~<

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How goes it?

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Morgan | 889 comments ((Sorry lol it was more like fifty pages 0.0 the cliffhanger was horrible tho must read second book.))

Luois let out a dramatic sigh as he sat down at one of the lunch tables that bordered the edge of the cafeteria. Already he'd delt with his fair share of strange looks and whisperiing boys and girls. This was all so confusing, socializing and having people call him a girl. He was not a girl! Girls had things between their legs and always dressed up like slobs who'd just rolled out of bed. Besides his mom wouldn't lie to him. Yanking the bun out of his hair he let his chin length hair fall down as he looked at the lunch in front of him. He was a little afraid to eat it just by his appearance and his eyes nervously shot around the cafeteria as he wondered if he could make a quick escape.

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((I am also not to be most detailed just to say now.))
Grace walked into the cafeteria. "Hello ladies." She grinned as she spotted her favorite girl to kiss. They hadn't told anyone they had done it. She was already ready to go further. She walked into line.

Bella stood in line. "I hope I can have a salad.." She hated when they had Mac and cheese and jello. It was the younger kids favorite. She waited for the three people in front of her to get done.

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