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This Charming Man
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BUDDY READ: Adult Fiction > This Charming Man by Marian Keyes -- starting February 15th

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Victoria Scott | 2393 comments Join Irene and I on the 15th of February!

Irene (raenne) | 4929 comments Excited. This has been on my shelves for 3+ years, I believe... :O

Victoria Scott | 2393 comments Wow! Yeah, mines been on there a while, but I don't even think I've had a Goodreads that long :P

Irene (raenne) | 4929 comments It's off to a pretty good start, I think :) Only a few pages in :)

Irene (raenne) | 4929 comments Lola, September 3
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Victoria Scott | 2393 comments I haven't had time to start, I didn't realise how long my other buddy reads were going to take. I'll be starting soon, I promise!

Irene (raenne) | 4929 comments No problem :)

Irene (raenne) | 4929 comments 34%
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Irene (raenne) | 4929 comments 36%
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Irene (raenne) | 4929 comments 61%
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Irene (raenne) | 4929 comments There's a lot to be said about this book, I think. I finished it last night.

I felt like (view spoiler)

Victoria Scott | 2393 comments I'm starting this today, I promise. I've only been at school two weeks, and I've had homework every single day! Plus I've been sick, so haven't been in the mood to read too much. But I'm getting there, honest

Victoria Scott | 2393 comments I wouldn't even be surprised if you've given up checking this thread, I've been taking so long... But I've finally been doing some real reading, and I'm up to page 105, Grace
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Victoria Scott | 2393 comments Up to page 229, I've read Grace and Marnie (view spoiler)

Victoria Scott | 2393 comments I'm up to page 390.
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Irene (raenne) | 4929 comments Victoria wrote: "I'm up to page 390.
[spoilers removed]"

Haha, yeah, I saw that coming with Marney. Or should I say Nick.. I guess it just seemed to obvious to me to believe in. But I agree with you on what you just said.

I think Lola had the best part and the easiest writing haha :)

Victoria Scott | 2393 comments Really? Lola's grammar is so bad though! She starts sentences in the middle. "Went to shop. Wait minute. Shop bad." It's so frustrating to read!!

Victoria Scott | 2393 comments Finished!! I read that surprisingly quickly considering how long it took me to start... I'm so happy with the ending!
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