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The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend (Hamilton High, #1)
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. Week 6: Author Under 30 > The DUFF by Kody Keplinger

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Brittany Murray Going to start this book in the next couple of weeks. It just arrived in the mail today! Just in time for the movie. :-)

Nikki Day (nikkiday) I was going to read a different book but decided to read this book for this week instead. Looking forward to it :)

Kristy Nelson | 4 comments I started this book about 4 hours ago... And now I am finished with it. I thoroughly enjoyed this authors work. I literally could not stop reading! Very much worth the read. This gas been my favorite book of the year this far!

Nikki Day (nikkiday) So far I'm unsure about the writing. The story seems interesting enough but the writing makes me need to put the book down after a few chapters every time. I know it was written when she was 17 but when I see 'OMG' or 'BTW' written instead of the actual words it makes me cringe. I'll try to pursue it until the end, but let's see how I go.

Brittany Murray i finished it last night and really liked it. I don't remember there being any words like that at all. possibly a different edition?

Berit | 138 comments I think she does use some acronyms like OMG and such. I just started it not even for this challenge just kind of a side read but ironically it fits.I bought this book for my daughter and ended up reading it before her :-) I am really liking it so far.

Nikki Day (nikkiday) once I got into the book more I started to enjoy it. Thw writing was a put off at the start but now I just ignore it coz I like the story

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