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kpcrossan All my plots can be used for any set up.

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kpcrossan A society of witches came out to the world and it started a world wide Purge. Those who survived the initial wave of cleansing started small towns deep in the deserts, jungles, mountains, forests and islands of the world. Three generations later, two young witches from each coven are sent out into the world to see if it is save to once again show themselves.

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kpcrossan 1692

Tituba, a Native American slave woman and accused witch was burnt at the stake in Salem, Massachusetts. Hours before her death, Tituba called on the the powers of nature to form a curse that would eventually bring her back from the Other Side.

"Power of the moon have I over thee. Power of the sun have I over the. Power of the planets and stars have I over thee. Power of tides and rains have I over thee. Power of wind have I over thee. Power of ice have I over thee. Power of lead and root have I over thee. Power of rock have I over thee. Power of thunder have I over thee. Power of lightning have I over thee. Power of dew have I over thee. Power of blood have I over thee. Power of fire and darkness have I over thee. Power of night have I over thee."

Present Day

Tituba's curse has finally forced the power of the local witches into a circle. When (Character A) moves to Salem to be with his/her grandmother, they become the twelfth witch and complete the circle. The 12 witches have completed the first part of Tituba's curse but have yet to overcome the second. The circle will eventually resurrect the deceased Tituba and reveal the true nature of all power for the next cycle.

【Each witch has a certain power based on Tituba's spell, will explain more if interested】

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kpcrossan A group of teenagers or a couple enter and abandoned asylum known as the Briarcliff. There they encounter a pair of men copying the gruesome murder spree of Bloody Face.

【Basically the present plot of American Horror Story Season 2 Asylum】

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kpcrossan 【Idea found on Wattpad in My Notebook by BlaiseWeaver】

Two princess sisters travel to another neighboring kingdom, with its own royal family, to discuss merge ring their two kingdoms as a way to deal with recent attacks. But of course, the only way to merge the kingdoms was through marriage. During their stay, everyone falls for the wrong person and with the plots and lies inside the castle, the princesses forget the outside threats.

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kpcrossan 【Idea based off one found on Wattpad in My Notebook by BlaiseWeaver】

Two teenagers have parents that are homicide detectives and whenever they are bored they look through the unsolved cases and try to help as best they can. When both their parents are having problems figuring out their latest murder case, the two teenagers take it upon themselves to solve it. Clue after clue they piece together the pieces to find the shocking truth...

【Would prefer the shocking truth to be supernatural based but doesn't have to】

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