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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments Done :)

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments Muse A has lived in a town their whole life, and they used to have a childhood friend that moved away years ago (around 8). They finally move back and surprise you, and you find out that they're even better looking now than before! The two of you start to get back on track with talking and such, hanging out, and just getting back to how you were. You find out how you changed through the years, but now there are feelings you hadn't noticed before. The two of them start falling for each other.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments Thank you for making it! And sorry for the late reply. I had to leave and then got home late. :3

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments It's okay! What matters is that your replied and is home safely!

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments :3 Yup and yup. Especially with the bad roads. Heh. XD

So, did you want to do MxM or MxF?

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments Hmmm I want to do MxM :) Haven't did that in a while.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments Alright! Sounds good to me! :3

So, I would still like to be Muse A. Um, I was thinking if I use one of my characters we can have a bit of a twist, since he's a twin. Both twins are friends with your character, and when he comes back, all he finds is the first one, my main. He wants to find the other twin, but my main keeps saying he would rather your character not find his brother.

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments Alright, I down! I like rps with a bit of a twist :3

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments Sweetness! Of course you'll know what happened to the brother since it's part of my main's character sheet. XD Shall we work on them? Oh, by the way, I require history in a character sheet. OwO It's like one of my only requirements.

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments That's fine! Make your character first, and I'll piggyback off of that :)

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments I will make him soon. I have to go on a few errands. I should be back in a few hours though. :3

And what is the name of your character going to be? Just so I can add it. :3

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments Candice Johnson. I don't know why, but guys with girl names always interest me lol Plus, it can add jokes that may come along the journey :P

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments And there's history behind this name too.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments Haha, very true! XD And I can't wait to hear the history! I hope I'm home soon. Talk to you later!

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments Okay, later! lol

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments ?

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments Sorry for the wait. I'm working on an art project that is due tomorrow. XD I'll work on him as I go.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments Name

[First] Drayven
[Middle] N/A
[Last] Hayward
{Nickname} "Gayven Gayward" Or just one of them.

[Age] 17
{Date of Birth} November 21st

[Sexuality] Homosexual
{Relationship Status}


(view spoiler)

Drayven's natural hair color is pitch black, his lips pierced only twice and that is his snake bites. He doesn't have his ears pierced, and he doesn't want them pierced. He has light pale skin that usually would look unhealthy, but it's fine on him. He has a small scar on his lip right by his left piercing where his brother ripped it and gave him the scar.


Drayven is a first class smartass. He is always the one that is going to talk back, even when it isn't appropriate to. (Unless it's serious... then he can usually back off a bit.) He is a wise ass and isn't afraid to say what he is thinking, unless it is about his emotions. Then he's going to change the subject. He doesn't like talking about what is going on in his head. He is seen as one of the most confident people around, but in reality he is depressed. He doesn't think he is worth very much. And that's fine with him, he doesn't have any friends anyway, since he pushes most people away. But if he does like you, he will always stand up for you and make sure you are protected. And usually, even with himself, he will start a fight he knows he can't win. Though even when he is depressed and on the edge, he can hide it with his flawless mask. He is a hard person to get along with at first, since usually everything he says is a joke and not serious, especially when he is around other people. Though one on one is when you can really get to know him. When you do though, he is a great person to know, and is very fun loving.

His bike
Racing once in awhile

Idiots who start the fights with him
His parents
His brother
His past

Drugs and alcohol
Being lied to, cheated, and used

"Hear me! Save me! Please! I can't do it on my own anymore!"

Drayven was born into a rich family, his parents being born into money, so was his brother and he. Drayven and his brother were both born on the same day, they were twins, though Derek was two minutes older than Drayven was. the two of them got along pretty well, and when in preschool, they met their first friend, Candice Johnson, a young boy with a strange name. The three of them got along swimmingly and often hung out, though usually never at the Hayward mansion. Drayven didn't mind though, he didn't like being in that huge house all the time. It was too big, and he was too small.

Drayven didn't know it at the time, but he did start having feelings for the young boy that was hanging out with them, but his friend soon moved away after their 7th birthday.


Drayven started to grow apart from his brother when they were 10 years old and they started changing. His brother followed in his parent's footsteps, but that was because they pretty much brain washed him. They tried to do it to the both of them but it didn't work on Drayven, he just went on doing what he wanted. It was strange, as Drayven's brother's hair was Blonde, and his was black, almost saying one was the devil and the other the angel. And that's often what was said about him as he grew up, by his parents and brother only.

As life went on, Drayven ended up being completely rebellious against his parents, finding his own way and who he really was. His parents soon said that he wasn't part of their family, though he still lived there and was still technically part of it, just not known to anyone else. He was their scar on the perfect family. He was the stain. He was fine with that though, he was also fine with them saying they only had one son to the people he talked to. To him, he was an only child.... And he had no parents to talk about.

Once his brother was moved into a private high school for those who are smarter than others, and have more money, Drayven was stuck in public school. He didn't care though, they were just trying to keep the brother's apart. Though even apart, Derek found out Drayven's dirty little secret, that he was gay. He found that out after walking in on Drayven and his first boyfriend making out on his bed.... His parents were then told, his boyfriend left him, and he was grounded for his sexuality. Now he really wasn't part of the family.

Things only got worse between his family and him, so he often stayed away from them, only asking them for money when he wanted or needed it. And that wasn't often. After awhile, he decided he could just leave the house and often went to parties. Drayven lost his virginity at one of them, and from then on, he didn't find being pure important. So for about half a year, he was often tricked into thinking people loved him, since Drayven wouldn't do that with anyone if he didn't love them and it wasn't felt by them as well.

Though they tricked him quite a bit, he fell for it out of desperation to be loved, his heart still soft. He quit all of that after he ended up with the names Whore and Slut. He had slept with many people, so he didn't deny any of it, his self worth dying quickly. After all of this, he was done. He wanted to set his life straight before anything bad happened. Of course, that didn't help it as a strange guy came up to him one day and asked if he could get on his action. Drayven turned him down quickly, not even wanting to get close to him.

This guy didn't give up though, every time he seen the young boy, though the guy wasn't that much older, maybe a year, if that. He kept pestering him, then one night at a party, Drayven found out how much of a psycho this guy really was. Drayven's drink was drugged and that guy took him to a separate room and used him and recorded it, leaving a copy for the younger boy. Drayven was already a disgrace as it was, he didn't tell anyone about the incident, especially after watching the mortifying tape.... Drayven hasn't opened up to anyone since, and that was a year and a half ago.


Drayven is still known as the slut of the school and not many people even bother acknowledging him. They just walk on and if they run into him, they run into him. Though he isn't quiet, he will speak his mind and tell them to screw off. Of course, this gets other people's reactions. Drayven has become a fighter, and he's rather good at it, besides his height. He is only 5'6".

Drayven hasn't had a friend since that night, dropping contact with everyone else that he would even occasionally talk to. He just has enemies, people who just want to mess around with him.... He doesn't mind though, he needs to vent sometimes.

Things with his family have just gotten terrible, his brother and him fight almost every night to the point where Drayven will sometimes not even come home until 12 to make sure his brother is asleep. He will just stay out in a random park.


Drayven got a bike when he got his driving licence, his parents buying it for him, as the only thing that they ever did for him was use money. They either did that or he was spilling it all that their son was gay.... He had his way of controlling them, and they usually bought him things so he would leave them alone. Though he didn't like using their money, unless it was too expensive.... But he was the son of rich people, he knew he would have to work someday, probably... Maybe.

© The character above is owned by myself, you do not have permission to use him/her in any way, shape, or form. The pictures are not owned by me and were taken from various sources. Only the written pieces of this character are owned by me.

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments It's okay! Give me a moment to make my character. :)

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments Name

First: Candice
Middle: Remy
Last: Johnson
†Nickname† Rem, Candy

Age: 17
†Date of birth† October 11th

Sexuality: Bisexual
†Relationship Status†

(view spoiler)
Standing at 5'9", Candice is a lean, muscular guy beautiful light brown eyes. His brunette hair is soft to the touch, and becomes curly when wet. His skin is slightly tanned, smooth and almost hairless. He has a hoop piercing on the left nostril, small gauges, and a tragus piercing on his left ear. His body is also adorned with tattoos as shown in the picutres.


When you first meet him, he could come off as cold and unapproachable, having a dark yet pulling aura to him. He doesn't mean to be a rough neck. It's just in his nature. Ever since he was little, he has always been into things that were considered "taboo". Candice as a person is "taboo". You could say he puts you through a test. If you can look pass his domineering demeanor, then you are worthy of being a close friend of his. Getting pass his aura, Candice is one of the best friends you could ever have. He is soft spoken, never raising his voice higher then a 5. If he does, something must have been serious for him to lose his cool. When situations get grimmy, leave it to him to have a leveled head and talk things through. If push comes to shove, he has no problem rolling up his sleeves and getting down to business. However, he is not a violent person. "What's the use of wasting time and energy to stop the inevitable? It's bound to proceed," is one of his quotes, letting things happen when it's "supposed to". Even though he doesn't mind diffusing a situation, he hates wasting his time. Wasting time is something he is not fond of, never being one to lull around without gaining something. In other words, he's in it to win it.

Body Art
Horror Movies

Wasting Time
Homophobic people
Being alone

Running out of time


Candice is the only child, and he was mistaken as a girl. Coming out of the wound, he had not developed proper genital organs yet. He didn't truly start to fill in until the eight week of his birth, therefore granting his name as Candice. However, the name grew on him too much to change it. He never thought of his name as weird until he hit Pre-K at the age of 5. Many kids teased him because of his "girly" name, often referring him as a sissy. Soon, he started referring himself as "Rem", which is part of his middle name.

But, there were these children who didn't jeer at him like the others did. They were none other than Drayven and Derek; the twins. Friendship quickly grew between these three. Even though he was just a child, he felt something stronger towards Drayven then anybody in his age group.

Later, he moved away to New York city on the twins' 7th birthday. That was the first time he cried.

¶Pre-teen Years¶
Being a pre-teen in New York city meant you learnt things at a quicker rate other kids. By the age of 10, he had ready had his first kiss with a girl. Regardless of his name, many kids took to him at a surprising rate. His cool composure always stood out from the kids, making him a teacher's favorite. His middle school years went by pretty smooth, more directed towards his way of staying out of trouble.

¶Teen Years¶
Candice hit high school at the age of 14, a tender age for a boy like him to be entering into the den of wolves. He was introduced to weed, tattoos, piercings, and other things that are considered "taboo" in society. He recieved many hateful comments about his name, his skin color, and his sexual preferences. He was caught a few times being intimate with both guys and girls. After a while, he couldn't keep his feelings bottle up. He had to express it in some way. He found body art. After begging his parents day and night, he finally got a taste of an ink gun. By the time he reached the age of 15, he already had a sleeve done and a nose piercing. Nothing major, at first. His parents did not mind that much. However, he started to become addicted to the pain he felt when he got them done. It was almost like a drug to him. At the age of 16, he began to visit the tattoo parlor once a month, filling out the need to have his skin piercing in some way shape or form. It was his way of releasing stress. Finally, his parents had enough of him marking and piercing his body, and decided to move out of the city. Apparently, it was a bad influence on their son.

Candice was transfered to a high school located in his hometown, and he has already caught the hearts of many girls. Of course, he indugles in them every now and again, but he feels like he's missing something. Or someone.

Candice's father is co-owner of the mercades company, therefore deeming his family to be well off. This car was given to him for his 17th birthday paid in full, meaning he can do whatever he pleases without having to worry about monthly pay. He loves this car like a child, cherishing it like a precious jewel.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments I like him! Rem and Drayevn are going to get along swimmingly!

message 22: by Mimi (new)

Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments Thanks! I totally agree with you! I forgot to add he has a tongue piercing. I made this late in the night, so I was a little out of it XD

message 23: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments Haha, that's alright. Drayven can chew on the tongue piercing and Rem can chew on his lip piercings. Works perfect. XD

And I'm probably going to refer to him as Rem, since well.... I suck at names and that one stuck.

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments Lol absolutely :P And that's fine, since he prefers to be called that anyway :P Sooo, shall I start or you?

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments Haha, sweetness. And um, can you please? I need to get ready for meh schooling. O.O *Magic thumb separating trick.* ((This is why I should never get up early.))

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments Lmao!! Sure! I graduated already, so I'm good XD

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments One more year for me. O.O Junior!

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments Candice sighed heavily as the alarm clock went off, dragging him from his somewhat fulfilling sleep. Today was going to be his first day of senior year here in his home town. He had just gotten back about a week ago, and the house was still cluttered with unpacked boxes. The house alone had enough space for everything and some, but it takes time to fill out an 7 room 4 bathroom home.

Finally able to pull himself out of bed, he looked down at the alarm clock. "Only and hour until school starts..." he rasped out, '7:30' blaring out at him. He made his way to his own personal bathroom, raking his fingers through his knotted brunette hair. Gripping the sink, he lifted his head to get a good look at his face. He smiled lightly, glad to not be able to detect any signs of sleep or weed. (He usually wakes up with slightly bloodshot eyes if he smoked the night before). Stripping off his boxers, he set the water and began to brush his teeth. Thus, the beginning of his morning routine.

An half hour later...

Candice was currently standing in front of the school, his eyes flicking around as he took in the scene before him. A lot of people he remembered from his childhood memories has grown, half of them being his childhood bullies. Of course, they would not recognize him with all the modifications done to his body so far. Feeling eyes on him, he noticed a couple of girls staring at him with interest. Deciding to flirt a little, he winked at them and blew them a kiss before stalking his way towards the front doors of the school.

As he walked through the hallway, he recieved many stares. They were mixed with fear, want, jealousy, and admiration. He was use to this, being the center of attention. His tattoos alone draws many starts. Shrugging it off, he continued to walk, his aura become more thick with caution. It's not like any of them have the guts to talk to him anyway. Not that he cared. They're all the same, he thought, his eyes becoming hooded with annoyance.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments Drayven got up am hour and a half before school started, getting up and putting on his purple, and black jeans, dark purple denim. He had a black shirt with a leather vest over it. His heavy combat boots were light and he had done brackets over his left sliced up wrists. He wasn't hiding them though, most were still showing. He had already taken a shower, him taking them at night. He finished his looks off with his lip piercings and his guy liner. He was out of the house after that, not stopping to talk to anyone, day he would be leaving, or eating. No one cared anyways.

He got on his bike and fired it up, the engine bring music to his ears. And with that, he was out, ripping down the road to the school, arriving thirty minutes before it started. He parked the gorgeous bike and got off, pulling off his helmet and starting to the school. The guys who hated him called out obsinities, Drayven just flipping them all off, not wanting to put up with it, him still being asleep. He didn't even notice the new kid as he rubbed his face.

He stuffed things into his locker and moved on, sighing softly. He looked up, suddenly, seeing the new tattooed creature close to him. He jumped, his back hitting the locker, "I'm not alone!" He smiled. He wasn't the only punk here!

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments As Candice scanned the the people around him, this one person caught his eye. Well... more like his hair caught his eye. The guy was the epitome of a punk. Jaggedly cut black hair, snake bites, black eyeliner, colorblock jeans, and the vest and band shirt. It was pretty similar to what he was wear, but Candice more of a skater look. He was sporting black jeans that hugged him in all the right placed, a white band shirt having his favorite band on it; Memphis MayFire, and black Janoski's. On his right wrist was a black band watch with another black band to match. He also had a wicked skull ring on his ring finger along with the jewelry.

Deciding to brush it off, he continued to walk pass. However, he wasn't expecting the guy to slam into the locker, saying, "I'm not alone!" This threw Candice's mojo off completely, causing him to jump back from the guy in shock. His eyebrows furrowed as he looked the guy up and down, analyzing him. After a minute, he spoke for the first time.

"Is it not a natural occurance for someone like me to show up?" he asked slowly, placing his hands in his pockets. He knew he was different, but he expected there to be more guys like him. He must be wrong.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments Drayven shook his head, "Not at all. You either have to be normal or.... Normal." He said happily. He shut his locker, "so you're new here." He said, just amazed that the kid didn't tell him to screw off like everyone else, though he wasn't expecting to get close to someone. Especially a new kid. Drayven pushed hair from his face, just trying to see through it.

He stick out his black painted nails, "The name is Drayven. Welcome to hell."

The other people instantly started talking about how the new kid met the worst person first. He didn't care though, he was used to people talking about him, but it only made him feel worse for the kid, knowing he should probably leave him alone is he ever wanted to have a nice time in the school.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments ((Sorry it's short. I'm on mobile and at school.))

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments Candice looked at the hand that was offered to him, then looked at the crowd. The things they were saying about this kid was insane. He was actually starting to become upset. If there was one thing he hated, it had to be bullies. Looking back the the guy who offered him his hand, he smirked and took it in his own, giving him a firm handshake.

"It's a pleasure. I can already smell the stupidity from this place." he jeered, glaring pointedly at a guy who whispered something homophobic. Oh, this place has not changed one bit... This was the one reason he did not want to come back to this place. Bad memories always seem to weight heavier than the good ones. He doesn't take well to bad scenes, and he can already tell this is going to be a long year ahead for him.

((It's alright. Sometimes I only type two big paragrahs instead of 3 lol))

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments A lot of the people were saying "The whore is at it again." That one always stung, other things they were saying is how he was an emo homo. None were nice, but most things were true, at lwast in his mind. He knew he used to be a whore, though... No. No one would tell him he wasn't. He also was worried this guy was going to say something negative about him, and he was glas when he shook his hand.

"So what's your name?" He asked, "And any nicknames?" He asked, "That yoi actually want to be called?" He asked, Drayven had nicknames, but he hated every one of them. He wouldn't ever want to insult him. He took his hand back amd stuck it in his pocket, his pant's chains clinking around as he cocked his hip. Thr guy was taller by a few inches, so he was looking up at his face, but his eyes trailed to the tattoos on him.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments ((Alright. Sweet. XP Depending on the situation I can write a lot and at the lowest is a long paragraph. O.O but I always try and match.))

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments ((I'm the same way; it depends on the situation. And I do try to match the amount too))

Candice was really starting to get annoyed with all the things that were being said , but he decided to keep his cool and breathed. He looked the kid in the eyes for a few seconds, wondering if he should tell him his really. After almost a minute of mulling over what he should say, he has nothing to hide with himself. He feels like he can trust this guy with his name.

"My name is Candice, but I prefer to be called Rem." he asnwered, folding his arms as he did so. He heard a few kids snicker at his name, but the muscles he was packing caused them not to go any further than that. He know what his appearance look like to others, and it was an appearance not to be messed with.

Thinking over the name this kid had, it was very similar to a boy he use to play with when he was younger. Drayven, huh?

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments Drayven's eyes lite up, "seriously?" He asked with a smile, "I used to have a best friend with that name. He was great." He said rubbing his face a bit. He looked over to some girls who were talking more about him, louder. He raised his birdy finger, "talking bad about people will create wrinkles." He said with a laugh.

He turned back to the kid, looking over him for a second, thinking back to his old friend like he had. He didn't say anything on the subject, though he wanted to. The kid was the only one who might still like him as a person. But then again... No. Maybe not. Since Drayven's past came into play, not many people wanted a thing to do with him, though no one knew about what happened with the drugging.

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments Candice was even more surprised to find out Drayven knew somebody with the same name as him. He was slightly relieved to know he wasn't the only on cursed with a girl's name. Smirking slight, he leaned back a little as the guy began to look him over. He has respect for people like him. They're not ashamed of themselves. He had to stiffle a laugh from how Drayven responded to the girls, placing his hand over his mouth and looking to the side.

He often wondered where his childhood friend went, but he knew searching would just be a waste of time. Looking back at Drayven, he was about to ask him questions on his name. However, the warning bell said otherwise. Sighing, he looked at his watch and saw that he had five minutes to find his first class. He had already recieved his schedule in the mail.

"Well, I guess this is the end of our meeting." he said, falling back into his usual demeanor and turning on his heels to walk down the next hallway. He raised his hand up and waved behind him, his way of saying 'see ya' before placing his hand back in his pocket.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments Drayven was questioning about his old friend now, knowing he had been searching for him for awhile, but he was never able to find him. He didn’t think that he ever would. He smiled a bit, and liked how he got the guy to laugh how he responded to the girls. He liked joking when he told someone off, though he was always serious and it always did the thing that he wanted them to do. Shut up. He smiled up at the guy, but then heard the bell go off. He smiled softly at him, though he was a bit let down with the thought that they were separating. He nodded and waved to him. “See you.” He called back and turned the other direction. He guessed that they wouldn’t have their first hour together. But that was fine, he didn’t need to. He probably wouldn’t even talk to the guy very often if at all.

He walked towards his class, pushing the door open and sitting down in his normal back seat. His first hour was math, something that he had trouble in all the time, he didn’t know how to even start with these things. He wasn’t stupid, but he was either distracted, not willing to be made fun of by the class for it, and he can’t go to the teacher out of his fear of people usually. He was actually surprised that he said something to the guy, he hated people. He didn’t think that they were good things, they always talked terrible to him and stabbed him in the back multiple times. He closed his eyes and sighed, though pulled out his notes and tried to figure out where to start. Half way through the class he was mentally out of it, hanging his head and putting his head against his hand, one leg sticking out, in front, his toes against the basket on the bottom of the person in front of his chair. He didn’t move a lot, so he wasn’t one of those annoying people.

Soon, the first hour was over and he was heading to his science class, another thing he had trouble understanding and didn’t really want to work with. He was just stuck with everything. He felt stupid, he thought he was stupid. Business, science, and math were something he would never understand probably, and he didn’t really want to learn it, at least business. He sighed, entering the class room and sitting down on his normal chair, this one in the middle of the room.

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments Candice sighed and he set foot in his next class; Science. The last class he was in was English, something he felt was totally unnecessary. He was a total wiz in English, recieving nothing but straight A's on every test and assignment. He hated when things are easy, because they waste his time. Shaking his head, he decided to take the seat in the front of the Science class, finding this subject to be somewhat of a challenge. As unbelievable as it is, he always made it to valor victorian, regardless of all the things he do.

Candice did not bother to look and see who was in the class. He never did. His focus was always on the teacher. Taking out his notebook, he singled his attention towards the teacher now known as Ms. Hopkins. He was also an avid note-taker, often resulting in students asking to copy off of him. Of course, he would say no. He's not that friendly. After about half an hour in class, he began to daze off a little, already knowing the subject she was teaching. In every subject he was presented in, he always studied beyond what was given. It helped him to stay ahead of the game, and it also gave him a chance to daydream when he got bored. His ears picked up on someone whispering to another person, and it was obviously about him.

"Hey, did you see the new guy? He's totally hot!" one girl said, sighing dreamily.

"Ya think so? I think that whore of a twink already called dibs on him. Don't get your hopes up." another girl sneered.

"I'm pretty sure he's not gay. I don't get that vibe from him at all." another girl interjected.

It continued to spiral down to more sexual stuff about his body, and other things that are not permeable to speak about. He sighed and blocked them out, beginning to think that girls are way to extra. He'll sleep with them, but he refuses to be in a relationship with them. He had one relationship with a girl, and it was filled with drama.

Huffing silently to himself, he closed his eyes for a moment. His mind began to wonder to his long lost friend once again, causing his heart to ache. As much as he did not want to think about it, being in his place of birth and his friend being in the same place, he can't help but wonder about his well being. Is he okay? Is he still the same. Will he be able to remember his face when he does see him? All of these questions were starting to give Candice a headache. I need to slow down.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments Drayven did notice who came in, though he didn't say anything. He was used to not being seen, so he didn't say anything either. It was pretty hard to get into the class as he sat there, hearing everything that people were saying about the new kid. He thought that he was cute too, he thought he was down right sexy. He hung his head a bit, tracing shapes on the desk as he started to hear how people were calling him a whore again. If they weren't across the room he would have told them to shove it up their V's like everything else.

He wondered what his childhood friend would have thought, now him just being on his mind. He probably wouldn't have felt that weird crush Drayven felt for him so long ago. He didn't want to think about it. His friend would hate him and like Derek more, he just knew it... He didn't know why, but that is what he was terrified about. Then Drayven really wouldn't have hope.

He leaned his head down, becoming a mass of black and purple. He didn't want to hear anymore of it, it was difficult to even listen to what was going on in the class. He wanted to cry, honestly, though he wasn't going to let it show on his face. He never let it show until his brother was asleep. He guessed he dozed off, because the next thing he heard was, "Mr. Hayward, pick up your head and pay attention."

Drayven opened his eyes, looking up suddenly, his eyes wide. They weren't glassy as someone this close to the edge of tears would be, but he was fine. Even his face just looked bored. "Sorry." He muttered, leaning back in his chair like normal, his head resting in the palm of his hand. And when the teacher turned around to give her lecture.... The whispering started about the new guy, the whore who looked like he had dibs, and how the gay boy didn't have any attention span, that's why he couldn't keep a relationship.

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments Hayward...? Candice heard the guy he had talked to about an hour ago's voice come to his ear. His mind began to race at record speed, almost causing his mind to break. Why was that last name so painfully familiar? Why did that guy have the same last name as his childhood friend. Running his fingers through his hair, he breathed out more heavy than usual. His head was really starting to pound, his mind moving way too fast to be comfortable. Shaking his head a little, he heard the bell ring, signifying the end of this block. It was now time for lunch.

He began to gather his things, placing them in his black bookbag before standing up and making his way towards the door. He stopped for a moment to look for the voice that belonged to Drayven. He saw a head of black hair and immediately deemed him being Drayven. Making his way through the crowd of teenagers exiting the room, he stopped at the desk the raven head was occupying.

"I have to talk to you. There are a few questions I have that needs answers." he said, his eyes holding something unreadable. Candice had to confirm his suspicions. This guy causes too many thoughts of his old friend to occur.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments Drayven looked at the teacher, sighing softly with all of the people that were around. He hated when people used his last name, he thought it was idiotic. He wasn't even part of that family, they weren't his family so why did he have to use their last name? He didn't think that the guy would come up to him, thinking that it wasn't a big deal. He packed up his things and was about to leave when all of a sudden there was the tattooed mass of human. He looked up at him, raising a few eyebrows. "Uh..." He was lost, he didn't know what the guy wanted from him. If he was going to ask about sleeping with him, he was going to flip out.

"If it's about where all of those people keep calling me a whore and slut, save your breath. I'm not into that anymore." He said putting up his hand, looking down and away, but when he looked up there was a lot of emotion in his eyes, something that Drayven always possessed, it's what made his eyes perfect, gorgeous. He shrugged, "But if it's not that, then sure." He took a step back, then threw the backpack over his shoulder. "Right now? Or during lunch?"

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments Candice's lip twitched slightly at the respond he recieved, not at all having questions about the names Drayven was being called. It was still good to know he really wasn't a whore. Re-adjusting the straps of his bookbag on his shoulders, he merely turned his body towards the door. "During lunch. I don't really know my way to the lunch room." he answered softly.

He stepped back, giving Drayven space to walk pass him. "If you please." he offered, holding his hand out in the way a gentleman would when offering a lady to walk ahead of him. Another thing that throws people off about him is the way he speaks. It's not often you mean a tatted up guy like him who holds himself in such soft manner. Even though his voice has a deep, slightly raspy tone to it, talking to him would make you feel at easy. Depending on the situation.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments Drayven's voice wasn't the high pitched thing that many homosexual men had, it was just a normal male voice, though it was sort of soft. It was deep, well, somewhat. His voice matched his face. He smiled softly, "Why thank you, kind sir." He said bowing and walking by him, not knowing really what was going on. "And I don't usually eat in the lunch room... For obvious reasons. These people are idiots." He sighed, rubbing the back of his head, his hair actually being quite soft.

"We actually have two more hours of class before lunch too, so you better be going on there...." He said with a puff of his cheeks. "Unless you want to skip, though I'm not sure that would be good for your first day of school." He didn't think much of it, he had skipped classes all the time, always ending up with detention afterwards of course, but if it kept him away from his home, he guessed it was all right.

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments Candice was actually surprised to hear that there were two more hours of class. He himself only had two classes for the day, having done nearly everything the last three years he was in high school. So, after lunch, he was done for the day. Looking at his watch, he noticed it was only 10:30am. "Well, I only have three classes for the rest of the semester. So, my lunch starts now." he said, looking Drayven in the eyes. There was something about his eyes that made Candice stop thinking for a moment. He slowly felt himself becoming more comfortable around this guy. He had to find out why.

Candice took a breath before asking, "Well, would you be willing to give me a tour? I hate not knowing where to go." The one thing about him is, he does not like wondering around aimlessly. Not only will it make him late, but it would become annoying. Plus, he needed to know who exactly this guy is.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments Drayven looked at the guy, rubbing the back of his head. He wished that he could be that smart to do everything so fast and early like that. He was wondering if he would even make it out of high school. He shrugged, "Sure, I could give you a tour.." He said chewing on his lip a bit. He started walking more, "So you want to know where the lunch room is?" He asked looking behind him adorably. He didn't know when he was cute, he just did what he wanted. He pushed his hands in his pockets, "You're lucky, going to get finished with this school.... I'm not smart enough for that." He laughed but didn't think much of it. He knew he wasn't smart, that's what he was told his entire life, at least after his 10th birthday.

He didn't know who this guy was, but he could almost feel the guy relax when he looked at his eyes. He was getting a bit worried for what was going on, not realizing that this guy behind him could be the guy that he talked to when they were children.

((Do you want to skip to lunch right now? Or just keep going?))

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments ((Yeah, let's skip))

Candice furrowed his eyebrows at that comment, not liking how this guy was talking himself down. However, it was none of his business. He did not know Drayven enough to correct him. Deciding not to respond verbally, he merely nodded his head as an answer. He began to really take in this guys appearance , liking how soft yet masculine his features were. He looked no older than him, the youngest being 17.

"Studying is key. These subjects are for idiots anyway." he said finally, not meaning to sound harsh. That's just how it came out. Candice is pretty sure Drayven won't take it to heart.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 132 comments Drayven did his showing around, trying not to take it seriously that he said these classes were for idiots. He didn't understand them at all. He just nodded with it, not saying how much that just killed his self esteem even more. If this guy that he just met knew that he was an idiot, then his parents and everyone else much think he's a walking mass of meat and bone.... Either way, he didn't say anything else on the subject, tyring not to show how much it actually bugged him.

Soon, it was lunch after his two other classes. He was rather good at the other two, so he didn't think he was totally useless. He was fine with English, and he was fine with history. Those made sense, everything else, not so much. Since he had shown Rem where everything was, he knew where he would be. Drayven didn't go into the lunch room though, he just tried to locate the guy to get in and get out. There were areas even Drayven wouldn't dare to go.

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Mimi Luna (Akia-chan) | 65 comments Candice had just finished his last class for the day, looking around to see if he could locate a familiar head of raven hair. After an unsucessful search, he decided to walk towards the lunch room area. A few girls stopped him, asking for his number and a good time. He took their numbers just for the hell of it. He might want to let off some steam later on if he was up to it.

Finally, after searching through the crowd of people, he was able to locate Drayven within them. Quickening his pace a little, he reached his location, placing his hand on the wall near Drayven's head. "Now, shall we take a walk and talk?" he asked softly, giving him a soft smile for the first time.

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