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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments Name: Kikuchi Yori

Age: 17

Birthday: June 17

Nationality: Japanese/Korean/American


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Height: 5'10"
Eye Colour: almost black
Hair colour:black

Personality: Yori seems put-offish, arrogant, and rude, often completely ignoring people when they’re trying to talk to him, but this really isn’t the case. Instead of conceited Yori tends to be distracted, quiet, and a little bit awkward. He’s very blunt, which normally comes off as somewhat cold, as well as insensitive when it comes to situations he could probably handle much better. On a better note Yori is smart and non-confrontational, preferring to stay out of fights and arguments, and often acting passive even if he actually does have an opinion.

- Hip hop, techno, and freestyle dance
- Acting
- Singing
- Being completely oblivious

History: Yuri was born in the US to a Korean and Japanese immigrant couple, and for a time they were very happy living in a close-knit neighborhood in Salt Lake City. Yuri was quiet and shy, but extremely curious, which is how he became friends with Gwenith Alexandria, his next door neighbor, of course they only actually started to like each other after Yuri accidentally started a fight with another boy at school, which Gwen finished. At eight his parents divorced, which forcing Yuri and his younger sister Moa to move not only out of state, but out of the country, to Tokyo, Japan, where his father’s family lived. It was only then when Yuri found out why his parents divorced, their father thought that their musical and artistic skills should be put to use, and he knew just the talent agency in Japan that would take them, but their mother didn’t like the idea of them leaving America, but of course in the end their father won. Two years into their life in Japan Moa was picked up and transformed into a perfect little idol, until she and two of her friends, with her agency’s go ahead, formed a heavy metal band. Their father was horrified at the style of music, though he couldn’t exactly take her out now since she was already becoming somewhat famous. Yuri on the other hand still hadn’t gotten anything more than a few back up dancer jobs in videos, since the agency didn’t think he had the right look. By fourteen, however, they had changed their minds, they turned him just as they had his sister. He was the perfect idol, being able to dance, sing, model, and act. A few months before his eighteenth birthday his father died, which made him rethink the last four years of his life. While his sister was taken in by their father’s parents he left Japan and his idol career, going back to his mother in the US.

Kikuchi Takashi -- Father; deceased; (view spoiler)
Kikuchi Hye-in -- Mother; in the US; (view spoiler)
Kikuchi Moa -- Sister; in Japan; (view spoiler)

Yabu Kota -- Best Friend; 23; in Japan; (view spoiler)
Nakajima Yuto -- Friend; 19; in Japan; (view spoiler)

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments First Gwenith
Middle N/A
Last Alexandria
Nickname Gwen

Age 17
DOB December 26th


She does not have the lip piercings and she has real eyebrows that are a dark brown.

Height 5'4
Eye Color Greenish Grey
Weigh 120 (It's a little on the skinny side but she still has enough meat on her to survive and be healthy.)
Hair Color Naturally it's dark brown. But with her dye it's black with bright red highlights framing her face.
Skin Tone A healthy pale
Build She has a beautiful hourglass figure. Her hips are very noticeable and her breast size is a C cup. She has nice hip bones, shoulders, and collar bones. She's all around a very beautiful girl. She doesn't have much of a stomach because she's always on the go with her parties and going out with the guys/girls. She has some muscles on her, making her arms very nice. She doesn't have a lot of muscle though, just enough to help her defend herself even though she does get into a lot of trouble she can't get herself out of.

She's a very hard headed girl and will do anything to go against what she doesn't believe. She's very proud of herself the way she is and would never let anyone change how she acted, dressed, or even what she listens to. She has a certain way of doing things and refuses to let people get in the way with it. She is a strong independent girl even though s he does need some help from her friends here and there, and that's fine. Everyone needs someone to lean against once in awhile. She has a bit of depression that sometimes hangs in her features when her mind goes to dark places and makes her have certain "visions" of horrible things that have happened or could happen. (Like she can sometimes see a school shooting, car crash, a friend dying. But they don't happen.) If she does get depressed, it usually lasts two days and she just shuts down, doesn't feel like doing anything and will just sit there like a doll that has been abandoned by its kid.

She has a powerful temper that sometimes can turn physical, either fighting someone, punching a wall, or even self harming herself to calm down. It usually is the last, even though the wall has happened many times before too. When she is like that or in her depressed moods, usually she just needs a hug, someone to pull her into their chests (Or shoulder depending....), and just let her vent until she breaks down crying, soon calming down. That's how she's been even when she was a little girl.

-The arts
-Loud music
-Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, Skillet, Three Days Grace, Panic! At the Disco, Cage9, Evanescence, (Her deep dark band.... One Direction.), and some other music that she is just getting into.
-Slasher movies (Scream movies)
-Ball Jointed Dolls

-Her father
-Her "new" family
-The dark
-Eating fish
-Bugs of any kind
-Being lonely
-Justin Beiber
-People who think they're better than anyone else
-Grass when she's bare foot
-Anything on her hands (dirt, mud, ect.)
-Anything between her toes

-The Dark
-Drowning (She can swim)
-Being alone forever
-Being alone (even for a bit)
-Paranormal (Ghosts, aliens, Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, anything associated with them or like them)
-Strange noises
-Chain letters

-Pissing everyone off
-Making things with her hands

Early Childhood

Gwen was always the cutest girl in her school of elementary kid students (at least that's what her parents told her). She didn't have many friends though, just her one that she met in the first grade. The two of them became friends instantly and they spent most of their life together after that. So through the years of being kids, they got into mounds of trouble, little things though. But when she was at the age of 7, her best friend moved away with his family and she lost contact with him....

Her parents were never together, she is what you call a bastard. Her parents were never married when they had her and broke up after she was conceived. She doesn't know the full story of that. Her father lived a state away so she would always have to go visit him time and time again. She always had this lasting fear that her father would take her away one day.

(Just pretend her eyes are green.)

Her mother and her moved out of their home town, her father moving there right after that. Then the worst happened, her father got custody of her. So after that long battle to get her to stay home, she was shipped off to her hometown again. She had always had daddy issues, but her attitude wasn't changed much by it, it stayed the same. She hated him, just like she did when she first met him.


Her father is a jerk to her and wants her to act like a perfect child, always getting straight A's, which she doesn't get. She gets A's, B's, and as if by tradition, one C. She is very smart, and she still has that trouble of finding good friends and sticking with them. She only has one personal friend, Michael Gilligan whom she had a little fling for for about 3 months. They are still best friends though. She often spends the nights over at his house and they talk about all the little things. She hates being home with her father, step mother, and step brother. She finds it a waste of time and annoying. She was perfect and she wasn't changing for anyone!

There is one thing that she always thinks about though, and that was her best friend that moved. She hadn't talked to him, and her father doesn't help her out with it either since he never knew him. She did have a crush on her friend when she was little and would always say, "I'm going to marry you someday." Though, she doesn't believe in that anymore. She had no hopes in ever meeting him again.


Mother(The one she was taken from.)
Mishie Alexandra
(view spoiler)

Jeremy Komara
(view spoiler)

Step Mother
Sarah Komara
(view spoiler)

Half Brother
Kade Komara
(view spoiler)

Michael Gilligan
(view spoiler)

Marcus Bluewater
(view spoiler)


She has two BJD (ball jointed dolls). She loves dressing with them, drawing them, and taking pictures of them.

(view spoiler)

© The character above is owned by myself, you do not have permission to use him/her in any way, shape, or form. The pictures are not owned by me and were taken from various sources. Only the written pieces of this character are owned by me.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments Hehe, it sounds funny. Nice goin' kid. ;)

And sure thing. I'll read over him right now!

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments I like him! How do we want to start this? Them running into each other at the mall or just at school?

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments Can you please? I'ma also dissapear soon. I'm going to my boyfriend's concert.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments ((I got back so I can start us off. XD))

Gwen was doing her usual thing, running away from her house hold. Well, not really running away, she would go back, but she spent the day away. She was rolling a long board behind her, a skull on the grip tape with white wheels on the trucks. Her green eyes shifted around, trying to find the right store, her favorite, Hot Topic. And she also wanted to run to Claire's so she could get some of those fake gages she had seen earlier.

She didn't think anything much of being at the mall, only that she was alone which made it rather boring. Her best friend Michael was busy today so he couldn't go with her either. What a pain.... A Saturday and she couldn't even hang out with her best friend.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments His outfit:

Yori had spent the last three days holed up in his mother's four bedroom house, dodging calls from his manager, who had been calling him at least twice a day to see if he wanted to do some type of American photo shoot to keep his contract valid, which he definitely didn't, at least not for now. This morning, however, his mother informed him that he wasn't allowed to sulk, it had been a month since his dad's funeral, he would be starting public school as a senior on Monday, and he hadn't even left the house since he flew in Wednesday night. So he'd been forced out, after she'd given him the keys to her second car and directions to the closest mall, where she was sending him to pick up a few things for her as well as himself. Instead of arguing with the hardheaded women he did what she said, pulling into the mall parking about twenty minutes later with a Gackt song blasting through his speakers. Without turning down the song he turned the key and shut off the car, swiping his hat off the passenger seat and slipping it on before getting out of the car and letting close with a low thud. "This has got to be a bad idea." He muttered to himself, looking over the part of the mall that he could see from his current position. He unwrapped a pair of ear buds, put them in, and pressed the play button on his phone, his way of keeping his lack of conversational skills to himself, without a script he was clueless.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments Gwen walked into the closest store that she thought she could get the best priced jeans, though she had no idea if she was even going to buy any. Her father always gave her money to go get good looking clothing. Which she did, then she said that the good shirts were more expensive than they were and hid her favorite ones. She had her giant headphones on, ones that vibrated with the bass. She listened to her punk music, not knowing that today she would run into someone she would have never thought of before. She started going through some of the jeans at Old Navy, pursing her glossed lips that had since dried from her long boarding journey.

Her outfit:

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments Yori wasn't exactly a social person, which made a lot of people think he was a complete snob, of course he didn't mind since that also usually made them leave him alone. Today was no different, even in a mall surrounded by people he didn't know, and didn't care to meet. He spent a few minutes trying to find a lemon soda, before settling on sprite with lemon juice added since they apparently didn't believe in strictly lemon flavored soft drinks here. I wonder if that's the whole country, or just here, he thought to himself as he wandered down the walkway, trying to make sure he didn't run into to many people as he did so.
He hadn't been shopping for himself since ADV had picked him up, and before that he only did because his dad would have had him dressing in monkey suit every day of the week. He pushed his free hand into his hoodie pocket and kept his head down as he walked in beat to his music, which at the moment was a Babymetal. Listening to his little sister sing along with a hard rock guitar solo was always interesting, especially since half the time they were singing about chocolate and cute things, and the other half there were demons involved.
Shaking his head slightly Yori forced himself to pay more attention to his surrounding and less to his thoughts, since he had accidentally ran into at least three people in the last few minutes. He checked his phone to see where his mother was sending him before entering the closest store that was on her list, Old Navy, at least it was a store he'd been in a couple times, he'd even done a photo shoot for their Japanese stores, thankfully the pictures definitely wouldn't be here, since ADV had that particular set copyrighted to only be used in Japan.
He let one ear bud out of his ear in case one of the employees decided to talk to him and started toward ladies' clothing after checking the list again to be sure he was getting the right things.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments Gwen looked over at a boy who started walking into the same area with a female worker. She had a few questions for her as well, not able to find anyone else as it always seemed rare to find help here. Lucky gorgeous guy getting help. She walked over with a few jeans, waiting for them to get done though, making it seem as she was looking at other things. She didn't want to get in the way or feel like she was demanding attention. She could wait her turn. She couldn't help but look at the guy time from time, he was very good looking, and his voice was very nice and sweet. She as she could recognize it, but she didn't know from where or who had it. Some sort of celebrity that she never cared much about. She picked up a shirt there, a white one with a black vest on it, "Oh... Jackpot." She whispered to herself, putting it on her arm. She glanced at the two of them, wondering if the guy had an accent or if he was new in town as he seemed rather awkward talking to this girl, and just sort of.... shy. But who knew, he could be a rowdy guy who liked drugs, drinking, and who knows what else. Don't judge a book by its cover.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments The employee gave Yori a charming smile as she brought his items up to the front to fold for him until he was ready to check out, though she had been flirting most of the short conversation Yori had no idea, he just thought she was an overly nice person. As she walked back by she bumped shoulders with him softly and gave him a wink before turning to a girl dark haired girl a few inches shorter than him. The girl was wearing all black, and looked almost familiar, but he after a few seconds of trying to figure out who she was he realized he was staring, he turned away and pushed the girl to the back of his mind, she probably just had one of those looks that seemed similar to everyone.
Just when he thought he was in the clear his phone rang out loudly, playing the victory fanfare from FFVII, without checking the caller ID he answered quietly in Japanese, which he immediately regretted. His manager was on the other end, talking as fast as she could about how he would be giving up an entire career if he didn't accept the modeling offer from Nixa's Salt Lake City office, Nixa was the American partner to ADV. After lying to her and telling her he'd think about it he hung up the phone and rubbed his forehead, which made his bangs stick out stupidly.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments Gwen was now interested in the guy as she could see him staring at her, blinking a few times. She smiled and started giggling with his hair sticking up like that. She reached up to her own, running her fingers through the red streaks, telling him his hair was a mess up front. She tried to remember how to say hello in Japanese, since she had learned it from her old friend. "Hello there." She said, butchering it in Japanese, but still got the message across. She did look at the girl who just walked by her, "They only talk to the cuties." She muttered to herself, shrugging. She was just going to ask if they had some shredded jeans.

She felt bad for the guy, he seemed to lost right now. "Do you need help, by the way? You seem lost."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments ((OH MY GOSH! Idea. What if the reason he figures out who she is, is some guy tries to start a fight with him. Like maybe he accidentally bumps into them, the guy starts yelling, and Gwen runs over to stop it? Doing almost the exact same thing she did as a kid, just sassier.))

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments ((Haha, alright. XP I was just thinking that would be freaking hilarious.))

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments Though music was still blasting in one ear Yori heard the somewhat correct Japanese greeting from the girl who he'd just been staring at. Without correcting her he gave her a slightly awkward smile and reached up to fix her hair, also straightening his hat while he was at it. He chuckled lightly and shrugged, "I'm only kind of lost, it's years since I've been anywhere with this much English, kind of disorienting, even if I can read it." His accent was only slight, as long as he'd lived in Japan he still hadn't acquired the most of the linguistic undertones that leaked into English from Japanese. He wasn't sure if his answer was helpful, but at least it was coherent, slightly anyway.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments She smiled at him, "Don't worry, I've lived here most of my life and I still get disoriented by English." She said with a small laugh. "I used to have a friend from Japan, so his parents taught me a few things." He said, "I forgot most of it, but that, and I still butchered it." She could talk, she wasn't scared of talking to a complete stranger. Even if she was kidnapped it would probably be better than living in the hell she did at home. "And if you want, I could help you out with things. Show you around, make sure you don't get lost."

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments Yori's slight smile grew brighter at her offer, it was really nice of her to be this helpful to a guy she's never met, and it didn't even go through his head that she might just be trying to flirt with him like the other girl was. "That would actually be really cool, I have a list of stuff my mother sent me for, but I'm pretty sure she only wanted to get me out of the house." He pulled his phone out again and stopped his music so he could hear her properly. After putting it away again he walked over to one of the clerks, checked out, and headed out of the store. He was just about to actually introduce himself to the girl when he ran head-long into a guy who was probably the size of a professional football player. "Sorry!" he said automatically in Japanese. Yori had to actually look up to see the guy's face, which was obviously the face of a highschooler even if he was huge. He said something that had to do with Yori being Chinese, which made his friends laugh loudly, Yori ignored the comment and went to walk passed him, but the brick wall of a teenager grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed him back. "I believe you owe me an actually apology." he said, but instead of saying anything in English Yori answered in quick Japanese, just to mess with the boy who was obviously used to having his way.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments Gwen smiled, "then I'll help out. She wasn't flirting, just being nice to a guy in hope in getting a friend. She checked out her own things. She looked over at the list, reading through everything, "I know where that all is. Should get you home in a heart beat. If you want." She said shrugging and grabbing her bags, walking out and not seeing the idiots until it was too late. She was hoping that they would leave them alone when he says something on Japanese to them. But they didn't. She growled and rolled her eyes, smacking thee jocks hand off of his shoulder. "Excuse me, but the two of us are busy, and I'd rather not be sent back to kindgergarden for being in such an immatire argument. Now if you'll excuse us." She took the biy's hand, intertwinig their fingers like they were together and walked off. She glanced over her shoulder at them as they shut up. "Those idiots go to my school. Last time they started something with someone they regretted it by not wearing a cup."

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments When Yori's new friend sassed the boy before them he stepped back, as if he felt threatened by the small girl. Was he actually scared of her, or was he just surprised? He didn't get the chance to answer himself before she took his hand and pulled him around the group of teenagers. He felt a blush creep up the back of his neck momentarily, just as she spoke again. A chuckle escaped him quietly and he grinned, "No wonder they seem nervous around you." He turned let the girl lead him as they walked through the crowd of mall goers again. "I'm Yo, by the way, thanks for the save back there." He probably could have escaped the jocks, but with her it seemed much faster.
((I was thinking they would become friends as their nicknames now, then at school on Monday he can get introduced to their homeroom class and she can recognize his name or not, it's up to you XD))

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments ((Haha, that works. Then they take the rest of the names for roll calls, he realizes hers after that? It sounds good to me.))

Gwen didn't like putting up with people like that, so she didn't deal with it, and she wasn't going to let her new.... friend? Deal with it either. She shrugged a bit, "Yeah.... They've felt the pain of my steel toed boots." She said, looking at her shoes. She slowly let go of his hand though, "Nice to meet you, Yo, my name is Gwen." She said with a laugh, "You can give me your own nickname if you want." She shrugged, "As long as I agree to it." She snapped pointing to his phone, "Now what's next on that list?"

((Do you want to skip to them finding out now? Or continue on with the mall adventure?))

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments ((I'll end the scene, then start up the next one :>))

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments ((Alright, sounds good.))

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments After finally finishing his mother's list he said goodbye to his new friend, Gwen, and headed back to his house, where his mother was waiting for a story about his day. It seemed like she had missed his shuffling around the house in pajamas watching anime, after he described every detail of his day to her, including what his new friend Gwen looked like, she smiled mischievously. "What?" Yori asked, looked slightly confused. "You'll find out." She answered, still smiling.



Monday morning was slow as he got his things ready for his first day of public school since he was eight, in Japan he'd attended a private school, which was pretty much just as bad, except of course the food was better. Fixing the thick headband around his head he stepped out of his car and hitched his backup up on one shoulder. With ear buds in and sunglasses on he walked in beat to his music, making his medallion necklace bounce against his chest. Late on his first day probably wasn't the best first impression, but really he couldn't care less. After checking in with the office he knocked on his homeroom door, and without waiting for an answer he entered. The teacher, Mr. Ward according to his schedule, stopped in the middle of his sentence as Yori started to wrap his headphones up, still standing at the door. "Ah, yes our new student, Yori Kikuchi, from Japan, some of you might know him from elementary school." Yori gave a very slight bow, which really only qualified as a head nod, and corrected in a mutter, "Kikuchi Yori." Mr. Ward nodded with a smile and said, "There's an empty seat in the third row, between Gwen and Stephen." He gestured to the empty desk, which was indeed between his friend from Saturday, and unfortunately the football player who tried to squish him the same day. "Remember no phones, or anything similar." He added the last part just as a boy in the front row dropped his iPod. Yori nodded again to the teacher fell lightly into his seat.
(view spoiler)

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments Outfit:

She doesn't wear all of the necklaces, only the dog tags, her nails aren't painted, and she only has the BVB bag.

Gwen and Stephen had been throwing notes at each other since school started, him trying to get her, her saying she'd rather castrate him. She was angry with the guy that was bugging her, until her attention was turned to the front when she heard her friend from Saturday's full name. Her eyes widened. No.... It wasn't him. Her lips were apart, but her attention was stolen by a crumpled up piece of paper that hit her in the side of the head. It was from the idiot again, telling her to keep her eyes on the prize and not some yellow skinned freak fresh off the boat. She narrowed her eyes at him, flipping him off and throwing the paper in her bag. Idiot.... She smiled at the guy sitting next to her though, "Yo, Yo." She greeted, it sounded like her old nickname from when they were kids. Yoyo. She didn't think much of Stephan afterwards, keeping quiet so their teacher could actually take attendance. She leaned back, throwing her phone in her bag as well.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments "Hey Gwen." Yori said with an expression that almost resembled a smile, but looked much to tired to actually be one. He still hadn't realized who she was, or that she in fact lived right next to him. Her words were almost nostalgic, but he figured it was probably just because he was tired. He vaguely recognized a few names as the Mr. Ward read out, but he didn't really actually remember anyone until he read out Gwen's name. He muttered something in Japanese, but didn't look back at her, maybe she didn't realize who he was just yet, or maybe she did. Either way if she did recognize him hopefully she knew his name from elementary school, not from any of his work in Japan.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments She waved at him, smiling softly when he sat down next to her, seeing as he looked a bit tired, like.... her old friend. She looked down at the table, her mind spinning, all of the things were pointing to this boy being the one she knew when they were just kids. She raised a hand, "Here Mr. Jalapeno!" She still did her random food instead of saying here when called on. She looked over at the boy, raising an eyebrow. "Yoyo, is that really you?" She asked with her eyebrows raised, eyes wide. She was extremely happy by finding him. Or him finding her.... Or them finding each other, or running into each other. OR whatever! Either way, they seen each other again.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments Not really knowing how to answer the slightly obvious question Yori gave her a smirk and nodded, "Well I assume so, of course no one else has called me that but you." he chuckled quietly and pulled a notebook out of his backpack, "You're look has changed a bit since I last saw you, I like the red, looks a lot better on you than me I think, mine was more orange though." he pulled the headband off and straightened his dark hair.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments Gwen's eyes were beaming with excitment, "Thanks!" She smiled wide, "It's so great to see you again! And to think we soent Saturday together without realizing it!" She didn't care she was talking during class, she was so excited. "You got cute! What the heck happened?" She teased, her mind swimming with all the questions! She wanted to see these pictures of him though, "we need to catch up more!"

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments "Yea, didn't think I'd run into anyone I actually knew Saturday, and I guess I didn't even know I did until now." Yori answered just before she said "You got cute! What the heck happened?" He got cute? Was Gwen actually being serious, or was she just babbling? He shook off the thought and gave her another smile, "You mean I wasn't cute as a slightly proportional Elementary schooler?" he asked with a mock offended look, which soon broke into a quiet laugh as Mr. Ward finished attendance and began trying to quiet the class. "We will have to catch up, I want to know the the squirrely mischief filled kid turned into a model for Hot Topic."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments Gwen laughed a bit, "I didn't think that the day would turn out to be good, little to know that my best friend would have shown up." She said, raising her brown eyebrow at him. She reached over and patted his shoulder, "Oh, you were always adorable, but now you're hot." She winked, laughing a bit more. "I would love a job as a model." She said happily. "And it's a long story, I want to know what you've been doing for the past... what? Eight years? Ten?" She asked smiling brightly. She pushed her red hair from her face. "God! Can this class get over fast enough?!"

She didn't pay attention tot he teacher as he started talking about... whatever he was talking about. She rubbed her head a bit, looking up at him a few times to make sure that the teacher wasn't talking to her as she spazzed out on her old friend. God she missed him!

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments The class wasn't interesting, but it wasn't necessarily boring, of course he was definitely glad when it was over. Yawning under the annoying ringing of the school bell Yori stood up slowly and gathered his things, "Ten years, I left at eight, which wasn't all bad, but I'm sure as hell glad to be back." He grinned and pulled his backpack up, letting the majority of the class leave before taken a single step toward the door.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments Gwen ignored most of it, used to what they were talking about, and it was really just review for what everyone already knew, just making sure the new kid knew about it too. But even if he missed something, Gwen would have helped him out and made sure that he would be okay with it. She got up with him, stretching slightly, waiting for him to get his things ready. She hadn't taken anything out, not feeling a need to. Usually she would pull out a journal and sketch during this hour, but not now. She had whispering to do that hour. "Well, welcome back. We should hang out more often." She winked. Anything was more often than what they had before.... Well, in the past ten years.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments "Absolutely, you still live across the alley right? Should I try climbing your tree again?" Yori smirked and held the classroom door open for his friend. He looked back at her again and realized just how much she had grown up. Had he not actually seen her today, or was he just not looking? She seemed this pretty when he didn't realize who she was at the small Saturday, but when he found out who she was he saw her as a kid again. He mentally shook his head and looked back at the crowd in the hall.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments She nodded, "Funny thing is, I moved and my dad kept the house, so I'm living there still." She said, "He felt it was big enough for us." She shrugged, though was glad she lived there. Though it often made her think of her mother, too. "Did you move in to the same house?" She asked laughing, rubbing the side of her face. "You can try and climb it again, don't break your leg this time." He hadn't broken his leg at all, though he did fall from the tree. She did keep imagining him as a little boy, but she knew he was all grown up, and it was hard to picture him small again. "I can't wait till school is over. I'm gunna pay a surprise visit to your home. With you. Because I don't wan to go home."

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments Gwen had moved? Yori wasn't sure what had been going on in her life since he left, but he couldn't really tell if it was good or bad just yet, he'd have to find out. Thoughts reeled in his head as he continued listening to her, not realizing that she had had asked him a question, as well as invited herself to his house that afternoon, not that he minded of course. "Uh- Sorry- Yea, my mom still lives in the same house we did when I was little, so that's where I am. She'd love to have you over, hope you don't mind her calling in for dinner, she burns toast, and now that I think about it so do I." Though he felt like he was leading the way down the hallway he was pretty sure Gwen was pushing him in the right direction, since she seemed to know where she was going and he was all but completely lost.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments She hated that she had to move back, though this seemed like something good that was happening to her. She glanced over to him, "Sounds good." She grinned, "I can't wait to see them." She said thinking about his sister and father. Though even be said mother she was a bit worried something had happened to his father. She looked around the hall. "So, what class so you have? I might be leading you in the wrong direction.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments "Class, next class, honestly I have no idea, let me check." Yori pulled to the side of the hall, dodging another student on her phone while he was pulling his schedule out of his bag. "Let's see, Art, with Dana Vileske." he glanced back up at Gwen, wondering what her next class was, and almost hoping that it was the same. "Room 114, no idea where that is." He chuckled and folded back up the piece of paper, putting it back in his bag as he watched people slowly file into classrooms.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments Gwen smiled, nodding and starting to leave him in the other room, the art room. "I don't need to know what room. There's only one art room." She laughed rolling her eyes. She just walked with him though, she had the class, since she loved art more than anything. At least close to more than anything. She pushed open the door, walking in with him and dropping her bag. "Welcome to our domain."

The room had a white wash on the back, but over that was paintings done by the students, that were actually on the wall. The door itself had paintings on both sides of it. "We have a lot of fun. My favorite project is painting on the walls one." She said with a bright smile. It looked like a fun school to be in, and it being a fun project.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments Yori's face lit up when he walked into the first room that actually interested him, though he really wasn't that good at art it was more fun than anything else school-like. Unless, of course, they had a dance program, but he highly doubted that, he'd just had to find someone else to dance with, shouldn't be too hard, maybe. When he realized his mind was drifting off again he snapped back to reality with a smile, trying to cover up that he'd been distracted, again. "Wow, Moa would love this, she's gotten into painting the last few years, even though she doesn't really have the time to do it much." Thinking back to his sister again he almost let his smile falter, but caught it just in time. He hadn't even talked to her since he called to let her know his plane landed, but she hadn't talked to him either, so she must have been busy, right? Which made it a good thing that he hadn't tried calling her.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments Gwen didn't know what he was thinking about, though she didn't rush him to say anything. He just moved back, he must be confused about a lot and over thinking things. That's how she was with moving to a new school when she first moved with her mother. Though she didn't like thinking like that. She didn't even have much time to figure out any of those stupid questions until she was shipped back to her father because he decided that it would be better for her to live with him. She didn't like it, but she knew she was going to have to deal with it. She glanced over at her friend and smiled softly, "Well shouldn't she be in this school too? Or is she taking classes online or something?" She asked, not knowing anything about this guy's past or even his family. Though that was pretty obvious since they hadn't talked in around 10 years.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments "She stayed in Tokyo actually, she's got something pretty serious going for her there." Yori looked back at Gwen with a smirk, though Moa's music sometimes got in the way of the time she got to spend with her family she still enjoyed it, very much. He walked farther into the room and set his bag down on one of the large rectangular tables, which already had students gathered all around pulling out projects they were working on.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments She nodded to him, raising an eyebrow, "I'll have to do some digging to figure out what she does." She smiled and sat down at a table with him. She looked at the projects everyone was working on. She didn't want to go get hers out yet, though she knew she was going to have to. She thought she would help out with the new kid though, teach him what they were doing and figuring out how he was going to do a project too. They were already two weeks into it, so he missed planning and start up weeks.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments "Or you could just listen." Yori chuckled and pulled his phone out, most of the class had their headphones on and their phones out so he assumed the art teacher wouldn't care. He went to his videos and chose a Babymetal song at random, plugging in his headphones and offering her one of the earbuds. "Moa is one of the little ones, the other two are Su-Metal, the oldest, and Yui-Metal, who's the same age as Moa." He pointed her out when she was on screen and tapped his foot to the beat of the song.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments Gwen watched the video, raising eyebrows and furrowing her eyebrows. "I feel like this is an advertisement to some sort of cult." She laughed looking up at him, raising an eyebrow. "They're adorable." She smiled softly. She was rather close to him, since the buds kept them close. Those fox masks sort of freaked her out, especially when the one started to light up. She did flinch a bit closer to him, as if her body was seeking protection. She glanced up at him, taking a step to the side though, not wanting to get too close.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments "You should see Doki Doki Morning, it's super cute, then they look like they're going to kill you." Yori grinned, taking the headphones out and setting them on the table. "Now you can see why she stayed in Japan, of course they've traveled all over the world, I think they're in London right now if I'm not mistake." He glanced down at his phone and hit the calender app, switching to his sisters, which was connected to his own, to see if he was right on her location.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments She nodded slowly, smiling over at him, "I think that would give me nightmares." She said with a small laugh, settling down in a chair. "That sounds like a lot of fun. I hope she's enjoying it. But it sounds like she is." She scratched the back of her head, "How was it when you were there? What did you do when your sister became this big hit? Were you a groupie? making sure she didn't get into any trouble?" She teased, nudging him with her elbow. She was enjoying their time together.She forgot how nice it was to have him here.

But soon, their moment was ruined, "What the hell?" Michael walked up behind them, his hands gripping onto her shoulder, "You made a friend? Since when were you social?"

Gwen looked up, "Mikey." She said with a grin, "Okay, so, this is my childhood friend, Yori. Yori, this is my best friend from now, Micheal. I call him Mikey."

"And I hate it." He said ruffling her hair, sending those black and red strands fly around, now mixing, looking as if she was bleeding.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments Yori stammered an answer, feeling a blush rise in his cheeks as he tried to think of a way to change the subject. "Oh- I was just- Uh-" He was interrupted by a boy walking up, he wasn't able to get a word in as the two jumped back and forth with words. Thankful for the change of conversation he smiled at Micheal, "Well looks like you've been taking care Gwen okay, though she's probably been taking care of you more than the other way around." He grinned at her friend and spun the end of his headphones around in his hand absently.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments Gwen could tell when he was getting awkward with it, and that just made her more confused. But when she was interrupted, she figured she was only going to ask later.

Michael looked over at him, smiling a bit, "You don't know the half of it." He patted on her shoulder, her wincing.

"Hey, Mikey, go get me my pastels. Alright?" She said patting his cheek, him automatically knowing that he needed to shut up. She turned her head back to him, "He's strange. Pretty cool."

Michael ran off to go and get the things, biting his lip. She hadn't told her friend about what was going on at home, yet, huh?

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments "Gotten into art then? Last time I saw you draw anything you were still doodling stick figures with big smiles and and a dress shaped like a triangle." Yori crossed his left ankle over his right knee and leaned on the table in front of him, watching the students around them rather than actually looking at Gwen or Micheal. "I'm pretty sure my art skills are exactly the same as when I left." His sister was the one with the art skills, and he wasn't proud to say he could do make-up like a master, but he couldn't draw a circle on paper. Was that a little gay? He wasn't totally sure.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 742 comments Gwen nodded, "That and music, though I don't really play music, just listen to it." She pointed to her shirt, "As you can see." She waited for her friend who dropped her drawing and pastels in front of her. She smiled at him, winking, "As you can see by my shirts." He motioned down to see the band tee that she wore. "They're one of my favorites." She looked down at her art, tilting her head to the side moving her fingers to start shading something, or blending it together.

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