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message 1: by S.D. (new)

S.D. Jayson (sdjayson) | 8 comments Hello. I would like to take this opportunity to help spread the word about a YA fantasy novel written by myself. My name is S.D. Jayson.

My work is about a young introverted male called Leon who goes on an eventful journey of self-acceptance, during which he meets a wide range of people and learns about his magic powers.

I've written No Path: Leon's Self-Acceptance with the aim of trying to represent different types of people.

You can purchase my work on Kindle for 99 cents. Whilst reading is greatly appreciated, reviews would be as well (on Amazon and/ or Goodreads). Right now there are people out there reading my work, but no reviews have been written.

I understand that we are all busy and have to make time to be able to read. So it would mean a lot if anybody out there would read my work.

Thank you all for your time.

message 2: by S.D. (new)

S.D. Jayson (sdjayson) | 8 comments I would also like to add that if anybody would be interested in a free copy, do let me know. I shall try to enable to a free promotion on Amazon so you can download the Kindle version. But if you do download it, please do leave a review. It would be greatly appreciated.

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S.D. Jayson (sdjayson) | 8 comments My fellow introverts, I'd like to inform you that No Path: Leon's Self-Acceptance will be free from 4th Feb to 8th Feb on Amazon for Kindle. It would be great if you could read it. I'm looking for Goodreads/ Amazon reviews in addition to more readers. I appreciate your time.

message 4: by Introvertology (new)

Introvertology (introvertolgy) | 50 comments Mod
Thanks for letting us know S.D.

message 5: by S.D. (new)

S.D. Jayson (sdjayson) | 8 comments Hi all, just a reminder that my YA fantasy novel No Path: Leon's Self-Acceptance is free on Kindle until Feb 8th. Please download and review. Spread the word across/ outside the group if you wouldn't mind.

message 6: by S.D. (new)

S.D. Jayson (sdjayson) | 8 comments Just a notification that No Path: Leon's Self-Acceptance will only be available for free for one more day after this.

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