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I don't care that much about the content when I read books on my own, but if I chose this for a book club with middle-schoolers in it (also some members in college/high school), would it be a good and appropriate choice? EDIT: Sorry to all the members who aren't in an area that uses the terminology I know! Middle school means they're about 10-14 years old, give or take.

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message 3: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (amandalyn) | 95 comments I am a little confused - are you asking if the book Wicked is good? or Breath? If you are talking about Wicked by Gregory Maguire, I like it but from what I remember I would not recommend it for middle schoolers - may be too mature. If you're asking about Breath - I don't know what's that is.

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Amanda (amandalyn) | 95 comments Wait is Wicked part of your name?!! LOL I am so confused!

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Yeah, "Wicked is good....right?" is a book reference (The Maze Runner). I was asking about Breathe. :)

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Shirley Bouwhuis | 9 comments If you are referring to Breathe by Abbi Glines I have read it and it is a really cute, sweet book that would be good for the age group you are talking about. Unfortunately not so with her latest novels-they are full of language and sex. But Breathe is a great YA novel.

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I'm sorry for not being clear. It's the one by Sarah Crossan. Thanks for giving your advice, anyway. :)

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Amanda (amandalyn) | 95 comments Ha! Sorry to be so dense!!! And sorry I cannot help with the book you are actually referring to!

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That's okay. :)

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Abigail (handmaiden) | 175 comments I'm not familiar with the book, but I checked the reviews from members of this group* and another clean reads group and found these reviews that mentioned content:

*To see all the reviews that members of a given group gave to a book, go to the group bookshelf, then enter the book title in the "add book" search box at the top left of the page. On the results page, instead of adding the book to the group, click the "view group reviews" link.

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Thanks. :) Well....we've read books with what was mentioned or worse, so hypothetically it sounds like a decent choice, but I still think I'd rather read it on my own (I think the club members are probably tired of dystopian books, since we've read a lot.)
Thanks again. :) That said, I really wish there was a group out there that was completely focused on book club advice....I don't want to overload this one with my choices, but what else is there to do?

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