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Gateway To Heaven
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. A woman who Is KNOWN all around town as the poor girl who raped as a toddler by her day care provider meets a guy who turns out to be a rock star [s]

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MJ | 1355 comments *I think this site maybe making my brain lazy... I used to be able to match a random plot piece or character up to a book I've read really quickly... Now I just find more requests to post here! 

Read it in the last couple of years, most likely in iBooks.

The book
-She is grown and known as one of the victims of the terrible child abuse case.
-She was very young (two I think) so she really doesn't remember much about it, but the whole town has treated her as the victim ever since.
-she knows and understands what happened to her, but has no real recollection. She's sane and able, and 'accepting' of the way her life is and how the town treats her (they aren't horrible or anything, it's just that they always have and always will see her as the victim)
-pretty sure there was at least one other victim, but the parents moved them away after it all happened so that they wouldn't live with the stigma.
-I have a feeling there may have been another victim... Not certain, but they may have committed suicide because of what happened... That would have been several years later tho
-she has a mother and a sister... Who THOROUGHLY treat her as the child victim and always have
-think he may have confronted her mother about why she is still treaded as only the victim and why they didn't move town like the other family
-he is a rock star who I think moves back to town for a break (almost certain it was his hometown, but possibly not. )
-he moves into an apartment (penthouse I think) that has a doorman services.
-he very quickly adds her to the list of acceptable people to let straight up the the apartment with out a phone call (I think it's after he has dinner with her). He let he on the list because he knew he and his band are sometimes jamming too loud for him to here the phone, and he wanted her to be able to drop by.
-she is unaware he is a 'known' star, even tho she knows his a musician, she doesn't realize exactly how famous he is
-pretty sure she has never been on ANY kind of date before him because, yes you guessed it, she is the child victim
-I think her sister bails him up about taking advantage of, yes you guessed it, the child victim... Not sure if this is the exact confrontation that makes him aware of her history, or if its another episode, but he was totally unaware of her 'status' even tho he had grown up there
-pretty sure he has a sit down 'what the hell/how did I miss that event' moment with one of his parents. They explain that while he is a bit older than her, he was still young enough to have made it thru 'shielded' of the events in town
-am also pretty sure there is a similar conversation had with the priest who helped the community with counseling etc and knew the woman quite well
-the guy gets TOTALLY pissed when someone/more than one try's to tell him/have a go at him that she is a victim and should not be taken advantage of... How could he treat her like she 'was not a victim'...
-he intentionally, but not maliciously keeps his level of fame from her... I think just because he needs and is taking a break and likes that she doesn't go all fan girl on him
-pretty sure it was planned from the time he came home, but it may have been arranged after his return, for he and his band to perform at a block party for the town... Which from memory is how she got her big reveal that he was more than she was aware of
-think she is wandering thru the crowd to go to his apartment and enjoying the music when she gets to the doorway and gets a peek thru the crowd and notices the he is the one singing on stage
-pretty sure she is pissed/crushed, leaves

-he may or may not have seen her as she turns away, and may or may not jump off stage and go after her...?

Right, feels like I may have written the whole book out, but I promise, there are bits missing. I have to go now because I have the hiccups and they are about to drive me INSANE!

Thank for any help 

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MJ | 1355 comments Bump

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MJ | 1355 comments Miriam, you are a legend! Thank you or that 
It's been driving me mad.

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MJ | 1355 comments Irony... Now that I've found this book... I can't get in to it :/

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