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Mallory | 279 comments Asher nodded slowly, understanding what she was saying. Sleep was all he needed right now, all she needed, and it didn't look like either of them really cared about the happenings of the college they attended. If they got suck up in classes, then so be it. The professors at that school were extremely understanding, and no matter how much they didn't want to stay after hours, they would if it meant catching a student up in something they missed - or didn't understand. Ash had leaned back into the hospital bed after Tatum left the room, in search for a staff member so they could get out of there. Of course, there were still certain things he was missing. Like clothes. What he came in were thrown into a pile in the corner, stuck in a bag that was sealed shut. It was almost like they thought he had some disease and didn't want what he had to spread. That wasn't a very good thought. Asher closed his eyes, taking in deep breaths as he waited for his (girl?)friend to come back.

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Tatum went to the nurses station and asked them to send in the papers so Asher could get discharged. Her eyelids honestly felt heavy already. She wanted to go to sleep, but she needed to get her boyfriend, well she guessed she could call him her boyfriend, back to the school. The nurses have her all of the papers that he needed to read over and sign. She walked back into the room "I got em all, it's kind of a mountain though." She told him in a disappointed voice. Tatum handed all the clipboards to him, there were about three, with different papers on them. A pen was on top of the small stack, and Tatum gave him a sorry smile as she handed it all over. She turned though, and walked to the small closet on the side of the room. She opened up the door, rummaging through it and pulling out the bag that they'd stuffed Asher's clothes in when he'd gotten there.

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Mallory | 279 comments Asher looked up when the door reopened and Tatum walked in, multiple clipboards in her hand. He rose a brow, stretching out his arm to take a hold of the papers. "This is the worst part," he said with a thin smile on his face, watching as the little blonde maneuvered around the room. His eyes scanned the papers for signature lines, boxes to check, and things to initial. None of the words actually mattered, and he was just doing what he had to do to get him out of here the quickest. Tatum had pulled out a bag from the small closet in the corner, his clothes packed inside. It would be nice to get into something familiar, to be wrapped in the clothing he knew by heart. Asher let the pen in his hand flow graciously against the paper, signing his name for perhaps the forth time. "Do you think we missed much at the college?" he knew that it didn't matter, at least not to him. Other than the test beforehand that he bombed without a doubt, he wasn't sure if there was anything else major that he missed out on. Of course, he was an art major, so it wasn't like he couldn't catch up easily. Her on the other hand... if she had been there with him the whole time, he wasn't sure if she would be able to easily make up what she skipped.

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Tatum nodded in agreement "Yeah, but just find he dotted line, then I can smuggle you out of here." She said with bright eyes. She couldn't wait to leave the hospital. It was bringing back way too many upsetting memories, so she was practically jittering to get back to the college, or even just out of the front doors. She sat herself down in the chair by the bed, leaning back some and watching Asher look through he pages and pages of paperwork. She shrugged softly "Honestly I don't really know." She told him honestly. She was jut a design student, so she probably didn't miss too much "I might have to rush to finish a couple pieces for my advanced design class, but I can do those in a few days, my professors won't mind if I say I've been in the hospital with a friend." She told him honestly. She could just make three quick dresses. She honestly might not even have to make them, maybe they would just let her sketch them out. "What about you, anything crazy?" She asked him, liking that they could talk about normal things.

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Mallory | 279 comments Asher took in a deep breath as he searched for lines to sign, the pen resting limply between his fingers. Sometimes he believed that it would be easier if someone read all of this to him and he just nodded along, other times he believed that life would be simpler if he wasn't filling out the papers at all, that everything would be alright if he would've just gotten it over and done it right on his first suicide attempt. He paused, blinking. God, not those thoughts again. If these new meds didn't help, he wouldn't know what to do. Really, this was one of his last hopes. "I don't think there's anything I can't make up," he responded to Tatum's question after she finished speaking. It was good that she could possibly get a pass on her schoolwork, but he had no idea what would happen when he showed back up in the classroom. "I'm pretty sure I can manage to sketch a dog or something to make 'em happy." Asher had never really liked what he was assigned to make, and was much happier whenever it was a work of art he had originally thought of. Art was one of those free-range things, something you can't try to contain. He looked up at her from the pile of paperwork in his lap. "Don't think that any of this is a big deal, alright?" he was talking about the reason of this hospital visit, his eyes hard yet hopeful. "It's nothing new, nothing you need to worry about."

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Tatum nodded some about his dog sketches, she was sure that it would work. Asher usually took more time and a teensy bit more effort into the work he submitted, she might've snuck some peeks at a few of his sketches when he wasn't looking. She bought they were tremendous, and God knew she could never do anything like that. But Asher had talent, so he could. Tatum picked up a few strands of her hair and twirled them around with her fingers, her eyes gazing at the white blonde color of the locks. She wasn't really paying attention much, until Asher spoke up about how his trying to kill himself was nothing, and that she shouldn't worry about it. That didn't sound right to her, it sounded partially insane, but she couldn't exactly tell him that. He needed her to be on his same page, and if that's what he needed, then that's what Tatum would do. She shrugged some "I'll do my best. Sometimes I can't help the over worrying, but I really will try." She old him in a quiet voice, hoping he wouldn't be pissed at her. But Tatum was who she was, she couldn't help her nature.

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Mallory | 279 comments The subject of schoolwork was better than the pile of paperwork in his lap, better than focusing on what he did to himself. Asher raised his hand to the back of his neck, rubbing absentmindedly while his eyes scanned across the papers. Once they actually got of here and ended back up on campus, he just wanted to take a nap. A long, peaceful nap for the rest of the day. Whether Tatum joined him for that or not was completely up to her, but he just needed to rest. Yawning, he looked up when she began to speak, her voice soft and unsure. Asher knew that she wanted to please him as much as possible, but wanted him to be okay more than anything. It hurt him to see her stressing over just him, and he knew that it was his fault. He was what caused her to not have rest for the past who knows how many hours, he was the reason that they both weren't in class right now, and he knew that if he wasn't so stupid that everything could possibly be okay. Instead of saying what was on his mind, however, he just nodded. "I grew up with my brother in the house," Asher let a small smile slip onto his face, "I think I can deal with over worrying." the thought of Philip usually put him over the edge after things like this, considering how his sibling reacted negatively toward anything he did to himself, but this time - at least as of now - felt different. It had been a while since he saw his brother, and right now he needed just a little bit of emotional support. He adverted his eyes from Tatum, swiftly signing one of the few last lines. The paperwork was almost done, but the day altogether was just beginning.

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Tatum watched as thoughts obviously ran though Asher's mind. He was thinking for sure. Tatum just wished she knew exactly what he was thinking about. But she had a nagging feeling that that would always be a mystery to her, she would never get inside of Asher's head that much. He was too complex. She started to grin once he smiled at her though, happy that he wasn't pissed or anything like that. She would hate for him to be mad. Again. She sort of holed she wouldn't be too much like Phillip, though. She would rather be the shelf keg and awesome girlfriend than the nagging brother. But hey, she would take what she could get. She laughed softly, though, since he was smiling at her "I promise I won't be as bad as Phillip, I mean I'm not even smart enough to be like him." She said, thinking of how he was a doctor. When she saw that he was almost finished with the paperwork her eyes sparked. "When you're done I can take it out to them, that way you can change if you want, I don't really see you as the kind of guy that's into wearing dresses." She said, looking at his hospital gown with a teasing grin.

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Mallory | 279 comments He hesitated on agreeing when Tatum said that she wasn't smart enough to be like his brother. Honestly, he had been thinking that since he was in elementary school. Asher remembered how he used to believe he would become something more than his sibling, that he would be the one that their whole family would be proud of. Nearly ten years later and it's easy to see how that dream played out. One brother a struggling ex-drug addict going into the field of art, the other a successful doctor without a care in the world. It almost made him laugh, really. What did he expect, though? His childhood was shit, so what more did he want from his adulthood? Asher met her eyes when she spoke again, saying that she could take the paperwork when he was done so he could change into his normal clothing. "I dunno," he muttered, eyes flickering down to his current apparel, "I think I can pull it off pretty well." a laugh built up in his chest but he cut it off by shaking his head, looking back down at the papers and signing one final time before handing them up to Tatum, "Here."

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