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message 1: by F.T. (last edited Jan 24, 2015 10:19AM) (new) - added it

F.T. (ftmckinstry) | 6 comments Hello! I'm offering a dark fantasy novella for review.

Author Name: F.T. McKinstry
Book Name: Water Dark
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 48
Number of free copies being offered: 10
Format of books being offered: Mobi, Epub or PDF
Short book description:

In the western-most crumbling halls of a mountain citadel lives a lonely wizard named Urien, a master of his art and a fledgling priest of a primordial goddess of transformation. Though his training is extensive, no training could prepare him for a broken heart. For years he has lived on the fringe after having loved and lost a powerful male wizard on the verge of ascension. But such wounds do not hide well. When he delves into the darker powers at the bidding of a shady priestess, Urien’s heart reveals itself as a grim warning from the goddess herself, in the shape of a wolf.

In the wake of this unsettling experience, Urien discovers that his most gifted apprentice, a beautiful, wild-tempered woman—and the partner of his erstwhile lover—is in grave danger. A series of swift-moving mishaps including a second warning and a badly backfired protection spell lands Urien into a love triangle that exposes not only his deepest desires but also the black machinations of the priestess who deceived him. When she wields her full power against him, he must reconcile his heart in order to save his lovers and himself from isolation and death.

Thank you!

message 2: by J.R. (new) - added it

J.R. (bournville) | 20 comments Hello, I'd like to read and review your book.
I post reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, sometimes on my blog too.
I'd prefer a mobi file please, my email is
Thank you

message 3: by F.T. (new) - added it

F.T. (ftmckinstry) | 6 comments Thank you! I'll send it right out.

Darlene (dar49) | 9 comments This looks like fun! I would review this after reading. my email is I prefer mobi also. Thanks!

message 5: by F.T. (new) - added it

F.T. (ftmckinstry) | 6 comments Hi Darlene! It's on its way. Thank you. :)

message 6: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 1 comments Might I have a mobi copy too?
My email is

Darlene (dar49) | 9 comments Thank you, F.T. I have now downloaded it to my readers.

message 8: by F.T. (new) - added it

F.T. (ftmckinstry) | 6 comments Sarah wrote: "Might I have a mobi copy too?

Hi Sarah, I'll send it along. Thanks!

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