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Puritan ethics
Nancy May Nancy Jan 24, 2015 07:18AM
I read Puritan Witch and this new book in the series sounds like a good read. But I'm tired of books and plays that portray Puritans as the bad guys (the Scarlet Letter and The Crucible). I found both Hawthorne and Miller to have engaged in black and white thinking in their attitude toward the Puritans. While certainly there was harshness in Puritan life, there must have been instances of mercy and tenderness as well. Plus, in our day and age of low standards, both in education and morals, I have come to admire some aspects of Puritan ethics. Any thoughts?

ah,Nancy! This is partly why I created the character,Absalom Hart. I hope the reader falls in love with this gentle giant. He's entirely my creation and the liaison to the THIRD book, which I hope to get out by 2016. He is a man of duty ( officer in the militia) but abhors violence. The third book, set in 1689 New Hampshire, will explain the reasons for his almost pacifist views. I hope you enjoy Letters to Kezia!

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