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Chronicle of the French Revolution
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message 1: by John (new) - added it

John (john_g) | 88 comments Hello,

Please add description for book isbn10: 0582051940

"Never before has the French Revolution been presented in such a novel fashion. The use of the tried and tested method previously applied to "Chronicle of the 20th Century" has made it possible to bring vividly to life the momentous events that rocked France between 1788 and 1799.

A detailed and precise chronology allows the reader to follow the activities of the main protagonists of those troubled and often violent times: the people, the heroes and the leaders, both military and political. Nearly 3,000 events, major and minor, political and social are included. It is history in action.

All the events which convulsed Europe and shaped the modern world are here: from the Declaration of the Rights of Man to the bloodthirsty frenzy of the Terror; from Liberty, Equality and Fraternity to the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte to virtual dictatorship."

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free (frdn) | 5196 comments done...

message 3: by Chris (new)

Chris James (scribarian) | 7 comments Hi - same issue for a newbie, here!

ISBN: 1507652763
Alchemy: a story of perfect murder

Please could you either advise how I can, in future - or if you have to do it, can you, please - delete and amend my description to the following:-

In Victorian London, genius and artist, Jacob Silver, finds himself on trial for the murder of four of his beautiful models. The prosecution claim he killed them for ingredients to add to a potion to revive his dead lover, Emily.

Jacob blames his mentor for the murders, a mysterious science professor who used Jacob’s skills to unravel the components of an elixir for eternal life and raising the dead – prescribed in a medieval tome: Alchemy.

Discovering the last ingredients entails taking innocent lives, Jacob insists he wants nothing to do with the professor’s manual of murder.

But after his true love and inspiration, Emily, dies, Jacob is recruited to commit perfect murder.


[Also, this is Book 1 in a series - which I missed. Could you catch that, for me?] Ta muchly!


message 4: by Philip (last edited Jan 24, 2015 09:26AM) (new)

Philip (burnnerman) | 5913 comments #3 - Done.

What is the series Title?

If you follow the instuctions left on your other post about claiming your author profile, then you would be able to add covers to books that do not have them, update descriptions.

Series still need done by a librarian though.

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