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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 105 comments I know you have plots, but will it be alright if I told you my idea first?

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 105 comments So it's not really "plot" material but an idea / guidance into the rp. Feel free to just post your idea after this post and we can work on merging the two together if you would like.

My idea is that the rp is set in a sort of time where "magic" is considered dangerous. A time where there were dragons and kings and queens etc. Sort of set in a medieval era but with a functioning and an almost modern society with no electronics.

So magic is considered dangerous, and alchemy could be practised but that isn't considered dangerous, it's considered science. (However alchemy would still be frowned upon, and just barely accepted).

Magic could be forbidden but one of our characters (or both) could be secretly practising it.

The one (or both of them) could be looking for a place, such as a guild, to stay where a minority of wizards stay with each other and live and learn how to make their magic stronger and better.

One of us could be on the verge of bad, and one could have their morals and priorities set straight.

Adventure happens, friendship happens, action happens, fantasy etc.

If the rp starts of with only one of our characters being a mage, then the other could maybe consider it dangerous then change their idea on the thing when they travel with the mage and decide they would like to learn magic their self.

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 105 comments Your idea is very good, and I believe we can merge them together c:

I like the idea that the overall Kingdom is called Heruson. Say for example, if my person started of as a mage and was looking for a guild and then your person started of as member of the Blank-Faced Society... And if that society was a guild, he / she can be willing to get my character to join that guild if my character doesn't know it is a bad guild.

When she / he finds out, they can try and convert their moral compass to good?
When they enter the guild, they can become friends with the princess who is there, and help her on her journey home. Or... while they are searching for the guild they accidentally meet the princess who decides to journey with them unknowingly. Or the prince can travel with them unknowingly.

Feel free to add or take away ^-^

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 105 comments I like :D
Your character can unknowingly do these good things and realise that he is good overall and the bad guild is not where he belongs.
The princess can sort of be manhandled (not anything bad), but taken into the bad guild, and one night after my character is there and hating on your character she can decide to escape with the princess - totally risky and if someone catches her she could die immediately, no questions asked. And she is caught, but by your character who decideds that he / she still wants to be friends with my character and helps her escape with the princess. They get free - fights and action ensured - and they rescue the prince who is kept in another dark guild.

While resucing the prince they can be helped by a light (good) guild which they can decide to join after the princess and prince has been rescued. (But then they may have to help the princess in finding a king...)

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 105 comments What's a mantra?

We don't have to limit it to three guilds, there can be many, but we can include three main ones that we use (the dark and light) and just name fingers and point names in this.
I just have to say, we haven't started rping yet, but you're such a cool rp partner ^-^

I'm okay with adding history to the Kingdom of Heruson, did you have anything in mind? I kind of used out all of my idea space in my brain right now >-<

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 105 comments I know this may seem a little quick, since we're still planning things, but gender of characters, is it alright if I play as the girl for this?
And is it alright if my character starts off with magic?

Above, you mentioned what the guild, Blank-Faced society consisted of, does it not consist of mages? (That's actually alright, because if not I believe it can fit into the plot nicely, where - if chosen - your character, when leaving the guild, can choose to learn magic.)

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 105 comments Ohhhh so each guild has their own saying / motto or something?
(Have you seen any animes? There's an anime called Fairy Tail (with magic and guilds) and their motto I guess is "We are Fairy Tail!")

So history into wars and why certain countries hate each other? Hmmm, then if so, the princess can be trying to make peace with another country by getting married but the bad guild kidnapped her before she had the chance to even leave the country (which could be by ship instead of something like a plane).
Her brother could be kidnapped and sold to the highest paying person (which doesn't happen in the end).

Yes, a few kings before. Heritage and stuff like that.
I like the idea ^-^ (Except the slave workers, is it alright that we don't have anyone forced to work against their will?)

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 105 comments The princess can't have magic because magic is not accepted in this society and people can get killed by the... shall we say, king's guards(?) for using it. Alchemy is accepted but highly frowned upon.

I would prefer it if the princess was studying alchemy with her brother being the only one with knowledge of her practising. Before we wrote the Kingdom as Heruson, are we not going to keep that name?

You know how I was telling you of my character looking for a guild and what not and your character jumping in like "hey I have a guild you can go to!"
I would like it if we focus on those people. Your character who is like that is currently a member of the bad guild (the Blank-faced society).
They can both be leaving to head to the guild after they meet, and accidentally find princess after she escapes into the forest after losing her brother. (Shall I rp as the princess too when the time comes for it?)

Princess does not know of our characters so follows them in hope for answers. When both girls end up the dark guild, both are surprised. Neither is allowed to leave and is kept there, princess for obvious reasons, mine for keeping the secret.

They escape (with help from your character) who doesn't realise he is being good until both siblings are rescued (manage to get to the other dark guild and save her brother, the prince - who, if you want to, can rp as). They can rescue the brother from the other dark guild with the help of a light guild which they decide to join.

He can realise he has done something good and has been good all along when the princess awards them with medals or something, like "congrats on being brave peasants."

(Some new plot here, feel free to add or take away) When at their guild, the princess requests them for an adventure / task. The princess is not married yet. She needs a king to marry, if not, the chancellor - a supposedly meant to be good guy who is supposed to be looking after the kingdom but only cares about his own health, safety and wealth, will become king. They then journey with the princess to help her find a husband.

That was quite a bit, sorry ^-^ And I feel like I wrote gibberish, but is that okay?

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 105 comments Yes, I am okay with gore ^-^ Although, I have not written about it in an rp before, so I may not be the best at describing things like that, but I'll try ^-^
Taken across country sounds good. Dungeon sounds good too, as it means they are separated.

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 105 comments I don't think you're beind rude, I did write it quite hectically ^-^

No, my main character who is searching for a guild has magic, hence why she is looking for one. The princess has no magic, but has been practising (another word for using) alchemy, which is different from magic. Alchemy in the society is accepted but magic is not. However, alchemy is highly frowned upon as it is similar to magic. They live in a society that has an appearance similar to the mediveval era, but with modern technology - but no planes, they have to use ships to travel to different lands.

As my character is looking for a guild, she randomly meets your main character, who is part of the dark guild (Blank-Faced Guild). He says something like "You can join my guild," and they both journey to his guild to join it - which happens to be at the other part of the country or something. On their journey there, they meet the princess who was currently running away from her captors (Blank-Faced Guild).

She's naive or something, because she accepts to travel with our characters to a place where she can get help. She was mistaken, as your character leads us to the Blank-Faced Guild. She recognises the guild and again tries to escape but is caught and kept there. My main character then realises something is wrong, and then too, tries to escape but is also caught and kept captive because if she was to leave, she could tell anyone about the guild which now holds the princess.

Your character probably feels guilt or something, but doesn't recognise these emotions as he believes he is hard-core evil or something like that.

(Throughout all of this, the prince has been taken to a dark guild - something called Raven Claw for example, and has been held hostage in a dungeon while being abused etc. Raven Claw can be in another country.)

The prince has been under-used in terms of characters, so if you have a way we can add his role into the plot more, feel free to add.

After spending an amount of time at Blank-Faced guild my main character must've got fed up because she tries to escape with the princess, and almost succeeds if it wasn't for your character. He notices them and stops them, but soon decides to join them on their journey for whatever reason, without realising he is being a good human being.

They escape the Blank-Faced Guild and now have to sail to another country (let's call it the Kingdom of Trost) to rescue the prince from 'Raven Claw'.
While in the mid of the rescue, which is going really badly, a light guild (say, Spirit Touch or something) turn up as this had been their mission for a while and help the 3 characters (the princess and our two main characters) defeat Raven Claw and rescue the prince. After the fight, the two main characters can get offered to join the Spirit Touch guild and they can both accept?

They then return to their home country and are about to ditch the princess and prince in their castle and return back to the Kingdom of Trost when the princess stops them and says she has a mission for them. They are to take her to Trost (the place where the Kingdom of Heruson was having war against) and help her marry the young king there to end the war and declare peace on both of the nations.

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 105 comments That's alright, see you tomorrow. I do believe we have different ideas, but in the plot above, I tried to incorporate them together as best as I could. Also I'll be rping as the princess, but not a member of the Blank-Faced Guild. You can write it as Elizabeth instead, that's what I'll call my main character. Do you want me to call the princess a specific name? And do I need to create character profile for both or just my main character?

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 105 comments I'm glad you like the plot c: Yes, that's who you'll be mainly roleplaying as. Anyone else who is not major characters as such for example, the master of the dark / light guild, we'll rp when the time gets to it (and it shouldn't matter who too much who decides to rp as them).

Sorry if I take time to reply, or if my replying is inconsistent during the next couple of weeks, I have exams coming up so my time will mainly be focused on them but I will reply whenever I can.

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 105 comments description
"You have enemies?
That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."
-Winston Churchill

{First Name}:
{Last Name}:
{Date of Birth}:
11th September
{Place of Birth:}
Planet: Earthland
Country: Kingdom of Heruson
Town: Magnolia Town

{Wishes to Travel To:}
The Town of Flavia in the Kingdom of Trost to be able to join a guild.

Human turned mage
Ancient Ark: Lightning Dragon



~Eye colour:
~Hair colour:
Light brown
~Recognisable Features:
She has a lightning scar on her chest, starting from her clavicle (collar bone), going along the edge of one breast and ending at the bottom of her rib cage. This happened because she was hit with lightning by a power storm when she was in her early teens - it caused her to get her powers.
(view spoiler)
Elizabeth has a silver pendent in the shape of a wisdom tree made out of pewter with an emerald placed into it. It was given to her by her father as he lay on his death bed. It was a symbol of who she was, what she has become and what she will be; strength and hope to those who need it.


And there shining, burning, bursting through, the stars! Can you see how they roar their light? Everywhere we look, complex magic of nature blazes before our eyes.

{Personality & History}:
Elizabeth wasn't brought up in a wealthy home, in fact, she was brought up in a cottage. She doesn't know who her real mother is as she was given to an orphanage at a year old. She can't even recall what her mother looks like or any memories of warmth or holding. She figures this means her mother most have given her away, not because she couldn't afford to look after her but because she must have been a bastard, unwanted child. However, she tries not to think about it too much. She wants to be wanted in the world.

She was given her name by the workers in the orphanage.

At the age of 7 she was taken in by her new parent and father; Marcus. He had recently lost his wife who was pregnant with their child in a road accident and because he figured he couldn't love again he decided to adopt. Marcus became Elizabeth's caring and loving father, trying his hardest to look after her as what a real father may do. Elizabeth soon found she cared about Marcus and was glad she was put in his care. He supported her and looked after her and was there when she needed him the most.

At the age of 13, Elizabeth was reading outside underneath a tree to block the glaring sun when a freak power storm came to her village. She hardly had time to react before there was thunder and lightning. As she was gathering up her belongings to go inside she was struck by a powerful blast of lightning that hit her on her clavicle and ended at the bottom of her ribcage.
The storm was caused by two old dragons who lived on the mountain tops and a fight had broken out between them. Elizabeth was hit by a lightning dragon's blast, giving her powers beyond her dreams.

Her father found her dazed and faintly glowing, collapsed outside. He knew magic was forbidden so he made Elizabeth stay inside until she got better and the glowing stopped. (This took 8 months).

She hid her magic well but when she got angry her eyes would flash and you would be able to hear the crackle of lightning. If she got really pissed (because, yes that did happen sometimes), then she wasn't able to control her magic and lightning bolts would shoot out of her, breaking objects around her.

She lived with her adopted father in their cottage, not spacious but comfy. All too soon, when Elizabeth had reached the age of 19, her adopted father was found to have a terminal illness. This made Elizabeth realise that the worst things happen to the best people. A year later, her father died in hospital, with Elizabeth being the only person by his side. Before he died, he gave her a present - a pendent that would remind Elizabeth who she is. He also wrote her a letter, telling her to Believe in yourself and follow your dreams.

Her dream was to learn how to master magic, she had heard about mages joining together in forbidden groups called guilds where they would study magic and learn how to master it.
So she set off on her journey. She didn't accomplish much at first, but then she decided to ask around (carefully, of course) and found out that the best of the best mages settled around a town called Flavia. Which happened to be in another country; the Kingdom of Trost.

The problem for her was that the Kingdom of Trost and the Kingdom of Heruson had not been on the best of terms for many decades now, and just recently (a few years ago) they have decided to declare war on each other - mainly because the Kingdom of Heruson disapproved highly of magic and it was forbidden. Even though the Kingdom of Trost allowed magic, it was still frowned upon.

The Kingdom of Heruson does have guilds - but ones that don't use magic, and if Elizabeth joined one she'd be afraid she would show everyone her magic by accident.

However, Elizabeth's journey still continues and she has yet to discover what she is fully capable of.

Thanks to her father teaching her what she needed to know about the world she was ready to set off.


Elizabeth is a stubborn, eccentric girl, and doesn't dress how one may expect a young lady to for her time. No dresses, but jeans, boots and over-sized shirts or blouses with tight jackets. Although she may be stubborn, she is also shy, never really having the chance to socialise in fear of other children finding out her abilities. She is hardworking and adventurous, being tenacious and never giving up. Elizabeth is able to forgive but she never forgets. She also cares deeply about people when she gets close to them, and every year on the same day she says a blessing to her father who she hopes is resting in a better place.

She is a kind spirited girl, albeit quite a bit naive and not knowing as much as she thought of the real world as she was kept protected by her father. This means she tends to end up in trouble more often than not. She is patient but has a short temper and this makes her use her powers by accident. She doesn't know how to control them yet so this is why she set off in search of a guild to help her control her abilities. Elizabeth finds it hard to warm up and trust people, this is because she doesn't like talking a lot and is quite introverted. She isn't very good at sussing out people's emotions which means she had a low emotional intelligence. Her actual IQ is at an average.

She is quite a judging character, as this is yet again because she finds it hard to trust people and wants to see what type of person you are. She does not only judge on clothing or appearance, but on personality and how you act. She is quite a morbid character and doesn't believe good things happen to good people. Although she doesn't likes socialising, she hates being alone more because it makes her feel anxious.

"Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.
-C.S. Lewis"


{Relationship Status}:

"Father": Marcus Harold-Smith
Mother: Unknown


~The colours black and white

~Being alone

{Magic and Abilities:}
Elizabeth does not know about any of her abilities thus far except that she can shoot out lightning when pissed or emotional.

She knows that she has an ancient and seemingly rare magic yet this just makes her feel more of an outcast. She wants to find somewhere where she may belong. She hopes there is a guild for her out there. Her magic is ancient ark: lightning dragon and she believes this may be fate (or just bad luck) that she was struck by a dragon to get such a powerful gift.

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 105 comments Do I need to create a character profile for the Princess or is it okay not to?

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 105 comments Ah, really? I'm glad ^-^
Will one for the Princess be needed, or shall I just roleplay her?

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 105 comments Max, are you still alive?
Reply for yes.
Reply for no.

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 105 comments I would like it if you can be quite detailed, but do it to the best of your ability. And if the best of your ability isn't impressive, reach for the stars.

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