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The Girl on the Train
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. Week 10: Mystery or Thriller > The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

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Jenna (jennywatts) This seems inevitable! People are loving this new release, so, it is On for week 10!

Jennifer Van Beveren | 93 comments So funny, this book keeps popping up everywhere!

Tina (tjlich) I'm reading it now. Week 4: A book published this year. I am loving it!

Suze Bryant | 7 comments I'm reading, and really enjoying, this book. I'm having to read it outside of the challenge, though, as I think I have already bought/read books for every category it could fit in!

Bam cooks the books ;-) (bamcooks) I want to read this one too!

Nicole Harris (nicoleintrovert) I'm not reading the challenge list in order... so I just finished this one (have to get it back to the library.) It was fantastic! Excited to hear what everyone else thinks.

Samantha | 84 comments I am just starting this book which is slightly out of order but waiting for my funny book to be available at the library. Really looking forward to this book as it keeps popping up on so many of the different weeks lists.

Jasmine (pikakejazz) This one has definitely piqued my interest, too. I still have to decide if I want to read it for the mystery/thriller week, though...

Jenna I'm going to join in on this for week 10! My mom is reading it currently and really likes it.

Susan Harding | 35 comments Started this last night for this category. Intriguing already. Didn't get much read as I fell asleep last night reading haha

Bam cooks the books ;-) (bamcooks) Starting this tonight. Can't wait!

Jenna (jennywatts) I finally read this! I left a few comments on my official review below ...what I would say in my friendly advice here is that the main thing this book has going for it is that it does succeed in being a page-turner, which I think is a success in itself. It's a fun ride, one worth taking, but really nothing more. So if you are finding it a slog and NOT enjoying the page-turner quality...I don't know that I'd advise continuing, as it won't really redeem itself in the end. The end is the weakest part and underwhelming, in my opinion. BUT, so long as you enjoyed the ride, it's a fine enough destination. Enjoy!

Bam cooks the books ;-) (bamcooks) My first impression is that both Rachel and Megan are pretty messed up young women!

Jenna I finished this in two days! I agree with you Jenna, definitely a page turner, but not a great ending. I also kind of thought the alcoholism/memory loss was an artificial/contrived way to get to the eventual ending.

My review is here.

Bam cooks the books ;-) (bamcooks) I thought it was good, even the ending. Quite the character study. The killer was pretty obvious but that didn't detract from my enjoyment of the book. I'd recommend it for a quick read.

Steph This was my pick for Week 10 as well. I really enjoyed it even though I did not care for most of the characters. It was a good mystery but I am not sure about all of the hype...

message 17: by Eyal (new) - rated it 3 stars

Eyal Suseela I enjoyed the book as a quick read, but I didn't think the characters were nearly as interesting to live inside as Nick and Amy from Gone Girl. I heard a lot of comparisons between the two, but I feel like the main similarity was the overall genre and the fact that the main female character was an unreliable narrator. Luckily for me, I love unreliable narrators in my fiction!

Amanda (akinderman) I absolutely loved this book and read it under this category. It kept me on my toes and guessing and now I can't stop recommending it!

Aline (thousanduniverses) | 53 comments I normally don't read books from this genre but I really liked this one. I would have given it 5 stars if the characters had been more likeable.

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