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The Chase by Goldberg/Evanovich

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message 1: by Collene (new)

Collene | 48 comments I'm reading this pretty fast because 1) it's an easy read and 2) this book and the next book in the series are due to the library and I hate getting overdue fines. A beach read kind of book. Light, funny, entertaining.

message 2: by Collene (new)

Collene | 48 comments Well, now this book is dragging on. Can't wait to get to another book on my growing stack of books. Meh.

message 3: by Collene (new)

Collene | 48 comments Ps. Only finishing this due to the rules of the group and pending wine reward.

message 4: by Kari (new)

Kari (kbesancon) | 34 comments Mod
I'm so sorry it sucked.

message 5: by Collene (new)

Collene | 48 comments It wasn't awful. I usually like her books, but I was in the mood to read something else. I'm thankful for the insomnia that kept me up last night so I could finish it. Looking forward to wine just a bit later today. Hooray!

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