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Here we are!

Queen of The Moon Hello. Sorry I was at work

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It's fine

Queen of The Moon So what would you like to do?

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I'm up for anything. But can I pm you a story I just read? It absolutely broke my heart. It's not long at all

Queen of The Moon um sure I guess

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You don't have to read it, if you don't want to.

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What do you usually rp about?

Queen of The Moon Vampires -_- so I'm annoyed with them lol

no its cool. I just got off a long shift at work so I won't be able to read it tonight

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Ok. But like I said it isn't long. I can just send it to you tomorrow. Have you ever heard of the last of us?

Queen of The Moon yeah my bf plays the game

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Would you want to do something along the lines of that?

Queen of The Moon I don't really know to much about it besides that its a post apocalypse game :/

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Do you watch The Walking Dead?

Queen of The Moon Pshh. I don't live under a rock :p though I haven't been able to watch the newest season because cable is freaking expensive and I'm in college and work

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As long as you get the concept of it lol

Queen of The Moon Yeah. So what would we be doing?

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I was thinking like two people actually stumble onto Rick and his crew. Like twist the story up a little?

Queen of The Moon Lol nope. Cause if I saw them and with their luck I'd run the other f*ing way so fast lol

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Well from what all I've seen, I'd rather be with his crew than alone lol

Queen of The Moon Nope, not me. I don't do groups larger than two or three, just the way I am. I was thinking maybe two people stumble across each other and begrudgingly team up?

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That sounds alright

Queen of The Moon Who would you like to be? boy or girl?

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I'd rather be the boy if that's ok

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btw, how do you feel about explicit scenes?

Queen of The Moon Lol well I have people who ask me for just that so does that tell you anything?

Queen of The Moon and that's no prob. I just don't like to assume what gender people will pick

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Ok I was just wanting to make sure I didn't push any boundaries.

Queen of The Moon Nope you're good :)

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Yay! lol. So would you want to make Charries or would you wanna just get to rping?

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If we do make charries, mine will probably be short lol

Queen of The Moon rp. I build as I go.

name: Liza
Age: 20

that's all I'm doing. I do need to get some sleep though, got an 11.5 hour work day tomorrow

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Queen of The Moon You can go ahead and post if you want.

Queen of The Moon ((I guess I will.))

Liza stepped into the street and glanced around, cautiously walking toward the store. She needed new supplies and she needed them fast, that was the only reason she was risking it. Stepping into the store she looked for any biters first, then once she had sweeped the place she began shoving food into her backpack.

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Derrick was traveling on foot when he stumbled across a town. He was weary at first, but he was getting low on supplies. He decided it was worth the risk and cautiously began making his way inside the town

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Queen of The Moon Liza continued stuffing food into her bag. She then headed up to the pharmacy and tossed medical supplies into her duffle before she started looking through what was left of the vitamins and othsr medicines. Most people probably didn't think about vitamins when things like this were happening, but she knew better, she knew if you didn't have all the proper nutrients you'd get sick.

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Derrick kept a close eye on anything that could be a threat. "So far, so good" he thought to himself and walked over to a big truck, opening the back of it. It was transporting a bunch of water.

Queen of The Moon ((Wow totally read that wrong let me fix it ))

Queen of The Moon After she had collected a few useful bottles of prescriptions she headed over to the sporting goods. She nearly did a happy dance when none of the ratcheting straps had been pilfered.

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He slid his bag off his back and pulled out a couple empty bottles. He then began filling the bottles up with water. "I'm going to boil it, just in case" he thought to himself, leaving a mental note to do that

Queen of The Moon Liza looked down at herself and pursed her lip as she took in her blood threadbare, holy clothes and decided it was time for an upgrade. Heading over to the women's clothing section she rifled through the pants section with a grimace, skinny jeans were not ideal right now, that much was a given.

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He decided to go inside the building. He then quietly looked around until his eyes caught someone. He ducked almost immediately, not being able to tell if it was human or not

Queen of The Moon Liza muttered angrily under her breath at how scant the clothing choices were, especially since winter would be here soon and she needed warm clothes, was it really to much to ask to find some warm clothes.

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He heard the girl mutter something and sighed slightly in relief. "At least she isn't undead" he thought to himself. Despite not knowing her, he decided to show himself. "Hello there" he said from across the room

Queen of The Moon Liza spun around, both blocks now raised and pointed at the guy who had spoken. Clearly he wasn't undead, but that wasn't all she had to worry about either. There were plenty of unsavory males left in the world, she'd killed a few.

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"Easy. I'm just passing through." he told her as he slowly began to approach her. "Are you the only one out here?" he asked her. She clearly looked like she could handle herself, but he was just curious

Queen of The Moon "No, the rest of my group is scouting other buildings." she lied easily knowing it was better for him to think there were others, it would hopefully deter him from trying to attack her.

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"Well, I'll be out of your guy's way in no time" he said as he gathered a couple of materials. He knew that she didn't need them. He then walked over to the men's section and found a coat. It was just his size and he knew it was getting colder out.

Queen of The Moon She watched him as she went back to looking for a new set of clothes. Finally she found a pair of pants, a long sleeved shirt, scarf and coat. She of course had to try the pants on but didn't want to let him leave her sight so she just pulled them on behind the rack that she was at. Once she pulled her shirt on she felt a lot better, though she still needed a shower and a brush. "So are you alone?" she finally asked.

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