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API Deprecation

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message 1: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 2 comments There's now a top-level banner on API pages saying
"As of December 8th 2020, Goodreads is no longer issuing new developer keys for our public developer API and plans to retire these tools."

I just got an email today saying that my developer API key has been deactivated due to 30 days of inactivity, along with the same line about the API tools being retired above. This is the first communication I've gotten about this deprecation - has anyone else heard anything about it?

message 2: by dgw (new)

dgw (hidgw) | 1 comments Nothing. I'm in the same boat as you. Actually, probably not quite the same boat, since I'm just a user of a chat plugin that shows info about Goodreads book links, not the developer of it.

Still, this is sudden. Not entirely surprising, given who owns Goodreads now and how "open" their world-famous retail site is when it comes to API access, but… sad. Another casualty of 2020.

message 3: by Kyle (new)

Kyle  K (strifey) | 1 comments I'm in the same boat. Recently started writing a Discord bot to share book recs, reading status, etc. via Goodreads and suddenly POOF it just stops working. Very disappointed in this news.

message 4: by Don (new)

Don | 1 comments Yep, same. But I had actually given up on getting decent data so I’m ok with it but for those of you who have been using it, it seems a rude and fast awakening.

message 5: by Aakash (new)

Aakash Bajaj (aakashbajaj) | 1 comments Even I was planning to make some trello integration for managing my books. But my API key got deactivated.
Are there any plans for some new endpoints or its straight up retiring?

Udayaditya Barua | 2 comments This is not a 2020 casualty... This is an amazon casualty.. Why do you think they acquired goodreads? To keep it open? I don't think so.. Next thing you know, they'll come out with their own app..

message 7: by Roseanne (new)

Roseanne | 1 comments Yeah, I got no warning either. Really disappointed since I put in a lot of effort to set up OAuth and use the API to create a private note taking web app, and now the whole project is unusable since my dev key was deactivated too.

message 8: by Louis (new)

Louis | 1 comments Does anybody know of a lasting alternative to the goodreads api?

message 9: by Wojtek (new)

Wojtek (sixbytesunder) | 2 comments Same here :(
No prior warning and I was about to start working on my books app during Christmas break.
Really bad communication.

message 10: by Joe (new)

Joe Alcorn | 1 comments This is really a shame, but not surprising. Do we have any word on when these tools will be killed?
I've had 0 communication from GR, I only found out about this via twitter...

message 11: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Suvorov (intmainreturn00) | 9 comments it's such a shame. 😔

message 12: by Ali (new)

Ali (jasfu) | 2 comments My mobile application, which I have been dealing with for a long time, has become unusable. They hurt all my enthusiasm. I still have the API key, but they said we will remove all of them soon. When you make a decision, you announce it at least a year ago.

message 13: by Bert (new)

Bert | 3 comments Can agree with what I read here: both the sudden timing and communication are just awful. I filled in the feedback form to at least voice what would be nice for the developers using the API.

Seems like the decision was made though.
Does anyone have good recommendations of alternatives?
Can be here (if allowed) or via PM - interested both for API (especially if it includes reviews) but also for Goodreads.

message 14: by Aninha (new)

Aninha Costa (aninhacosta) | 6 comments This sucks.
I've sent a feedback through this link:
Sadly, I don't think it will do any good.

Are there any goodreads alternatives out there with open (at least partially) APIs?

message 15: by Nilesh (last edited Dec 10, 2020 09:10PM) (new)

Nilesh Trivedi | 1 comments For those who're looking for a direct equivalent of GoodReads, check out by Internet Archive. It's open-source, does not require API keys, and even offers data dumps.

If you want a social network around learning resources (including books), check out . This too is open-source, decentralized via support for ActivityPub protocol, under active development and offers both a REST api and a GraphQL API.

message 16: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Jones (stridera) | 1 comments I spent a long time working on a site powered by goodreads to handle our yearly awards (Reddit /r/fantasy stabby awards.) Took a vacation and came back to a message that my API key no longer works. A good week before we were planning on voting to begin. Guess it's back to google forms and manual book verification. Not cool at all...

message 17: by Gonçalo (new)

Gonçalo Garcia | 3 comments Can we at least get an ETA for the removal of the API?

message 18: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Siegel (danielmaxsiegel) | 2 comments I had been working on a tool to analyze the authors in a Goodreads users library of "read" books - this shutdown is killing a lot of work. Shame on whoever made this decision - at the very least, shame on them for giving us such poor communication.

message 19: by Ali (new)

Ali (jasfu) | 2 comments "We will not continue to support API endpoints moving forward - I'm sorry about that. However, you feedback is important to us and I encourage you to share your comments by completing the developer API survey, as this will help our product teams determine whether this is an area where we can provide support in the future once again. "
Goodreads Support

message 20: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 2 comments Hackernews thread about this deprecation:

message 22: by Kyaw (new)

Kyaw Nanda | 1 comments Looking for book API for android application

I am final year student and doing my Android App. Unfortunately, Goodreads API is no longer issuing new developer keys for public. Problem is my app need book reviews. Is there any way to get user's review for a given book? Is there any way to get access for those API from Goodreads? Can you guys suggest me for any similar API like Goodreads.

I would be greatly appreciated for your help!! Thanks

message 23: by Kieran (new)

Kieran (protome) | 9 comments Wow this sucks.
Guess I’ll migrate my app to an alternative. Can’t imagine I’ll use goodreads much in the future tbh if the api goes away.

message 25: by Bert (new)

Bert | 3 comments I have asked for a timeline, will keep you all updated in case any news about that comes in.

message 26: by Nikko (new)

Nikko (nodiseos) | 9 comments This is sort of a glimmer of hope for those of us using it already, right?
" While we assess the value of APIs to determine how to support in the future, we continue to support active API users who meet our terms of service"

message 27: by Tino (new)

Tino (etino7) | 1 comments I had an idea for an app but I guess it's pointless now. Such a shame. I hope goodreads is working on a new, better API.

There are Google books API as alternative, but it's not very well categorized and half of the books don't have proper covers.

message 28: by Bert (new)

Bert | 3 comments "I have asked for a timeline, will keep you all updated in case any news about that comes in."

No news so far. Anyone managed to get more info on their timeline and if any endpoints might stay?

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