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Tatiana Alejandra de Castro Pérez (shoggothroof) | 121 comments Hello everyone.

I'm just opening this topic to announce that I am going to upload data for editions of games and comics that have been translated into Spanish. I want also to check if the editions that are already in the data base are ok in the case that the same work do not appear as different edition and why does that happen.

So, basically I am going to start with the translations of Dungeons&Dragons, then books such as The Call of Chtulhu or Engel, and finally World of Darkness. Then I want to start with Marvel and DC comics. And finally I want to work with wargammes such as Hordes, Confrontation and some Warhammer's codex. There will be also new entries, if necessary of Spanish games and comics.

I am going to do a bit of research for the original editions if necessary, but it will be mainly to combine the Spanish edition with the original ones in English (or German in the case of Engel).

I have already started with Adventures in the East Mark (the entry for the English translation was not available yet) and Fate Accelerated (the Spanish translation was not in the database yet).

So, that's all!

message 2: by Arto (new)

Arto | 59 comments There is still discussion are these serieses or not. And are different editions of rule books different editions or separate books.

As a collector I would like to create serieses and keep different editions separate. For example D&D rulebooks change drastically between some editions. For Cthulhu not so much, but adventures included change between some versions are different.

Tatiana Alejandra de Castro Pérez (shoggothroof) | 121 comments For example in WoD the clanbooks, tribebooks, etc. are listed with numbers. E.g.: Bastet is the first book of breeds and so on. In other cases there is not such a clear distinction in their cover. The book of thieves goes before than the one for druids?

Right now I have by my side the books of Fanpiro, luckly, the first two player's guide are listed as 1 and 2. So they will appear as a series being the first the rulebook, then the screen, then guide 1 and 2, then the setting books. They are a total of six books, but I haven't the last one. I have just checked the publication year and makes things a bit easier.

With D&D I though of combining the books with their original in English, that is going to be far easier.

With the editions of the rulebook they can appear on the title like: The Call of Cthulhu 5th edition or D&D Monster Manual 3.5.

If you need help with the classification for the series, please, do not hesitate to ask me.

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