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This is the real life detective contacting the writers and making The Big Sleep, The Maltese Falcon and other stories so great:

What do you think of this influence of the authors?

I believe he worked for the Pinkertons as a strike breaker. I think his experience would have been far from the life of his characters. He's another of the great writers, though, who didn't have to graduate from Harvard with a degree in English Literature.

Martin Hill He was a Pinkerton operative from 1915 to 1922. He left the agency because of its strike-breaking work. Hammett was a strong anti-fascist and pro-comm ...more
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Looks like a hoax spurred by a movie exec to push her screenplay.

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Demetrius Sherman then the Times would look bad and other news sources would check her research and expose I think.
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Dashiell Hammett actually was a private investigator before turning to writing.

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