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Paula Paula Jan 23, 2015 12:07PM
Do you think that Rosemary knew exactly what "release" entailed when she chose to apply for it? Jonas didn't learn what it as until almost a year in to his training.

I think that she knew. She just did not want to live with the knowledge of what the world used be. I think it would be shocking to just find out, that your government is lying to you. But the giver had to show her the memories of the evil aspect of the world and society sometime in the future, so she can help advise the elders.

I don't think she knew. All of the kids thought a releasing was going to Elswhere. But she could've known if The Giver gave her that specific memory or showed her a Release like he did to Jason. But, I doubt she knew, because she probably wouldn't release herself if she had.

I agree with srhelsel609. I think she knew.

I'm sure she knew, but I completely disagree with srhelsel609. I don't think she applied for release because she didn't want to live with the knowledge of what the world used to be; she didn't want to live with the knowledge of what her world actually was.

Izzy Yeah. And she wouldn't want to live through that, especially if she had to give someone else the same memories. ...more
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I haven't read this for a while but...

I think rosemary knew that release meant she was going to die. Mixed with the memories of pain she would have also gotten memories of the good, and knowing these things I don't think she agreed with the society she was brought up in, coupled with the fact that she had been brought up with the giver (her father was it?) and knew what a solitary life it was. She knew that she would have to bear the burden herself when he passed on. That he knew all of this but their society meant that nothing could change, and she could not live with that anymore.

But the giver said that he would approach giving Jonas memories differently, start slower. She must have gotten the brunt of it and could not handle because he did not realise how much was too much, and he himself was so disconnected from the others that he hadn't realised his mistake until too late.

Dramapuppy Exactly.
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