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DK Caleb ran after Claire and entered the room. "Claire, why did you run away like that?" He asked her.

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Claire bit her lip. "Get out." She said through her hands, curled up in the chair. "I am not taking any visitors at the moment." She said sarcastically.

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DK Caleb walked towards her. He wasn't sure what to say to her. Why was she acting this way?

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"I said go away." Claire repeated. She just wanted to be alone. She had to figure out her feelings, get her thoughts straight. And she couldn't think around Caleb.

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DK "As you wish." He mumbled. Caleb turned around to leave but before he did, he took one last look at Claire. He felt like he was stabbed in stomach. He had lost the one person he had allowed himself to get close to. But he wasn't going back on his word. He would always protect her.

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As he left, Claire let the tears fall. "What am I doing?" She groaned. I can't be in love with a spirit. I can't. she tried to deny. But she knew she was lying. She pulled her knees to her chest and put her head down. I have no clue... she thought. By then, Caleb was long gone. Mark shook his head. "Tsk, tsk. All this time and he never told you." Claire's head jerked up. "What do you have against me?" She demanded. Mark rolled his eyes. "Such a blonde." He muttered, smiling. "Well Miss Clairmonte, you are about to die." He said simply. Claire was confused. "How are you going to kill me without touching me?" The dark spirit laughed. "They don't have carbon monoxide monitors in the rooms." With that he vanished. Claire went for the door, locked. "HOW THE BLOODY HELL IS IT LOCKED??" She demanded.

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DK Caleb had a bad feeling. His eyes widened. He turned around and ran back to her room. He went through the door floating into Claire.

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Claire shuddered. "GET OUTA ME, YOU SON OF A BITCH!" She panicked, her determination shoving him out. "God, ever heard of sexual assault violations?"

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DK "Sorry, Claire. I didn't realize you were right there." He said with a frown. She saw her shaking the door. His eyes widened. Mark was here. His instincts kicked in. "He gathered all of his strength and picked up a chair throwing it against the window, shattering it." He fell to floor and felt weaker then he had ever felt. "GET OUTTA HERE CLAIRE!" He yelled.

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Claire watched with wide eyes. "Are you going to be alright?" She asked, sensing his drop in energy

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DK Caleb nodded. "I can't die, only get weak. Unlike you. Now get outta here before you die." He said with his eyes pleading for her to go.

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Claire's gaze was filled with worry as she turned and climbed out. She had a coughing fit, but other than that she was fine.

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DK Caleb laid there, his thoughts racing a mile a minute. He closed his eyes and for a second, he almost thought he was alive again, that he was going to die. But he was a ghost. He couldn't die again.

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Claire ran to the ballroom. She knew she would be safe there, with Maria. Mark growled. "You are way over your head, kid."

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DK ((Oh Gosh...What shall Caleb do now? XD He is weak right now... LOL Hmmm...should he fight Mark and fade away? Gosh....that sounds evil....))

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((Lol he's your dude.))

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DK ((Hmm....well....TO THE DEATH XD))

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((Make Caleb take forever to reform so Mark can kill Claire.))

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DK ((OMG You so want to kill her don't ya XD))

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((Meeeeebeeeee. I'm gonna take Mark to Maria and Claire.))

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DK ((OH GOD XD interference? XD Orrrrrr.....Caleb becomes so weak after fighting him that he disappears and Claire becomes so depressed that she kills herself? Ohmigosh....I hope that did not sound awful XD))

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((That ones cool too!))

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((Lolol lemme post))

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DK ((Lol, kk XD))

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DK ((Let the drama begin XD))

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