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message 1: by mels (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) So I've got finals going on, and can't be on crazy active, and I'm going on vacation soon, so I'd like one or two people to help me out with running the group :)

Why you want to be a Moderator:
How often you're on a week:
Moderating experience:
Roleplay example:

message 2: by Emma (new)

Emma | 106 comments Name: Emma
Why you want to be a Moderator: Because I haven't been a mod for a while, and I really like this group, so I'd love to help make it better and get more members:)
How often you're on a week: Usually I'm on for some time every day, but definitely every 2 days. Except for any hiatuses of course, which aren't too common.
Moderating experience: I've created so many groups and been a mod in so many that I can't count anymore, and I recently left all of my inactive groups, so I wouldn't be able to count, but I've had experience.
Roleplay example: This is from one of my 1x1's.
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message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Aliya
Why you want to be a Moderator: To be very honest, I just like the thought and title of being a mod. It's not that I abuse the privileges or anything like that, being a mod just makes me feel a lot more connected to the group. I could also help out a lot with deleting spam, making threads, enforcing rules, making sure everyone is being active as well as other things.
How often you're on a week: Everyday with the exception of vacations which I don't have that often.
Moderating experience: I am currently a mod in Mockingjay, The Selection, Danse, and Ancient Greece RP, just to name a few.
Roleplay example:

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message 4: by dyanne (last edited Jan 24, 2015 12:04PM) (new)


Name: Dyanne
Why I want to be a Mod: Well Mel, contrary to what you say I think this is a pretty swole great group idea, just because it leaves room for a lot of creativity while still adhering to your classic "academy" standards (house system; rivalries; evil scientists, all that fun stuff) and it allows for so much diversity. As you know, I'm pretty tough when it comes to approving characters, which may or may not be a good thing and I'd be consistent in deleting spam, helping organize stuff, taking over FCs or whatever else to help take the load off your back, and basically being a jack-of-all-trades "seriously whatever you need I'll do it" kind of guy.
How often I'm on: On for roleplaying? Around twice a week. On for mod duties and catching up with all my GR buds? Every day. Time zone is PST.
Mod Experiences
- Ovalith Academy
- House of Cards
- Hogwarts AU
- Improv Roleplay
Roleplay Example:
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message 5: by mels (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) Congratulations to Shahdia, and Dyanne, our new mods! :D

Thanks to everyone who applied! :)

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