Eleanor & Park Eleanor & Park question

Was Park gay?

I dont understand why any of those traits seem gay to you?

Gay trait:
- Attracted to people of your same gender

Not gay traits:
-perfect nails
-music and comic book obsessed
-considered if he was gay
-reading his perspective

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The reason you believe Park is gay is because of gender roles. The traits you've spotted in Park have been typically labelled as female, reason why you thought he was gay

I never got the feeling that he was gay at all throughout the story, quite the opposite actually. The eyeliner thing was explained enough in the story for me to not question it. He wore it to try to seem more Asian. He didn't know what it meant to 'be Korean' and he said that when he wore eyeliner he looked even less white. I think him wearing eyeliner was just another way of him dealing with his insecurities about his heritage.

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I didn't get that feeling at all. I think high school is all about trying things out and finding who you are. I had a guy friend that everyone thought was gay because of the choices he made in clothing and jewelry. He wasn't gay (not that it would have mattered) but just liked what he liked. I don't think we can pin point things like nice nails or unsocial as "gay" in our society.

I just think that he considered the eventuality of his being gay because he knows he is so different from the stereotyped male model of our society. Besides, he is a teenager. He still doesn't know exactly who he is and he wants to find out and keeps asking himself questions: maybe I'm gay, so what? I kind of respect that.

Well I don't think so. I just think he's a sensitive guy, right? We need to remember that he's not that old.
I really just think he's sensitive. Nothing else.

Oh if only. A cute Asian gay boy would be wonderful.

Well he did love Eleanor...

Being into music and comic books hardly makes a person gay. (And isn't "unsocial" like the exact opposite of the gay stereotype?) The make-up thing makes more sense when you consider the 80's rock scene that he was into. It still indicated a man who wasn't concerned with strictly adhering to the masculine role, but it was more about fashion than being flamboyantly out.

So yeah...never got the feeling Eleanor was his beard.

Since when is having perfect nails gay? Did I miss something?

He is in love with a girl named Eleanor. Need I say more?

Melodie Right,did this girl even read the book?
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Hahahaha..that's all i can say...

No I am sorry but you are wrong, Park is not gay. Throughout the novel the reader can clearly see how much he cares about Eleanor. Just because park has traits that are "similar" to the stereotypical gay teen does not mean he is gay at all but displays how society has warped our thoughts into putting someone into a specific sexual preference category based on traits.

well i hope he wasn't bcs he has all the preferences i have in a boy

honestly, i thought it was just his Avon up bringing. His mom obviously wanted a girl so she got her son to be as girly as possible without actually turning gay.

Comic book and music obsessed? I thought that was just a nerdy thing that guys like.

Perfect nails?? since when do nails even come that way!!!

I classify him as a punk type. Not a gay type.

NO, he wasn't gay! He was just not your stereotypical idiotic, hormonal, American, white teenage boy. Some people are introverts/shy. Besides, he felt like he didn't belong anywhere: born in US, he looked very different to everyone he knew in his neighbourhood and at school. And as Christian said, since when being unsocial is a gay stereotype? If anything, he had more autistic traits, as far as his obsession with comics and unsocial traits, although I wouldn't go as far as to label him autistic.

Hahaha, omg, when I see this question, I think society has a good thought?
Maybe not.
Although it is a theory, I do not consider gay.

NO. He clearly wanted Eleanor bad! Like the thirst was real.

Just because he's a guy with perfect nails and invests time to put on eyeliner doesn't mean he's gay! And what does being unsocial and having a passion for music and comic books have anything to do with your sexuality? I mean, yeah he did consider if he was gay or not, but what person hasn't gone through life without even wondering a little bit about if they were gay or not? Honestly these are just stereotypical gender rolls that need to be broken. A guy should be able to wear make up/care about their appearance without having to worry about other people thinking he was gay.

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I can't understand how any of the things you listed would make you consider him to be gay. Many guys who are not gay have the traits you listed. There are a lot of stereotypes for being gay, but much of what you listed doesn't necessarily make him gay.

Yeah I agree, he's just sensitive... like my brother. Seriously, there are some things about Park that is similar to my brother. He listens to punk, used to wear eyeliner, and wore all black all cause of the 'punk'influence and he was kind of unsocial. But now he's all tough now and is all on school spirit and pretty social.... but still sensitive. So yeah, I don't think Park is gay. Like the comment before me said, in highschool is where people find who they are. Highschool is full of stereotypes imo.

Well I don't think so. I just think he's a sensitive guy, right? We need to remember that he's not that old.
I really just think he's sensitive. Nothing else.


just because he wore eyeliner, was antisocial and liked comic books it doesn't mean he is gay.

Park never alluded to any attraction towards any of his male peers.
He'd had previous physical experiences with girls so it wasn't as if he was using Eleanor as a guinea pig to test his sexuality.
Some of the points Sophie has mentioned in her post baffle me. Why does reading and comic book obsessed along with being unsocial mean your gay???
The eyeliner was obvious. After his mum put it on him in front of Eleanor and he saw the impact it made on her he wanted to replicate that. Plus Park was into The Cure, which meant that eyeliner was practically mandatory anyway.
And the brief questioning of his sexuality. Well that's not at all uncommon in teenage boys growing up.
Having perfect nails could be down to the fact that his mother was a beautician and so she could have encouraged him to take care of his nails.
He was totally into Eleanor both mentally and physically.

Some Korean Boys do that!!! He's not a gay!!!
-perfect nails
-music and comic book obsessed
-considered if he was gay
-reading his perspective

How is being unsocial and liking comic books and music gay? Those are typically stereotypes of nerds/geeks not gay people. Also historically speaking men have always kind of worn eyeliner. Even if Park were gay, so what?

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Hm...I know he is not gay because of his POV's, but if I met him on the street, not knowing him and just looking at how he looks, yeah I would think he's gay.

It doesn't matter what sort of personality, likes or dislikes someone has because ANYONE could be gay. I don't really like how here it seems to say that because you're quiet, wear eyeliner or reads comic books means you're gay.. like.. !?Why?!

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Sophie wrote: "All throughout this book I strongly felt that Park seemed gay. No one I know seems to agree with me...thoughts?
-perfect nails
-music and comic book obsessed
-considered if he was ..."

Yeah what's the joke like:
There's a perfectly sensible man, he must be gay!

Oh, and just by the by: He wasn't "Unsocial" he had friends at school, he was at best a bit withdrawn - but honestly, who didn't learn "keep your head down" as first rule at school.

Honestly, I don't see how these things determine someone's sexuality. No, he wasn't gay but I do have a question. Since when is unsocial a gay stereotype? lol

I think the poster is having a sexual identity crisis.

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