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The Book of Strange New Things
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. Week 1: More Than 500 Pages > The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber

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Jess | 55 comments I am getting a late start to this challenge, but I'm trying to read more like I used to (ie, nonstop), and this seemed like a good way to incentivize it!

I sped through this book, and was incredibly engrossed in it. Faber brings in a lot of big, heavy topics: religion, cross-cultural communication, apocalypse, the power of corporations, sentient non-human life, sickness, frailty, relationships... but he does so while keeping us anchored to a likable character and his relationship with the person he loves. And unlike most authors who tackle subjects that big, I wasn't left with a distinct impression of how Faber feels or what he was trying to say. Rather, he took us with him on one possible future, spun things out to one logical conclusion, and then leaves us to grapple with how we take that.

Super readable, and also a good choice for "non-human characters" week if anyone is still looking. Especially if you think you don't like sci-fi or fantasy, it's a good starter to speculative fiction/ science fiction that isn't all light sabers and alien princesses (don't get me wrong, I love those things too, but there's a lot more to speculative fiction than that!)

Ashleigh (ashleighsbookshelf) I picked this up after Christmas. I bought it on the 27th December and it was complete by the 30th. It's just so readable!

I'm glad there's more love out there for it! It was definitely up there with my favourite books of 2014!

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