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Doctor Who: Eleven Doctors, Eleven Stories
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Natália Lopes (silkcaramel) This book have been sitting on my desk for a while and since I need a short stories book, I though this one was perfect for the category. There's one short story for each incarnation of the Doctor and each story is written by a different author.
This book is a treat to the fans of the show, written by authors who are clearly fans too. The characterization of the Doctor (in their 11 incarnations), companions and even the villains that we know from the show are spot on and even the new characters are written like they could easily belong on the show. Some of the short stories could be easily transformed into episodes for the TV series and it would be awsome to watch them. Since I bought this edition of the book right after the 50th anniversary, the short story for Capaldi's Doctor, 12th, wasn't in it, so I had to purchase it separatly and I was glad I did, because it was one of my favorites. Classic Who fans will be pleased to read the Classic Doctor's stories and find their old favorites in them, and some great characters from the Classic series that didn't make an appearance in New Who so far, like The Rani.
If you're a fan of Doctor Who, this is a must read.

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Amanda (amandabookworm) This one will go on my to-read shelf!

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