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Introducing the New Testament Books (Biblical Studies #3)
New Hot Best Seller on the New Testament

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Paulweaver | 1 comments "Introducing the New Testament Books: A Thorough but Concise Introduction for Proper Interpretation" is available for a limited time for $.99 www.amzn.com/B00RUCYU5M

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Len | 19 comments My sci fi novel, Copernican Journey takes place in 2046, decades after contact is confirmed with civilizations and a short Renaissance has taken place. It ended prematurely because an enormous nearby empire of over a million worlds has established a quarantine of the solar system.

It provides the backdrop to Journey as Boone Dalton, a genetically altered, retired athlete, and Jennifer Colbert-Strand are challenged by assassins, androids and a deadly Martian plague on their way to Ius Chasma on Mars where rumors say native Martian organisms have been found in a deep cave. In that cave, Boone and Jennifer may discover the secret to a Humanity robust enough to explore the Cosmos.

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Len | 19 comments A solar system of five sub Earth planets has been found 112 light years away that is 11.2 billion years old. Although the five planets are too close to their star and too hot, there is little doubt among astronomers that other solar systems will be found that are as old or older than the found solar system.

The Pan Spermians are correct. Organic life began elsewhere a very, very long time ago and it has been spreading across the Cosmos in a chain reaction of galactic proportions. Poly extremophiles like D. Radiodurans snugly housed in biofilm within ejecta travel millions and billions of years until they fall from the sky onto fertile virgin ground. They quickly make themselves at home.

Or, as Martinus Beijerinck (1851-1931) and Lorens Bass-Becking (1895-1963 said, "everything is everywhere. The environment selects."

It's discussed in my sci fi novel, "Copernican Journey".

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