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James | 2 comments Can you imagine what a great film this book would make? I really hope someone with connections in the industry is reading this book..look at how Reese Witherspoon took Cheryl Strayed's book and made it into a film...there is nothing impossible!

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Sol Luckman (solluckman) | 53 comments Mod
Thanks so much for the shot in the arm, James!

Great and inspiring example ...

You know, I do think there are ways of helping create a similar outcome--the most powerful perhaps being in the form of enthusiastic book reviews.

Please consider leaving your own review of SNOOZE here on Goodreads ...

Snooze A Story of Awakening by Sol Luckman

... as well as Amazon ...

Thanks so much again--and sweet dreams!

James | 2 comments my Amazon review posted 11/26

This review is from: Snooze: A Story of Awakening (Paperback)

This is a most important book, it draws you in as a story then wakes you up with it's lessons, thanks Sol we need this now!

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Sol Luckman (solluckman) | 53 comments Mod
Right on, James! Thanks for this! I'll definitely let you know when the movie comes out. ;-)

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