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message 1: by Michael (new)

Michael Chatfield | 12 comments Hey!
I have a 160k SF book that's been beta'd once and proof read. I'm just looking for more input to see if others agree with the changes I've made and can see any other issues with it. Here's a synopsis:

The Planetary Defense Force came pulling us from our lives, taking kids and a spattering of teenagers like myself, saying that we were to fighting in a war against the Kalu, and to save the Union we had been accepted into if we wanted it or not. Training nearly broke us as human was turned against human. We found out the truth of the PDF and the pirates that they were, disguised as the Union that they stabbed in the back as they saved the races of the Union from the psychotic Kalu. Now I, James Cook (More commonly known as Salchar the gamer) must lead a group of kids to take back a station of nearly two hundred thousand pirates and their unknowing slaves to give the human race a chance, to give all species a chance to regain the glory of the Union, though I wish I was just still playing Mecha fighter. At least then it would be clear Yasu the Blade Mistress was my opponent, not the blade in my bed. Space, ain't it crazy?

I'm willing to swap if need be!

message 2: by Layla (new)

Layla Dorine | 29 comments I'd be willing to swap, I have a very rough piece of writing though, first draft, its kinda been sitting off to the side for awhile. If you'd be interested, please PM me.

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