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Questions for the Author (Salena Fehnel)?

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Matt (mlabrake) | 95 comments Mod
On Tuesday, February 3, at 6PM, the author of Nesting Dolls, Salena Fehnel, will be participating in a live Q&A at Woodland Park. This event will be broadcasted live and book club members will be able to participate by asking questions through chat. The event will also be recorded so you can watch on your own time after the live event.

The live event can be accessed via this link:

Post your questions for author Salena Fehnel here, and they will be asked LIVE during the Q&A event!!

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Matt (mlabrake) | 95 comments Mod
I love your title and its obvious significance. Did you have it from the very beginning or did it develop with your draft?

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Matt (mlabrake) | 95 comments Mod
Your work suggests that there is a cyclical nature to behavior with in families from generation to generation. How does book suggest that cycle can be broken or how does character find the courage to change it?

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Lana | 3 comments Professor Salena! who knew you were an AHMAZING author. I finished this book in one day I loved it.

My three questions for you are:

1) In any way were any of these stories related to your life in any way.?

2) Is there going to be a second book?

3) What made you decide to set up this book three different ways- meaning telling the different stories?

Alessandra | 5 comments I extremely enjoyed reading the book, Professor Salena. I thought it was brilliant: the dialogues, how the story would untangle page after page, and how all the characters would receive its definite form by the end of book. My question for you is how were you able to describe so diligently the emotions and feelings of the girls living in the coop? Did you made any sort of research or approached any expert? I felt everything was very personal. To conclude, I wanted also to congratulate myself with you for the ability to switch the reader's feeling towards the main characters based on their point of view of the story. I believe you have an amazing talent in telling stories. Great job! The book enchanted me!

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Zaniah Ruiz | 2 comments Matt wrote: "On Tuesday, February 3, at 6PM, the author of Nesting Dolls, Salena Fehnel, will be participating in a live Q&A at Woodland Park. This event will be broadcasted live and book club members will be a..."

1)What inspired the idea of naming the book "Nesting Dolls", was this a theory that you thought about as a child and it just all fit?
2)Your mother had you when she was 14 years old right, if so, is Valentine's story kind of mirroring your life in some situations if not entirely?
3)What helped you keep the book so raw and relatable?
And on a side note, this book is very similar in different ways to my life and I found myself to identify with Valentine the most. Your way of writing was so grounded in real life and its realism made me cry. I know it may be silly but you did an amazing job.
4) Have you considered turning this book into a script, hmm? If this were a movie it'd do exceptionally well.

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Cari Medina | 8 comments Prof Fehnel, I have a few questions:
1)How long did it take you to write this book?
2)Who's your favorite character?
3)Who's your favorite author?
4)Do you have a favorite place or time to write?

Eric Rios | 3 comments Dear Professor Fehnel,
I absolutely loved the book, the way it was written, all connecting storys that almost was written backwards. Did you plan on writing it this way? Or did it sort of just came along together. Also
Which character is a representation of a true life story from a real person? There has to be some truth to it.

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Salena | 3 comments I can't wait to see many of you and talk about all of these great questions tonight! See you soon!

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J What was your true motivation towards writing the book? I loved it and had my entire household read it, so we all could have discussed it. Because to me this touch the many personalities and situations people deal with.

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Kevin Walters | 2 comments Prof Fehnel, I also have a few questions:
1) Why did you pick the job of Bruno to being a policeman?
2) Why did you not tell certain scenes from different views? ex: train station, the late night drink...
3) why did you introduce physical existence of the nesting dolls and then leave them out of the rest of the story?
4) Did Caroline ever actually try to file a divorce?
5) What did Bruno do in his actual time away from the house?
6) Why did you choose the concept of the nesting doll when naming this story, and did you develop the name first or the story first?

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Chris Patterson | 2 comments What inspired you to write the book in the style you wrote it in?

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