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Azalea staggered into the cabin collapsing onto her bed. She closed her eyes, groaning as her whole body hurt. "I gave pills under my bed. He blue box, the one looks like this only its blue. Can you get it out please?" She said feebly managing to say all of that.

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Alex nodded. He crouched down next to the bed. Alex pushed some stuff out of the way, looking for it. He finally found the blue box and handed it to her.

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Azalea groped for it, and immediately took a pill. Her head began to clear and she sat up. "Thank you.." She said as she held her head trying to keep herself consious.

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) "You're welcome." Alex slowly stood up. He watched her, wondering what happened to her.

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She put her hands between her knees. "Im sorry...Im sorry for all of this. I want to tell you and give you an explanation. But im afraid your going to see me as a retarded mental idiot..." she said softly, not looking at him.

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) "It's okay. It's okay, you don't need to be sorry. I wouldn't see you as a mental idiot." Alex told her gently, standing by the bed.

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"I have PTSD..." she said quietly, needing comfort. She didnt know why she was like this...she wished she was stronger...

Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Alex sat down on the edge of the bed next to her. He wasn't going to ask what happened to her, she could share if she wanted to. "It's okay. I'm sorry that something happened and caused you to have PTSD." He said softly, not knowing what more to say.

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"It was that stupid academy...and my father..." she said, her voice cracking. She glanced over at him, her eyes hollow. She felt miserable inside.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Alex met her eyes. He didn't say anything, not knowing what he could say. He gently gave her a hug.

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Azalea was surprised by the hug, but she was so broken she needed. She hugged him back, sniffling. "He blamed me for Athena's disappearance and..." she choked. "I still have physical and emotional scars from that academy." she said, wincing a bit.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) "It's okay. He didn't understand that she is a goddess." Alex said softly. He kept his arms around her. "I'm sorry about that academy..."

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She nodded. "he didnt have to blame me..." she said with twars. "That stupid academy. it even hurts to smile because of them." She said. After the academy, she was never the same. She couldt be happy...because it hurt.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Alex held her gently. "You're right. He didn't. He just didn't understand. Our world is hard to understand for them." He paused for a moment. "It will get better. I can't say that it will stop hurting but the pain will lessen with time."

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Azalea looked at him and smiled weakly. "I know..." she rubbed her arms, feeling each sxar under her skin. Her stomach got the worst of ir, a gash running from his rib cage to her hips. Her breathing was to be regulated during the cold months due to the amount of time she spent in that water tank. She didnt eat as muh as a regular person. the more she ate, the sicker she got. She had huge medical issues. But no one knew. Not even Jay.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Alex smiled slightly. "I'm sorry if I'm completely failing at trying to comfort you.." He said softly, loosening his hold on her.

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Sbe laughed lightly. "i think your dojng a pretty great job considering your the first...second person to see me like this." she said, blushing as she moved to the headboard.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Alex stayed sitting on the edge of her bed. "Well that's good to know." He was happy that he actually helped her a little bit. He smiled softly.

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She nodded. "Yeah...can we...can this stay between us? Im not supposed to look weak...and no one knows that i have PTSD." she said rubbin the back of her neck.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) "Yeah, of course. I won't tell anyone." Alex said softly. He would never tell anyone anything about someone else, partially because nobody ever really talked to him.

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Azalea looked gratefully at him. "Thank you." She said nodding her head at him.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Alex smiled slightly. "You're welcome."

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"So...wht do you wanna do now?" she asked closing her eyes sice she was tired. Cryig had that unreasonable effect on her. Ot made her tired and weak.

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((hey! Is this a wrong time to join in?))

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) "I don't know. To be honest you are one of the first people who have actually talked to me for more than just a minute or two." Alex bit his lip and sighed softly.

((That's up to Azalea, not me..)

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((Yea....she kinda just broke down. If ur going to enter a girl, Azalea is going to mrder her. no joke...))

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((it's a guy))

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"Oh? But your..." she yawned and opened an eye. "Such a nice kid. Sorry, boy." She finished and settled in her spot. She covered herself with a blanket, not falling asleep.

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((Then i have no idea how shed react. I dont know how my character would react *facepalm* fail for life. Ummmm, what about u fallen? Sure, i guess then for me))

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) "Yeah.. I'm nice. But I keep my distance from people, due to one of my powers or curses. So people just avoid me." Alex shrugged.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) ((It's fine with me..)

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((Sure lucia!))

Azalea looked at him curiously "which one? I think both are pretty good." She said with a thumbs up.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) "Those two aren't that bad. But I have a third power.." He said softly. Alex looked down.

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Hanzo opened the door to the cabin and stepped in, his mind far away. When he looked up, he was surprised to see the scene before him. "Sorry, wrong cabin," he said sheepishly. He turned to leave.

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"Oh....what is it? I promise i wont run away screaming like a little girl." Azalea said, seriously. She saw that he was slightly uncomfortable and wanted to ease him of it.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Alex noticed the guy step in. He looked at him for a moment before looking back at Azalea. He took a deep breath, nervous about explaining it.

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Azalea shot up, taking ot her dagger and turning it into a sword ina second. "Who the he-" she began and stopped, slumping back down. She felt dizzy again, and looked around for her pills which she couldnt find.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Alex watched her. "What?" He asked. He was trying to figure out what she was looking for. He saw the pill container on the other side of him and grabbed it.

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Hanzo noticed the girl draw out her sword threateningly, and nearly pulled out his own dagger, but when she suddenly slumped back down he stopped. "Are you ok?" he asked hesitantly. Then he noticed the two looked like they were in a serious discussion. Not wanting to interrupt any further, he mumbled a "Nevermind" and again turned to leave.

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"Im dizzy and i just backed down from nearly killig you. Of course im not okay." Azalea snapped, leaning against the bed post. She looked like she was goig to be sick. She groaned, "Not a word to anyone hat you saw me like this you hear?" She demanded to the boy as she looked at Alex for her pills. She clutched her stomach trying not to puke.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Alex opened the container and handed her the pills. He didn't look at the boy, his focus on Azalea.

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Azalea grabbed a pill a d greedily swallowed it. The puking feeling dissappeared but her dizziness remained. She watched the boy careully, glancing gratefully at Alex.

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Hanzo stopped, turned, and raised an eyebrow. Was this girl...threatening him? The idea seemed crazy. "You should go to the infirmary," he said. "You look like you're gonna pass out or something."

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) "She's not gonna go to the infirmary, she is okay. " Alex told the guy, knowing that was what she would say.

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"Oh hell to the no. The infirmary freaks me out. And its for the weak. Ive never set foot in t and i plan on keeping it that way." Azalea said in reply sighing. She looked back at him expectantly. "Well? Not a word about this, got it?" She said firmly.

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He cocked his head to one side. "You got issues with people seeing you as weak?" He asked

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"Yes. Yes i do." She said unashamed. "Im not weak." she said strongly, though she knew it was a lie. She was broken inside, no matter what she said.

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Fallen Catalyst (fallencatalyst) Alex fell silent, watching the two of them. He reached in his hoodie pocket and grabbed his dagger.

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Hanzo could relate, though in a slightly different way. Still, she irked him. "It takes strength to admit you're weak sometimes," he said, "just keep that in mind." Then he walked out of the cabin. But before closing the door, he said, "I won't tell."

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