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Stephanie walked in to the room. "I guess this is my new bed." She said and unloaded all her stuff on the top bunk. Stephanie sighed and thought of how she was the first Hephaestus kid to come. She wished there was someone else to welcome her. She sat at the work table in the middle of the room, and grabbed a rusty hammer from the hooks attached on the wall behind her. Pounding, she finally finished the weapon. her brand-new light saber. It glowed a radiant blue and gave off power. Turning it off, she tucked it in her pocket and got ready for a swim in the pool.

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Sabine, shaking twigs off herself, came into the room. Her hair was covered in snow, surprisingly, and she shook that off too, as she took off her bow and sheath of arrows. Stuffing them in the alcove under her bed, she took off her fur lined cargo green coat, then pulled off her leather gloves. Afterwards, she sighed and grabbed something to fiddle with. She was just so... bored.

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Sabine blew her hair in strands around her face, then sunk below into the covers of the bed, still in her jeans and T-shirt.

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