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Alex Sapphira walked into her cabin and sat down on her bed. Today marked her second year that she had stayed here year round without any of her family coming to say hello. She had sent them a letter, but apparently they either hadn't received it or they just ignored it. She wasn't surprised. Her whole town hated her. IT wasn't as if three people would make an exception. She sighed and leaned against the wall.

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Liliana knocked on the door to the Poseidon Cabin. She wanted to ask one of them a question pertaining to her powers.

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Alex Sapphira jumped when she heard the knock. She got up and opened the door to see a girl standing on the porch> "Hey, What's up?" Sapphira asked.

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"Hi! Umm, I wanted to ask a question. Im not sure if you will have an answer, but i thought it would be better than experimenting myself and ending up with an accident. Can i come in?" She asked smiling politely at the girl

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Alex "Sure." Sapphira opened the door a bit wider and moved out of the way to let the girl in. "I'm Sapphira by the way." She said. "What do you want to know?"

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"Queen Liliana Veronica Chase. Pleased to meet you." She said with a nod of her head and British Accent. She normally cordially introduced herself, because by genes she was royalty. " I wanted to ask about the lake. Im a daughter of Khione and i wanted to know if there was a way to keep my powers in check with out freezing the lake."

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Alex SApphira gaped. "Wait you're- youre a queen?" She gasped out. She hadn't know that there was royalty at the camp this year. "Whoa. That's awesome!!!!" Sapphira said astonished. "Should I call you your majesty or your highness or some thing like that?" She asked hoping that she wasn't offending her at all.

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She shook her head with a smile. "Yes, i am a queen. My father is King Hunter of Britain, as you can tell from my accent. My coronation was just last month. And thank you." She placed her hands on her lap sitting down. "And no, not at all. Liliana will do. Mother, my step mother, wouldnt approve if I didnt introduce myself properly no matter where I was." She said kindly

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Alex "Oh... Okay Liliana. Nice to meet you. Nice accent by the way. Do I sound like I have an accent to you?" SHe asked. "I've always wanted to know." Sapphira shook her head. "But you came here about your powers. Umm, to keep them in check I would advise practicing and not trying I hide them away. If you do that, they just get out of hand. Believe me I know that first hand." She grimaced. "After a while, you should be able to do anything you want with them, and if you do freeze over the lake you should be able to unfreeze it with your powers as well."

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"Nice to meet you as well. Thank you and maybe a slight one." She smiled. "And yes that seems plausible." She said considering. "What do you mean, by first hand experience?"

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Alex Sapphira sighed. "I kept my powers hidden and baled up inside me and then I got mad one day, and well, my friend got to see the Styx before I did." She winced. "It was totally by accident and that is what made it al the worse in the end, because I really hadn't any idea that it was my fault until I want allowed to come back to my town anymore. They kicked me out." Sapphira paused for a minute, then shook her head and put a smile back on. "So you wanna try out not freezing the lake? I could help if you want."

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Alex ((Gotta go now! I'll be back in a few hours, I gotta deliver newspapers.))

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Alex ((Im back for a bit!))

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"Im sorry for your loss." She said softly. "And yes, im trying not to freeze the lake." She said with a light smile

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Alex "Its all good." Sapphira said lightly. "Not freezing the lake sounds good." She joked. "Although if you do, I could unfreeze it just as fast by heating up the water so if you want to practice and you aren't sure if you can stop from freezing it, just let me know and I'll help."

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Alex Sapphira stood up and walked out.

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