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Rey | 7665 comments Hey

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Rey | 7665 comments Here it is

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okay so hang on))

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A new Pizzeria opened just down the street from Liko’s house in Midgard she wanted to apply for a job there. She had gotten the job as night-guard from 12-6 so she went home and went to sleep. It was 11:00 she walked down to the pizzeria

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Rey | 7665 comments um...I'm sorry but....we have no plot...no characters...nothing to to off

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that is part of my storry i am writing what do you think?????? and i said Foxy+Liko story

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Rey | 7665 comments You never said it was part of your story. lol its pretty good but you could spend more time at places instead of jumping through things so fast

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sorry >.<)) ((okay um what about you any ideas))

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Rey | 7665 comments You don't have to put the parenthesis until we actually start rping. and I have an idea that after being paralyzed in a car accident girl a (me) falls in love with her physical therapist in rehab

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wow..............um okay.....can i be the sister of the girl?

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Rey | 7665 comments If you wanted to be a girl we could do it where my girl is adjusting after the accident?

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here your char just got out of a car accident and she had started sschool there is a new girl who is british/ australian and is kind of shy

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Rey | 7665 comments sure

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Rey | 7665 comments I have to go for now but I'll be back in a bit

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oki doki loki

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bye bye gtg soon and for a while too

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Rey | 7665 comments Hey I'm back now

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okay omg made it to night 2 in FNaF2 omg Mangle and Foxy were up

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Rey | 7665 comments Cool :)

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okay so wanna rp The Harly Quinn Medicine Woman or what???

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Rey | 7665 comments medicine woman?

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the show Harley Quinn Medicine woman look it up

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Rey | 7665 comments oh! I get it now. lol harley quinn is my favorite super villain in batman and her alter ego is dr. harleen Frances quinzel

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Rey | 7665 comments Oh its a show....now I feel stupid

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

Dr. Quinn The Medicine WOman

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message 28: by Rey (new)

Rey | 7665 comments Well...let's make characters

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oh you're the Jokaers wife huh?

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okay you start are we doing that????? Dr. Quinn????

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http://www.google.com/search?safe=act... omg so the guy with long hair is Sully so fucking hot

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Rey | 7665 comments name- Brennan
age- 17
looks- https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...
about her- she is just returning to school after an accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down

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Rey | 7665 comments It just took me to google

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would it be okay if we do this in the olden times please

message 35: by Rey (new)

Rey | 7665 comments olden times?

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

like the 18 or 1900's

message 37: by Rey (new)

Rey | 7665 comments Well how would she get around? this is kind of a modern thing

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hmmmmm good point... but can i still be Dr. Quins daughter????

message 39: by Rey (new)

Rey | 7665 comments um....you mean sister?

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they had a baby in the last season.......daughter just make her in the modern time....later i will see if it is on netflix

message 41: by Rey (new)

Rey | 7665 comments and my character is Brennan

message 42: by Rey (new)

Rey | 7665 comments OK....What???? what are you talking about? this isn't based on a tv show and I have no clue what you're talking about

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here nevermind about that Dr. Quinn oc thing
Name: Alexandria (Alex)
Gender: Female
Age 16
http://slodive.com/inspiration/light-... the 11th girl is my oc
was born 3 moths early,likes animals, art,misic, video games

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Rey | 7665 comments Ok I'll start

Brennan comes in school pushing herself along in her wheel chair which she is still getting used to

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A girl with black and blond hair is sitting alone in the cafeteria when she sees you she gets up and walkes up to you "Hi"

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Rey | 7665 comments ((try to stay in this person))
Brennan rolls over to her "hi." She says softly. She feels like everyone is starting at her

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okay i will)) "I'm Alexandria but you can Call me Alex...I'm new here"

message 48: by Rey (new)

Rey | 7665 comments "I'm Brennan. nice to have you here." She says with a smile

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"Thanks..." she noticed people staring at them "Hey what are you looking at!?" they all turned around quickly "Sorry everywhere i go i get stared at but don't worry i know how you feel and if you need anything give me a call" she said as the bell rang

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Rey | 7665 comments "No they are staring at me. This is my first day back in school after...this" she says as she glances down at her wheel chair. The frame is a blueish green and the actual seat is black. she pushes herself forward with the wheels to stay along side Alex. "what class do you have first?"

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