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Gωყηη ~ ωнιтє ƒσχ ~ (GGwynnie) Aria wandered aimlessly away from the courtyard. She spotted the creek and smiled when she saw no one else nearby. Sitting down near the waters edge, Aria took off the phanny pack that looped around her waist. She opened it and peered inside. "Wake up, Marvin." She said and lightly stroked the small hedgehog that was curled inside the pack. Aria then gave him a piece of cracker and watched him eat it up. Aria smiled and chuckled at her cute little friend as he woke up slowly.

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dreaмcнιld | 366 comments Brooklyn was walking around ending up at the creek. She loved all areas of water but who wouldn't if their father was Poseidon. She was always different but who could blame her, the only person she ever talked to was Enapay but he's her Protecter. The water is the only place she feels accepted at since her loving stepbrother sacrificed his life for her.

Gωყηη ~ ωнιтє ƒσχ ~ (GGwynnie) Aria picked Marvin up and out of the phanny pack and set him in the grass. She smiled down at him, then looked down at the shimmering water. It was so peaceful here, and quiet too.

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dreaмcнιld | 366 comments Brook smiled and took off her shirt and shorts to revel a dark read and black bikini before jumping in and swimming. Daughter of Poseidon has its perks like breathing under water and controlling hippocampi, which she just figured out. She couldn't help but love the water it have he a feeling of home.

Gωყηη ~ ωнιтє ƒσχ ~ (GGwynnie) Aria watched as the water ripples across her view. She looked upstream and spotted someone swimming. She watched them, but not on a creepy way, in a who-is-that type of way.

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dreaмcнιld | 366 comments Brook's dark brown hair looked black from the water compared to her pale skin. She soon spotted q girl watching her and she swam over. "Hey," she called resting her elbows on the shore.

Gωყηη ~ ωнιтє ƒσχ ~ (GGwynnie) Aria looked away, down at Marvin, then back up at the girl. "Hey," she answered back quietly. She stroked Marvin lightly and looked the girl up and down.

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dreaмcнιld | 366 comments Brook looked her up and down before talking again. She was weird since moat people thought her to be prissy. "I'm Brook, and you are?" she reach out her hand to her.

Gωყηη ~ ωнιтє ƒσχ ~ (GGwynnie) Aria lifted her hand off of Marvin's back and shook it lightly. "Aria," she replied, "and this is Marvin." The little hedgehog crawled up to Brook and sat down in front of her. "Let me guess...Athena? No...Poseidon?" Aria tilted her head and stared at the girl, trying to figure out who her parent was. And by the look of it, she loved water, so that was her best guess.

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dreaмcнιld | 366 comments "No I have no wisdom, but yea Poseidon's my dad." She stuck out her finger to Marvin. "I don't have any pets unless you count controlling hippocampi."

Gωყηη ~ ωнιтє ƒσχ ~ (GGwynnie) Aria smiled and criss crossed her legs. "My father's Zeus." She informed and stuck a piece of her brown hair behind her ear.

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dreaмcнιld | 366 comments Brook laughed at her and smiled. "So we're kind of sort of cousins." She felt slightly better but she still thought of her stepbrother with any of her relatives. Marco saved her but got killed so she blamed herself.

Gωყηη ~ ωнιтє ƒσχ ~ (GGwynnie) Aria smiled, glad to find yet another person related to her. "Maybe we have some things in common?" She asked with a slight blush.

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dreaмcнιld | 366 comments Brook's eyes lit up slightly and nodded. "Well I love music, swimming, and beaches." She was always looking for a topic to talk about.

Gωყηη ~ ωнιтє ƒσχ ~ (GGwynnie) "I love music," Aria said as she picked up Marvin and set him on her knee, "what type of music do you listen to?"

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dreaмcнιld | 366 comments "I listen to a lot of rock music. It helps my stress levels." Brooklyn smiled ay her and shrugged.

Gωყηη ~ ωнιтє ƒσχ ~ (GGwynnie) Aria nodded, "Me too. Especially Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance." Her eyes fell back onto the water and sighed. "What does water feel like?"

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dreaмcнιld | 366 comments "Water, its cool but not too cool." Brook shrugged and smiled. "Yea I like them and others too."

Gωყηη ~ ωнιтє ƒσχ ~ (GGwynnie) Aria stared at the creek, wishing she could overcome her fear of water to feel it's cool sensation on her skin. Suddenly, her stomach made a loud gurgling noise. "Wow, didn't realize how hungry I was until now." She mentioned and got to her feet, placing Marvin back into her phanny pack and zipping it halfway closed. "Want to get something to eat?" She asked Brook.

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dreaмcнιld | 366 comments Brook nodded and got out walking over towards her clothes. She pulled her shorts even with the wet bikini. "Sure thing," she smiled.

Gωყηη ~ ωнιтє ƒσχ ~ (GGwynnie) Aria nodded and looked around, not really sure where to head. Her memory was the worst in the whole camp! "Lead the way," she said, trying not to be too obvious about not knowing where to go.

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dreaмcнιld | 366 comments Brooklyn shook her head and smiled. "New here too, huh?" She was new but could find her way around.

Gωყηη ~ ωнιтє ƒσχ ~ (GGwynnie) Aria looked down at her feet and stuck her hands in her pockets. "I've actually been here for ages, but my...uh...situation usually keeps me from leaving my cabin." She said slowly, embarrassed that she barely even knew that camp even though she's been here since she was 13.

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dreaмcнιld | 366 comments Brooklyn shrugged at her and nodded. "I get it. I force myself to get up sometimes too." She missed Marco but what he done was idiotic but heroic even if he was human.

Gωყηη ~ ωнιтє ƒσχ ~ (GGwynnie) Aria smiled, glad someone understood what she felt like all the time. Did Brook have depression, too? "Follow me," she said and headed toward the courtyard.

((continue at courtyard?))

Gωყηη ~ ωнιтє ƒσχ ~ (GGwynnie) ((Heyyy!! xD))

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dreaмcнιld | 366 comments Brook ran a hand through her hair pulling out her phone to see a picture of her and Marco smiling. Out of all her family and stepfamily, Marco was her favorite person.

((sure thing))

Gωყηη ~ ωнιтє ƒσχ ~ (GGwynnie) ((not much, kind of sick right now))

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dreaмcнιld | 366 comments ((okay get better soon))

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Hanzo breathed in the cool air and smiled a rare smile. He liked it here, where there was almost no one around. Putting on his headphones and playing one of his favorite songs, he began to dance to it, using flawless technique.

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Liliana walked across the border of the creek, creating ice at every step. She looked down at her feet and the ice that spread around it. She smiled to herself, entranced by her own powers.

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Oblivious to the pale blond girl nearby, Hanzo continued to dance to his music.

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Liliana looked up to see a boy and looked at him curiously. He was dancing and he was quite graceful. "Your a very good dancer." She remarked.

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Hearing a noise, Hanzo looked up and slid his headphones off. The girl was looking right at him, waiting for a response. "What?" he asked, his Australian accent twisting the word up.

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"I said your a very talented dancer." Liliana smiled at him, and tilted her head. With a quick flick of the wrist, she melted the ice path she had created.

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Hanzo stared at her, and then at the ice-path that had disappeared. He scratched the back of his neck. "Um, thanks." He mumbled, still looking at the ground. He couldn't think of any major god who had ice-powers. "Whose kid are you?" He asked.

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She nodded. She glanced away for a second before saying, "Khione." She said simply not giving anything else away. If her step-mother was here, she would slap the boy and demand him to bow in front of Liliana. She was after all, heir to Zercath. Royalty, to dumb it down.

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"Never heard of her," he said, noting how she had suddenly stiffened at his question. He guessed that she and Khione weren't on the best of terms.

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"I figured. She is a minor goddess. Goddess of snowstorms and all that." Liliana said gaining a smile once again. "Im Prince-....erm, I mean Liliana Veronica Upton Chase. You?" She said curtysing out of habit. She blushed at her slip up and tried to cover it up.

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Hanzo raised an eyebrow, but didn't mention the slip-up. "I'm Hanzo," he said, "Hanzo Yanagabi."

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Liliana nodded, and outstretched a hand for him to shake. "Pleasure to meet you." She knew she sounded way too formal, but her years in the royal court had permanently affected her.

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"This girl is weird," thought Hanzo as he shook her outstretched hand, "but not in a bad way at least." He then stuffed his hands into his pockets. "Guess my parent," he said. He swore that if ONE MORE person thought he and Frank Zhang were related he would kill them, pretty blonde girl or not.

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"Apollo?" She guessed easily, judging from his dancing. Only an Apollo kid would be that gifted in theatrical arts. She tugged on her shirt, to busy herself.

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"Thank the gods!" Hanzo threw his hands up, blasting fire into the air by accident, glad she had guessed correctly. Then he put them back down, embarrassed "You probably just guessed that cuz of my dancing though," he said, "Cuz apart from that, I'm the most UnApollo-like kid you'll ever meet."

((suddenly remembered Apollo kids can use fire^.^))

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Liliana stepped back at the show of fire with a gasp, letting go of a flurry of snow.. She suddenly felt a wave of sickness pass over her and she tried to hide it, smiling and nodding to what he said. Fir and ice....they didnt mix well. "Y-yeah....and why do you say that?" She asked regaining compusure.

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Hanzo shrugged. "I'm just not...sunny and cheerful like him, I guess. Plus I hate haiku." He held his hand up and wiggled his fingertips, which had formed little flames dancing upon them. He did that when he felt a bit jittery.

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