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Query abandoned by poster > ABANDONED. new adult/paranormal (book came out in last 2 yrs) group of boys/girls traded to 2 other planets

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Murrielle This book came out in the last year or two. Re-colonized Earth now populating 1 of 3 planets (or 2 planets and a moon). Earth young adults (girls and boys) traded / given to the other 2 planets in payment for re-colonization or for materials. One group is for slaves other to become warriors. Best friends (boy and girl) gets separated to different classes. The girl is given to 2 leaders. The ending is a cliffhanger where the girl escapes trying to get to another zone on the same planet.

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Kris | 35167 comments Mod
The "Slave Trade Trilogy" by Susan Wright sounds similar to your description, but books were published in 2003-2005. The first novel is Slave Trade.


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Murrielle left the group. Moving to Abandoned.

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