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Okie dokie

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Age: 21

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He's cute

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Um, I think you first?

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Elizabeth left her house that morning, with plans to go to the mall and get some new books there. She hadn't counted on her bicycle having a flat, leaving her with no way to go anywhere. She'd been resigned to spending the day at her apartment curled up with her dog and watching tv or staring at the walls.

That's when she remembered the little book store in town that she had been meaning to go look at. She had passed it several times in town before but never gone in. She hoped it was open. She put her purse back on her shoulder and started walking to the store. It was several blocks away but the day was nice.

When she reached the store, she pushed in the door to enter. It wasn't lit very well and dust seemed to cover everything in a thick layer. She was too busy trying to see that she didn't hear the little bell over the door chime as she came in. She started walking towards one of the shelves, wiping her fingers over the spines so she could read the titles.

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Liz was careful to not bump into any of the shelves as she worked her way through them. It looked like they might fall over at the slightest bump. She paused every once in a while to pull a book of the shelf and read the back cover, only to put it back. While the title had seemed interesting, the description just didn't seem to pull her in like most books did.

When she reached the last row of shelves, her eyes were immediately drawn to one book. She didn't know why. It looked no different than any of the other books. It was a medium-sized leather bound book that was about 400 to 500 pages. It was titled Angels in Eternity. There was no description on the back. The longer she looked at it, the more she wanted to read it.

Holding the book to her chest, she started to look for someone who worked there. "Hello?" she called out. "Is anyone there?"

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"Oh! Hello," Liz said smiling as she noticed the man behind the counter. She couldn't help but notice how handsome he was and wondered how old he was. He looked several years older than she was but sometimes looks were deceiving.

"Yes, but if there's anything that you would suggest, I would love to get some recommendations. I've never heard of these authors before." She tucked a stray curl behind her ear as she continued smiling at him.

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