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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Here we go! Any id Eww as?

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Ideas*

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I was thinking like a high school thing, maybe there's this kid who's always bullied and is a nerd, and then there's a really popular jock that falls for him, but he's got trust issues?

Or we could base it off a fandom, The Mortal Instruments or Percy Jackson or Friday Night Lights

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments I like the first one. I also have an idea if you want to hear it. We dont have to do it though

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Sure, I'd like to hear it.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Guy 1 has just started making a band with his friends. Only problem is that they dont have a singer. Guy 2, the new kid, just so happens to have the voice they want, the voice they need. But guy 1 doesnt know about guy 2s singing until one day after school, guy 1 went to pick up his guitar from the band room and in the next room over, the choir room, guy 2 was practicing for an audition. Guy 1 hears him and walks in. When 2 was done 1 tried to ask him to join the band but 2 panicki and quickly runs off without an answer. Guy 2 has major stage fright and anxiety issues and guy 1 finds out and tries to help him by convincing him to join the band.

Id like to be guy 2 

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I like that idea

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Okay do you want to do it then?

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Okay! :D characters? How detailed should we go

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Hmm… yeah we should do basic characters. Like name, age, appearance.

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Name: Jace Hershey

Age: 17

Appearance: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Name: Marius Taylor

Age: 16

Appearance: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing...

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Can you start?

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Marius was finally alone so he could practice. The choir teacher gave him an extra key to the choir room so he could practice. He grabbed out his cd with he recording on it and put it in.

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"I don't know what to do about the singer, alright? We've talked about this before, no one who auditioned sounded right." Jace snapped into his phone at Jody, the drummer in his band-without-a-singer. "Yeah, I'll keep looking. Bye." He hung up the phone and shoved it back into his pocket, walking up the hallway with the choir room.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments The piano recording he had for the song he was going to sing for his audition in a month to get into a music school. He took a deep breath and strated to sing. Hitting every note perfectly. He closed his eyes as he sang, it helped him concentrate better.

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Jace stopped short in front of the choir room, hearing a beautiful voice. He raised his eyebrows, had he really found a singer? He peeked through the little window on the door and saw a boy about his age was the one singing. Yes! Perfect, he'd finally found someone with the exact voice he needed to help compliment their music.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Marius kept on singing not noticing the boy watching him. He smiled a tiny bit once the song ended. He grabbed the CD out and put it away. He sounded good so he was just going to take a break from practicing today. He sat down a small bench that near mirror and a piano.

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Jace needed to talk to this boy, he needed to get him into the band. He knocked on the door of the choir room to talk to him.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Marius jumped when he heard the knocking and almost slipped of the bench he stood up and opened the door to see a boy around his age and who slightly taller them him. Standing there. "Yes?"

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"Hey, I'm Jace." He stuck out his hand for him to shake, noticing how good-looking he was

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments He hesitated a second before shaking his hand. "Marius." He looked behind Jace to see if anyone else was there. "How long have you been standing there?"

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"Long enough to hear your voice." He said, for some reason Marius seemed kind of nervous. "Hey, look, I have a band, and we're looking for someone like you. How would you like to join?"

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Marius froze when he said that. He listened to him sing and wanted him in there band. He smiled a tiny bit then frowned. Band would mean singing infront if crowds of people. He took a step back and shook his head. "I-i-i cant."

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"Please do it. We're getting big with the music but we need a lead singer. Please, we could really go places. Think of it, big crowds, stages, gigs every night." He told him, really wanting him in. Jody would kill him if he let this opportunity pass him up.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Marius shook his head again and started to pack up his stuff. "I-im sorry. I cant." He mumbled. Just thinking about the crowds of people and the stages, makes him light headed. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath trying not to have an anxiety attack.

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He sighed. "I'm kind of desperate here. Please do it. Is there a reason why you don't want to? I can help you work it out."

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments He glanced over at him and bit his lip. He wanted to, he really did. "I cant."he mumbled again."I mentally can not take that kind of pressure." He said looked down at his bag, messing with the zipper.

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"Stage fright?" Jace asked gently.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "And anxiety." He told him, glancing up then back down. "I get really bad anxiety attacks when I have to do something in front of a huge crowd." He frowned a little. "I want to though. I just dont know I can"

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He reached over and took his hand. "Please try. I promise, you can do it. I'll help you through this."

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments He glanced done at their hands then back up at him. "Really? I guess I could try. Im not promising anything though.

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He gave him a dazzling smile. "Thank you so so so much! You're coming to band practice tonight."

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "Okay." He said before he pulled out his phone to text his mom telling her he was going to a friends house so he would be home late. He smiled a little and looked back at him.

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He studied him closley. "Yeah, you'd definitely be a great asset to the band. We need another hot guy to boost our popularity." He said nodding.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Marius froze and blushed... a lot. He opened his mouth then closed it, not knowing what to say to that. He looked away trying to hide his face as he grabbed his bag.

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He tilted his head to the side a bit and chuckled softly. Marius liked boys, he could tell. It was his ultimate test to tell if someone was gay-- flirt with them, if they blush, then it's a green light. If they look disgusted, then he should immediately stop.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments He grabbed his bag and put it over is shoulder. "So..." he said awkwardly. " where do you guys practice at?" He asked him curiously. He wondered if this band was any good.

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"My garage, mostly." He answered, he couldn't wait to tell the rest of the guys that he'd gotten a new singer.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "Cool." He smiled a little and didnt know what else to say. He looked at Jace then down at his feet nervously.

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"Do you like guys?" Jace blurted and then silently cursed himself. He knew the answer to that and didn't want to push him into saying anything he didn't want to say.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments Marius looked at him confused for a second. He was thinking about lying about it but he probably already knew from earlier. "Yeah, why?" He asked him.

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He smirked. "No reason. I just thought you might like to know that I like boys too."

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments He smiled a little bit. "Yeah. Thats nice to know." He shrugged and little and fixed his hair slightly.

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"Yeah. Hey maybe you'd like to stay over after practice?" He asked hopefully.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments "Sure. I can do that." He smiled and put his hands in his pockets. "What time does practice start at?"

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"Right after school." He said, giving him his address. "We practice at my place because there's no one ever home to complain about the noise." He explained.

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~ Devine ~ | 1202 comments He nodded and took the address. "Okay. Ill see you then?" He said knowing that the bell was going to ring soon.

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He smiled. "Yeah." He walked out of the choir room, pulling his phone out again, dailing Jody's number. "Hey, Jody, you won't believe what I just found!"

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