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message 1: by ~ Devine ~ (new)

~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Here we go :3

Guy 1 has just started making a band with his friends. Only problem is that they dont have a singer. Guy 2, the new kid, just so happens to have the voice they want, the voice they need. But guy 1 doesnt know about guy 2s singing until one day after school, guy 1 went to pick up his guitar from the band room and in the next room over, the choir room, guy 2 was practicing for an audition. Guy 1 hears him and walks in. When 2 was done 1 tried to ask him to join the band but 2 panicki and quickly runs off without an answer. Guy 2 has major stage fright and anxiety issues and guy 1 finds out and tries to help him by convincing him to join the band.

Id like to be guy 2 

message 2: by Wawa (new)

Wawa So is this a romantic thing?

message 3: by ~ Devine ~ (new)

~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments It can be, I dont know

message 4: by Wawa (new)

Wawa Haha. Okay. We can just write and see where it goes if you prefer that.

message 5: by ~ Devine ~ (new)

~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Okay! That works with me! :D

message 6: by Wawa (new)

Wawa Cool beans. We can post up our characters now right?

message 7: by ~ Devine ~ (new)

~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Yeah. Mine might be a bit. I have to finish up some stuff quickly.

message 8: by Wawa (new)

Wawa Cool. Me too. Post it when you're done with your stuff. I can wait.

message 9: by ~ Devine ~ (new)

~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Sorry about not posting. Want me to do it now? How detailed are we going?

message 10: by Wawa (new)

Wawa It's alright. do it as soon as you can. You don't have to be too detailed, name, age, appearance. You can add personality if you want but it's not that important.

message 11: by ~ Devine ~ (last edited Jan 29, 2015 12:33PM) (new)

~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Name: Jack 'Jackie' Mason

Age: 16


Personality: He is really shy guy. He has stage fright problems, also has really bad anxiety. He tries to be out there more but has troubles with it because he isn't good with groups of people.but alone he is usually a happy, energetic person.

Skills: singing, acoustic guitar, writing music and lyrics

message 12: by Wawa (last edited Jan 29, 2015 12:51PM) (new)

Wawa Name: Craig Denville

Age: 18 years


Skills: Lead guitar, background vocals, writing music and lyrics, base guitar, ukele

Personality He’s quiet and thoughtful. He has a short temper and is angry most of the time. He is unfriendly and suspicious of most people. He doesn’t like crowds and music tends to be his escape. If he needs to be, he can blend in and appear friendly.

message 13: by Wawa (new)

Wawa You can add skills if you want to.

message 14: by ~ Devine ~ (new)

~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Okay, want me to start? Like after school?

message 15: by Wawa (new)

Wawa Yeah. You can start from wherever you're most comfortable.

message 16: by Wawa (new)

Wawa Okay. I'm changing his picture though.

message 17: by ~ Devine ~ (new)

~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Jack sat in the empty choir room at the piano. He smiled a little and started to play his song on the piano. He messed up a couple times and sighed in frustration. He took a deep breath and started again. Once he got it he started to sing along with it.

message 18: by Wawa (last edited Jan 29, 2015 12:57PM) (new)

Wawa Craig frowned as he packed up his guitar. He listened to his friend try to see the guy he had found singing some day in the choir room. They had been looking for a singer for a while but Craig had wanted someone reliable, not some random off the street who neither of them new. On top of that, his friend said the guy had refused the offer firmly so why did Craig have to go and see him to confirm anything. "I don't want to make a mistake," he said to the guy as he hoisted the guitar bag onto his back.

[[I changed the picture if you didn't see it.]]

message 19: by ~ Devine ~ (new)

~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Once he got going he stopped playing the piano and sat there singing. Wi the piano not playing his voice was louder and a lot more confident. He never missed a note or a word. His words came out nice and clear. He has been practicing this song for the past couple of weeks trying to prefer it for his audition to get intob his school of choice
((Yeah I saw it :) ))

message 20: by Wawa (new)

Wawa Craig decided to give in. He carried his guitar and himself to the choir room. He stopped outside the door when he heard the singing and just stood listening to it for a while. He couldn’t help the small smile that appeared on his face. Ian had been right. The mysterious guy could sing and he didn’t want to waste another minute debating asking the guy to join the band. He pushed the door open interrupting the singing deliberately.

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~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Jack stopped sing in and glanced over at the door. He stood up and took a step back but forgot about the bench and ran into, almost falling over the back of it and tipping to over. He didn't say anything at first. "Can I help you?" He asked him curiously, hoping that didnt sound rude and he hoped his voicesounded normal because he was definately panicking a little bitm

message 22: by Wawa (new)

Wawa Craig forced a smile. He wanted to make a good first impression to sway the guy into joining their band. “I would like you to.” he said calmly. “I think you have a cool voice. I want you to be in my band.” He said plainly and raised his guitar to prove it. He didn’t find the boy rude but he noticed that he had taken him by surprise when he had almost fallen over the bench.

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~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Jack stared at him for a second. He opened his mouth then closed it. he just said I had a cool voice. Is that a good thing? he thought to himself. "Umm..." he scratched the back of his neck. "Thanks. Im sorry though. I...uh... I cant." He told him, biting his lip a little. "I would like to, but I cant." He looked at the piano then up at him.

message 24: by Wawa (new)

Wawa Craig frowned. His smile fell from his face fast enough. He sneered at the boy. "Ah...what do you mean you can't? Are you in another band?" he asked, irritably. He was going to kill Ian if he had forgotten to tell him something that important. He took a step towards the boy. "Is there like something wrong with you? Who doesn't want to be in a band?"

message 25: by ~ Devine ~ (new)

~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Jack took a step away from him, frowning at him. He hid his hands in his pockets to hide the fact that they were starting to shake a little. This is why he had anxiety problems, he could handle situations like these. "N-no. Im not in another band. A-and I told you already that I would liketo be in your band... I...just..." He sighed in frustration and clenched his hands into fists.

message 26: by Wawa (new)

Wawa Craig tried to read the boy's face. He didn't understand why someone would want to be in a band he couldn't be in. It didn't make any sense and he was quite perturbed. "It's not that hard to be in a band. You just show up and sing. We need a singer. Why can't you be in the band?" he tilted his head, trying to soften his look but still failing a little. At least he wasn't frowning anymore. "Explain that to me?"

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~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Jack took a deep breath, trying to calm down but when he opened his eyes and looked at the boy in front of him, he just went bacm to what he was like before. "I cant because..." he hesitated a second."I have stage fright okay? And when I get in front of a huge crowd and I have an anxiety attack and practically pass out. At least thats what happened last time. " he sighed and sat down with his face in his hands. When sudden realization hit him. How was he suppose to perform in front of the people he needed to audition for. He frowned and let his head fall on top of the piano with a small thud and he groaned. In frustration.

message 28: by Wawa (new)

Wawa Craig's frown deepened. "Good god," he groaned and walked out of the room slamming the door. Of all the stupidest things in the world that he had ever heard, a singer with stage fright was at the top. He hated this. It didn't even make sense to him. If he could sing lead, he would but his vocals weren't strong enough. This boy's were. He needed to get him. He groaned and walked back into the room. "Is that it?" he asked rather hostile like. "Because if that's it then we can solve that. My band has been looking for a singer for a long time now. We are not about to give up just because you have stage fright." he sighed, clearly irritated. "I can help you. If I help you with your stage fright, will you at least consider trying it out?" he asked arms folded and waiting for an answer.

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~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Jack jumped up at the sound of the door slamming. He frowned and walked over to his bag to grab it to leave but instead he leaned against the wall and slid down so he was sitting on the flower. Why did he have to be such a wimp? Helooked over at the guy and listened to him. They sounded pretty desperate, eespecially if they were coming to him for a singer. "I...I guess I can." He said with a small sigh. He coukd notice the look on his face and he could tell that he was obviously upset at him for something he couldnt control, but he guessed he could try. "Im not promising anything though" he mumbled.

message 30: by Wawa (new)

Wawa Craig was irritated even though he had no right to be. The guy obviously just felt a little scared. He forced himself to calm down and held out his hand to shake the guys. "Fine. that's all we can ask." he said and attempted a full smile now that actually stretched over his face. "Where do you want to meet and when? we can start with private sessions and then we can build up to the band all together. Do you write music? I write sheet music and lyrics. How about you?" he asked curiously.

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~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Jack stood up and then shook his hand. "Um... If you guys dont have a private place to practice. Theres this empty warehouse like a block away from... where I live and its actually a really nice place and it would be perfect for a practice place." He shrugged. "Oh and I yeah I do actually. I have this notebook full of lyrics and some are full songs." He pointed to the notbook on top of the piano.

message 32: by Wawa (new)

Wawa Craig let go and went over to the notebook. "We usually practice on campus but the warehouse would be great. It'll stop the ladies from distracting us. But I meant a private sessions with just you and me. Help develop your technique and see whether you even sing the same songs we play or if we'll have to adjust. We'll meet the band once a week." He opened the notebook and perused it not really settling his eyes on any particular song. "I'm Craig by the way. Craig Denville." he said as he shut the book and looked at the guy. "Where do you want to have the sessions?"

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~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Jack nodded as he listened to him, not really saying anything."Jack Mason or Jackie. Which ever works." Most of the time his nickname Jackie was just a name people used to pick on him with because his mom said it one time at a choir concert so now it just stuck. "Um... i dont care really. Anywhere works with me." To be honest he was slightly freaking out on the inside because he realised he was going to have to sing in front of him and he didnt exactly know Craig at all. He didnt know very many people at this school because he just moved here like a month ago.

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Wawa Craig nodded and looked to Jackie with a serious expression. “Hmm...okay. Give me your number,” he said pulling out his phone. “I’ll figure out where we should practice then I’ll text you. My house or your house would be ideal.” He said. “But we can go to the warehouse if you’d be more comfortable like that. I also have a few videos of us with the old singer.” He pondered something for a minute. “Why do you call yourself Jackie?” he asked with his head tilted. “Isn’t that a little...girly?”

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~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Jack nodded and gave him his number. As soon as he said thst they could go to Jackie house, he shook his head. "Um... not my house. " he told him. "Oh um...about that. My mom said it one time when she dropped me off and now everyone calls me that. Either to pick on me or just as a nickname." He shrugged. He was use to call yhe people picking on him so he didnt really care anymore.

message 36: by Wawa (new)

Wawa Craig nodded in understanding. He wondered why they couldn't go to Jackie's house but he didn't care really. They could go to his. There was rarely anyone home. "Okay. You can come over to my house and before you say anything, it's my parents' money, not mine." He said caasually and then took the phone number. He sent a text to Jackie after saving his number in hit phone.

Nice to meet you Jackie. The text read.

He looked up at the guy. "that's my number and your name is kind of cute so no worries. Sorry about being picked on though."

message 37: by ~ Devine ~ (new)

~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Jackie nodded and smiled a little, glad he didn't ask about his house. He looked down at his phone and save the number to his phone. Before looking at him and blushing a little at what he said. "It's alright. Im use to it by now. I just ignore it." That was partly true. He was use to it but it was pretty hard to ignore all the taunting. "So where do you live?" He asked him curiously.

message 38: by Wawa (new)

Wawa Craig nodded and then pointed in a general direction. "I live in the Upper East up the hill where all the big houses are," he said shrugging. "If you wanna come see it right now, you're welcome. I've got nothing better to do anyway." he shrugged and picked up his guitar again. "You coming?"

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~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Jack nodded and quickly grabbed his bag. He hauled it over his shoulder and followed after him. He took his hat off and ran his hand through then fixed his hat back on his head. He smiled a little bit as he followed him, not really caring where they were going.

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Wawa Craig walked them out to the parking lot and clicked open his car doors. "Some days I have my bike. But I needed to bring Yuri with me. that's my guitar." He pointed at his guitar which he placed carefully in the back. "So, that's most days that we come together." He entered the front and started up the engine waiting for Jack to join him before they left.

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~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Jack nodded and just listened to him as he got into the car. He usually wasnt the person to start a conversation. He was just socially awkward but he was working on it. For example by agreeing to join the band even though he had stage fright and the occasional anxiety.

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Wawa Craig looked over at Jack. He wondered why the guy was so quiet but he backed out of the parking lot anyway and drove them off their campus. "So how long have you been singing?" he asked. "Our band hasn't been together long hence why we go through singers a lot." he said. "The three of us, we've been friends for long so we agree on stuff."

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~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Jack looked over at him. "Um... since I was like 7. Somewhere around there at least" he nodded at the friends thing. He had a friend for like a month but then the kid had to move away. "How long have you been playing guitar?" He asked him curiously.

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Wawa Craig nodded at his response and smiled. "That's cool. Um...I've been playing since I was twelve I think. Yeah, twelve sounds about right," he gritted his teeth at the memory of why he had began it in the first place. that wasn't a story he liked to share. He drove in silence for the next few minutes without even realising it.

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~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments When Craig stopped talking So did Jack. He looked out the window and watched as the different thing went by. Trees, houses and what not. He really hoped this wouldnt get awkward. He remembered that he shoukdprobably text his mom so he pulled out his phone and texted her quickly saying he woukd be home later.

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Wawa "So, what kind of music do you like? I think that's important." he smiled and then laughed. "I probably should have asked you that before I kidnapped you to come to my house." he said and shook his head. "that's the thing. Sometimes I space out. I was just impressed by your voice." he said in praise which he rarely gave anyone which meant that Jack's voice was pretty awesome for him to say that.

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~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments "That's alright." He said with a small laugh. "Um... well I'll usually listening to anything thats not major rapping or country. " he shrugged and looked over at him. "I dont know why. I just dont get into country music as much as i woukd with like alternative or something pop songs" he looked out the front window and leaned back more in his seat.

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Wawa Craig laughed. "I'm like that too. Country music has good lyrics but that's where it ends for me," he said smiling and pleasantly surprised that they enjoyed the same things. "Hip hop these days is unappealing but I'm into alternative, indie and pop. They always find a way to rock." He said as he turned them into the driveway. He had little long road to go up before they reached the main house. "Home sweet home." he said to Jack, without any enthusiasm.

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~ Devine ~ | 2456 comments Jack nodded, he was glad that they had one thing in common. He smiled as they pulled into the drive. His eyes widen a little at the house he was seeing. It was definately nothing like the little thing he lived in on the other side of town. "Nice place" he said as he looked at the house. How he wished sometimes that he had the money to get a place like this. Maybe not as big but just as nice.

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Wawa Craig smiled. "Mm...most people don't know I live here. I'll tell my parents you like it," he said his voice flat as he parked the car and got out. He opened the back seat to retrieve his guitar. "There's a piano room so we can go straight there if you want to play or we can head to my room if you don't want to play." He added. "Oh, and if you want anything to you want something to eat?" he asked Jack with a furrowed brow.

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