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Mariah (bizarrebrunette) I liked her. I thought it was great that she had pink hair and she wasn't this stereotypical hero girl.

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Yeah, she's so different from other main characters.

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Mariah (bizarrebrunette) I loved her pink hair and I liked throughout her transformation she still had the pink hair!

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Totally! I've never read a book about a heroine with pink hair before.

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Angel (angelyh) She was full of life- and I admire how she isn't completely "good"- i.e. when she's killing the lion and turns into some crazy thing.

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Yeah, I love how she has all those bad moments and is still learning who she is and how to control her power.

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Angel (angelyh) I think it makes her more realistic and relatable

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Adam Ziarnik (ziarnik) Reading the early parts of Yellow Brick War, Amy is starting to piss me off. I've little patience for the stereotyped whiney, teen-angst Amy that is showing up here. Hoping this gets better...

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@Adam did you read the last book of the series?

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Adam Ziarnik (ziarnik) I actually just finished The End of Oz a couple weeks ago. It was an OK ending. I didn't hate Amy as much in End as I did in YBW. For as much thought as went into mapping out a gazillion novellas, I was somewhat underwhelmed by the "solution" that was the end of the series. I don't want to give anything away if you haven't read it yet.

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To me the ending wasn't enough. It was like it ended to open for my taste

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Bridy.Kemp (bubbles81) | 14 comments hi

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Bridy.Kemp wrote: "hi"
Which is your favorite character?

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