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message 1: by Marie, otakuqueen (new)

Marie (naturechild02) | 287 comments Mod
What anime or manga world or universe would you like to inhabit? Why?

message 2: by Marie, otakuqueen (new)

Marie (naturechild02) | 287 comments Mod
Personally, I think it'd be awesome to be a ninja. Naruto style! Not sure what my awesome ability would be but I'm sure it would involve morphing parts of my body into weapons or something similar.

message 3: by Haley (new)

Haley | 6 comments Bleach! I'd be a Shinigami! I'd want an ice based zanpakuto, but my opinion might or might not be changing between Hinimori's fire and Toshiro's ice...

{I'm sort of obsessed with Bleach at the moment XD}

message 4: by Marie, otakuqueen (new)

Marie (naturechild02) | 287 comments Mod
The Fairy Tail world is pretty cool too. I would love to have Erza's magic.

message 5: by Talia (new)

Talia Lord One piece world, because I would love to travel, and have powers beyond my wildest dreams and to meet different creatures and to go treasure hunting! A pirate life is the life for me :)

Cate (The Professional Fangirl) (chaostheory08) | 59 comments I watch a lot of "real life" anime.... slice of life and musicals.

But I would like to check out Death Vegas. Maybe I'm fit to be a meister lol.

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