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Gabriela (hey it's gabs) (heyitsgabs) | 30 comments TW: FOOD

Hey everyone,
Sorry I’m posting these topics so late (it’s literally past 9pm on Wednesday, oops). As always there is a discussion, to suggest future topics, and you can alternate weeks with past topics.

December 2: Nanowrimo
NaNoWriMo just finished, so I thought either we could share some books that started out as NaNo projects, or if we participated, we could share a list of our favourite quotes from our 2020 wip or our favourite moments in our stories so far.


Throwback Topics
Since I’m posting this so late on Wednesday, I thought I would include throwbacks officially, since I would assume some of us might have just gone back to find an old topic for this week as I know Alex (The Scribe Owl) has. If you skip this week, don’t feel bad, it’s my fault for not posting topics earlier lol.

December 9: Gift Wrapped
December really is the season of giving, between graduations and religious celebrations, and the excessive marketing, we give and receive quite a bit. I’m pretty loose with the topics, so as always interpret as you wish, some ideas include; books you’ve gifted in the past or books you’ve been gifted in the past (that maybe you haven’t read yet). Angie (Eastern Sunset Reads) also suggested books currently on your wishlist or gifts you will be giving to readers/non-readers this year.

December 16: Best Villains
This topic was suggested by Anni (Anni the Bookprincess, it’s pretty simple, it’s the villains you think are the best, maybe they are completely awful or maybe they are ridiculously entertaining to read about.

(view spoiler)

December 30: Yeet 2020
For the year’s last topic Alex (The Scribe Owl) suggested dystopia (or apocalyptic fiction) that's so wild it feels like 2020. If you don’t read these genres you can always share books or films that have major 2020 energy.

Alternate: Turquoise
Just like last month, I’m including an easy-to-do alternate topic, so if you choose to do this topic share some books that have these hues on the cover. If you had enough examples you could probably make a list of characters deceived as having turquoise eyes lol.

As always happy reading this month, stay safe as the winter rolls in up north, happy holidays and happy new year!

P.S is the tw okay like that?

i've edited this three times now, lol so many mistakes

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Emily (embuhleeliest) | 111 comments Did a Dec 2017 topic: Bookish things I'm grinchy about.

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Emily (embuhleeliest) | 111 comments Gift Wrapped! I interpreted this as 'Books I received as gifts that I still haven't read'

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Clémence (clemireads) | 56 comments Here is my entry for today!

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Kayleigh (bluegeraniumbooks) | 2 comments Hello all! I have been off BookTube for a long time but decided that I am going to start a channel again. So, I hope no one minds if I jump into doing Top 5 Wednesdays again. I took this week's theme as books I would give as gifts.

Alex (The Scribe Owl) | 71 comments Hi! I just remembered that I forgot to post my topics from the past couple weeks, so here they are!

Book Wish List:

Gift Wrapped:

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Emily (embuhleeliest) | 111 comments Top Villains! Well, antagonists.

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Emily (embuhleeliest) | 111 comments I forgot to link it on Wednesday, but I did turquoise books!

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Emily (embuhleeliest) | 111 comments I ended up grabbing an old topic and updating it for this year. Top 5 books I didn't get to in 2020:

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Clémence (clemireads) | 56 comments One day late but here's my entry for this week!

⭐Anny⭐ (Book Princess) (annithebookprincess) A little late but here's my last post for this year! I couldn't miss this topic!


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