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Nicole (revnhavelka) | 69 comments Mod
In these kinds of pilgrimages, I'm struck by how these physically demanding challenges help to focus the mind. Strayed writes several time in the book about how she expected to have all kinds of time to think and reflect on her life. But, she is instead focused almost solely on the physical demands of the trail. Is that how you experience these challenges, too?

message 2: by Jo (new)

Jo | 33 comments I don't know that I have ever been on a physically demanding pilgrimage, but I do think that as I workout, there is really nothing you can go but concentrate on what you are doing. Consequently, your mind gets a break from running in circles. Speaking of circles, I wonder if this is the same kind of thing that happens when one walks a labyrinth.

message 3: by Maria (new) - added it

Maria C (composer007) | 23 comments it's a tool for strengthening focus : by distraction .. physically moving allows the free flow of breath and natural energy : at least for me.. I always seem to be freed mentally when I'm in motion .. and after the breath becomes somewhat desperate : it's like the mind body sprit seem to operate better in sync rather than separately

Nicole (revnhavelka) | 69 comments Mod
Agreed, being in motion actually focuses your mind, even though some people characterize it as losing themselves. Maybe both things are happening simultaneously -- focusing and losing self.

message 5: by Maria (new) - added it

Maria C (composer007) | 23 comments losing self is interesting although it seems like gaining self: the loud mind becomes clearer.. and more focused .. all the junk dwindles away and calms.. oh wait, that's a God quality isn't it!!! maybe the self is what needs to dwindle

hmm .. I suppose it could also come more in line with God.. or God qualities.. so like a unison instead of a cacophony of noise.. some might argue that only holiness of God should be that mind ... or power / that's hard for me to accept.. although possibly the better goal.. I am leaning more toward respecting God's creation of me (self) being some thing of worth so the duet scenario is appealing .. we are created beings so if God just wants to fill a bunch of self less drones, possibly there wouldn't be a need for us.. dunno .. I will have to think about that some more... I just got a book called Adam by Henri Nouwen and will be listening to it this week : apparently Adam was in a completely helpless estate .. yet was inspirational to Henri.

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