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General Rules

1. Please be nice. I shouldn't have to say this, but please just be genuinely nice to people, okie?

2. No swearing. In character, please just use **** if you have to, and I don't want to see anything in the OOC threads, kay?

3. No sex, drugs, or alcohol. Seriously guys, take it to PM if you seriously seriously have to have your two characters in bed. And try to avoid the drugs and alcohol because unless your's charrie's mutation is that they can magically turn water into wine, there shouldn't be any on campus in the first place for your charries to consume.

4. No text talk, especially in the roleplay.

5. Please make an attempt at proper grammar.

6. Please try to be active. I'm in so many dead groups, and it's no fun being the only ones RPing in a group.

7. No taking control of other people's characters. If your charrie's power is taking control of other people, we're just gonna have to discuss that. We'll figure something out, don't worry :)

8. Try to have at least 3 lines? This is a semi-advanced roleplay, so try to avoid the one liners! (Though I'm pretty guilty of that myself)

9. Please wait for characters to be approved. I'll try to go as fast as I can, but please don't be rude if I'm slow. I do have a social life (I know, it's a surprise), and I can't be on 24/7.

10. Have fun!!!

Equinox Academy Rules
1. All students are to be in their dorm buildings by 10:30, and in bed by 12:00.

2. Uniforms must be worn from 9:00-5:00, except when doing training.

3. There is to be no attempts to contact the outside world without permission.

4. Students are to attend all classes on time.

5. Students are not permitted to leave the grounds.

6. Students will not destroy school property on purpose, with or without the use of their power.

Please sign below :)

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