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mels (padmeskywalkers)
A common room for the exclusive use of Animus students. It's a fairly large room situated on the main floor of the building, just past the entryway. There's a large TV, and plenty of comfy couches to sit on. In the corner of the room, there's an air hockey table, a Foosball table and a pool table. There's a large table in another corner usually used by students to play a board game.

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Emma | 106 comments Nymph walked into the common room, not overly surprised to see Sean there. Elle had done something to him, too. Well, that made two of them mad at her, and it made Nymph wonder what in the world the redhead was thinking. She looked at the flowers, watching them shift back and forth, and walked over to the couch. "You're going to exhaust yourself like that you know. And move your feet." She instructed, fully intending to sit down and take some of his nachos.

Although she wasn't really one to talk about exhausting herself, seeing as she had spent the remainder of english reimagining what her bedroom should look like, and changing the small dorm room to fit her ideas.

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Emma | 106 comments "I don't trust her." Nymph said as she sat down, pausing her explanation to grab a nacho. "And I can't always control what I'm thinking about." She sighed and looked up at the stupid movie for a second, choosing her words carefully. "So I saw her look at me and I just--once you know she knows something it's impossible to not wonder what she knows. And then you start thinking about the things she could or couldn't know, and then she would know everything, and I just needed to get out, you know?"

Well. Maybe she hadn't chosen her words as well as she would have liked.

((Sorry for the bad length I'm on mobile))

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Emma | 106 comments "Yeah, well, I need to spend more time around her than you do. We're kind of stuck in this situation now; I mean, we can get revenge all we want, but we push her too far out and she could just decide to spy on me whenever. And I can't have that." Nymph omitted the part she was thinking--how damaged she actually was would blow straight past her perfect exterior, and she would lose even the idea of control if Elle played it well. "Her plus that stupid immune boy--things could fall apart." She took another few nachos, hating that she was essentially compulsively eating at this point. She didn't do that. She didn't lose control.

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Emma | 106 comments "Well...we could, you know." Nymph said slowly, looking at the new tv channel. "Technically, she can't trace illusions. So, we could set up fakes of any other friends of hers, and get them to essentially publicly humiliate her. Or we could get them to do it themselves. We could all sorts of those little things that make life terrible without her ever knowing it was us." Stuff like making sure she always arrived at the mess hall just after most of the food was gone. "Or we could even be upfront about it. Do you think I could do anything that would force admin to switch the roommates?" She knew better than to use her powers on admin--there was too much of a risk in it, even for her next-to-perfect illusions.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) ((o.o oh dear. Poor Elle...))

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Emma | 106 comments ((Sorry XD))

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mels (padmeskywalkers) ((Nah, it's cool XD I'm interested to see how this plays out...))

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Emma | 106 comments ((The more angst the better lol this is what happens when you're roommate is a mean overpowered seventeen year old))

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mels (padmeskywalkers) ((XD))

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Emma | 106 comments ((Oh my god my phone did the stupid your-you're thing crap no my grammar is better than that))

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mels (padmeskywalkers) ((XDXD oh, I hate it when that happens XD))

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Emma | 106 comments "You really are in a bad mood today, aren't you?" Nymph said. Yes, normally they were both terrible, and yes, she had started this idea, but this was a little further than they had taken it with Elle before. "If this goes south on me though, I don't want to be anywhere near her stupid mind-reading--so you can be prepared to forfeit your bed and sleep on the floor until I can get a new roommate."

She ate another few nachos, trying to think if there was any way to keep Elle from snooping in on her thoughts. As far as she knew, there wasn't.

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Emma | 106 comments ((It's totally fine))

"Mattresses on the ground are never comfy. Unless you're offering your mattress, in which case I'm sure it would be much more comfortable than the boxsprings you'd be on." She looked down at the few nachos on the plate, wanting more, but she could basically almost already feel herself getting bloated. If she ate more, it might start to be an actual problem for her figure, and, well...Nymph couldn't have that.

"Get the nachos away from me, okay?" She told Sean, although she knew he was probably thinking the same thing. They were both just so vain--it was a big part of why they got along.

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