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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
This area is for calls-for-papers, submission opportunities, etc.

message 2: by Greg (new)

Greg | 332 comments Reposting this from another thread, anyone interested in writing (unpaid) role-playing game scenarios might be interested in the Pathfinder Society Open Call (http://paizo.com/pathfinderSociety/ge...).

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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Warhammer Black Library looks for authors :

First of all, we are only looking for short stories featuring the Deathwatch, set in the current Warhammer 40,000 era. You can interpret that in any way you like, as long as the Imperium’s finest xenos hunters are showcased in a manner that fits with the existing background published by Games Workshop.

Secondly, we only need a single paragraph which summarises your idea for a full short story, followed by a sample of your best writing from that story. The sample should be no more than 500 words (and we will be checking!) but should be of sufficiently high quality to engage/excite our editors who will be reading each and every submission.

Finally, you should make your submission by email only, to blacklibrarysubmissions@gwplc.com – please attach your submission as a Microsoft Word document (not Works, not OpenOffice, not RTF or any other weird and wacky file formats) and also copy your single paragraph summary into the covering email. Failure to follow those basic requests will result in your submission being rejected. We cannot confirm receipt of any submission, and we cannot respond to requests for additional information or updates on the process.

The email address will be open from midnight GMT on Monday 8th December to midnight GMT on Monday 26th January. Any submissions that arrive outside of those dates will be automatically rejected by the system.

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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
I follow Cynthia Ward on Facebook; she is a speculative fiction writer (with contribution in Marion Zimmer Breadley's "Sword & Sorceress anthologies") who has had a passion for keeping track of sci-fi / fantasy markets for decades (I first discovered her via her Market Maven lists in "Speculations").

She just posted this link, re: 2 new anthologies from Broken Eye Books (not Sword & Sorcery per se, but weird fiction):
"The first is alternate history steampunk ghost stories and the second is transhumanist near-future science fiction tales of the Cthulhu Mythos."


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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
In a different thread, member Nik posted a new Germany based market with a cool name: PULPCORE:


message 6: by Nik (new)

Nik Hawkins (nihawkins) | 12 comments Can't even remember how I stumbled on it, but their reference to weird fiction makes me think it could be right in this group's wheelhouse.

If anyone is having trouble finding submission guidelines, the link is in the footer of the site: http://www.pulpcore.de/info/. Looks like they have a Facebook page too.

Good luck to anyone who submits.

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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Author Shane Porteous shared on Fantasy Facebook-Heoroic Fantasy Group
the following call for submissions. More weird fiction than Sword & Sorcery, but then Lovecraft and Howard are not that far removed.

Horrified Press

Short Stories – 3,000 – 5,000 words

H. P. Lovecraft never stuck to any serious continuity with his Mythos. It has always been simply accepted that the return of Cthulhu and the other Elder Gods was an inevitability.
Why don’t they return? What happens that stops them?
This is a focused idea that leaves lots of room to the imagination.

Did we stop them? Did some one else stop them? Were the stars never right? They decided not come? Did Cthulhu over sleep? It’s all up to you! So get your writing caps on and let those eldritch juices flow!

We’re open to all styles of writing. Be it Pulp, Noir, Literary, SF, Gothic or what ever you feel appropriate.

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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod

Facebook group that lists current opportunities.

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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
The good folks at Facebook Grimdark Fiction Readers & Writers Group just posted a neat link to the Submission Grinder website

The grinder is a submission tracker and market database for writers of fiction (non-fiction and poetry coming soon!). Use our extensive and powerful search engine to find a home for your work. With new features being added periodically we hope to provide a permanent and stable home for your submission tracking.

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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Another Cynthia Ward facebook post of interest, that I reshare here:
Posted 3-16-2015

New anthology Sword and Sorcery - http://robotcowgirl.com/sword-sorcery/ - seeks what it says. "Breathe new life into Sword and Sorcery. Give it a twist, but be sure your story has a central speculative twist; we’re not looking for historical fiction or sword-and-sandal tales. Stories should be between 3,000 and 8,000 words. Preference will be given to tales which imbue Sword and Sorcery with diversity, humanism, and complexity. On acceptance, payment will be US$50 per story." Deadline is unclear. Click through for further info - AND you have to click through on that page to get full guidelines, just so you know....

message 11: by Steve (new)

Steve Goble | 100 comments Thanks for sharing that.

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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
A facebook group called
has short story opportunities all the time:

message 13: by S.E., Gray Mouser (new)

S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Sword & Sorceress Guidelines
Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword and Sorceress Call: http://www.mzbworks.com/guidelines.htm

Guidelines: Stories should be the type generally referred to as "sword and sorcery" and must have a strong female protagonist whom the reader will care about. See Sword & Sorceress 22, Sword & Sorceress 23, Sword & Sorceress 24, Sword & Sorceress 25, Sword & Sorceress 26, Sword & Sorceress 27, and Sword & Sorceress 28 (or S&S 1-20) for examples. We do not want stories with explicit sex, gratuitous violence, or profanity. We are NOT a market for poetry. We are willing to consider stories set in modern times (urban fantasy), but we won't buy more than one or two of those for the anthology. We always want something short and funny for the last story.

No reprints. No simultaneous submissions.

With regard to multiple submissions, do not submit more than one story at a time. If we've rejected your first one, you may send one more, as long as it's before the deadline. We have occasionally bought someone's second submission. We have never bought a third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, or eighth submission. If you send us two stories, and we don't hold either of them, wait until next year to try again. Please do not re-submit stories we have already rejected (including stories rejected in previous years).

If you have not previously sold to Sword & Sorceress, please read "What is a Short Story?" and "Why Did my Story Get Rejected?" before submitting to us.

Please do not explain or describe your story in the e-mail (cover letter). If your story can't stand on its own, fix the story.

Reading period: Saturday, April 18 to Friday, May 15, 2015. Stories received before or after this period will be deleted unread.
Response time is expected to follow MZB's traditional standards: you should hear within a week if we're holding your story for the final line-up or rejecting it.

Deadline: May 15, 2015.

Length: up to 9,000 words, with preference given to shorter stories. The longer a story is, the better it has to be. Long stories should be submitted early in the reading period.

Formatting and Submission:

Format with one-inch margins on all four sides of page.
Please do not use a header or footer.

Your legal name, full mailing address, and email address must be in the upper left corner, single spaced.
Skip two lines, center the text, then put the title, with your name (or byline) on the next line. We're not going to be as rigid as MZB was about pen names, but we expect them to be reasonable, rather than cute.

The rest of the manuscript should be single-spaced, with the first line of each paragraph indented 1/2 inch.
If you need to indicate a break, put "#" on a line by itself, centered.
Do not underline; use italics instead. Do not use bold face. We prefer Courier New font, size 12.

Word count will be determined by our word processor; that way it will be the same for everyone.

Save your document as an .rtf file (rich text format or interchange format, depending on what your computer calls it). E-mail as it as an attachment to . The subject line should be "SS30, your last name, story title" (e.g.: SS30, Bradley, Dark Intruder) -- we don't want submissions caught in the spam filter.

Rights purchased: first rights, non-exclusive eBook and audio book rights.Payment: 6 cents per word as an advance against a pro rata share of royalties and foreign or other sales.

message 14: by S.E., Gray Mouser (new)

S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Sword and Sorceress 31
Submission window: April 16, 2016 thru Friday, May 13, 2016.

"The reading period for Sword and Sorceress 31 starts on Saturday, April 16, 2016. See http://mzbworks.com/guidelines.htm. Note that when we say we will delete stories received before then, we mean it. The reading period starts right after April 15th because the editor volunteers at a tax-preparation site until then and does not have the energy to work on the anthology at the same time. The deadline is Friday, May 13, 2016. If you are submitting, please read the guidelines carefully before hitting send."

Another Cynthia Ward facebook post of interest, that I reshare here.Posted Dec-2015;

Marion Zimmer Bradley's series: Sword and Sorceress

message 15: by Arley (new)

Arley Dial (arley1977) | 24 comments S.E. wrote: "Warhammer Black Library looks for authors :

First of all, we are only looking for short stories featuring the ..."

This link is still up on the Black Library site with no year date. I spent a lot of time on a Deathwatch story before my hopes were crushed because I didn't follow up with an email inquiry. If you google 'Black Library submissions' that comes up on the first page. It might make me look like a fool, but there it is.

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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Warhammer has open submissions:

Focused on "the Imperium of Man"

message 17: by S.E., Gray Mouser (new)

S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Dirge Magazine has some opportunities:


message 18: by S.E., Gray Mouser (new)

S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Skelos press "We will be open to submissions from September 15th to September 30th for fiction, poetry, and essays. After September 30th, we will close in order to be able to read and digest whatever comes in during that time. We will reopen for submissions again at a later date."


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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Weirdbook Submissions:

"opening up submissions from the 1st of October 2016 until the 31st of October 2016.
6,000 words is the maximum story length to be accepted.
No cover letters or bios.
No Mythos (please!).
Simultaneous submissions are allowed as long as you let me know."

Weirdbook 31 by Doug Draa

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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Weird book

Witch theme / April 2017


From Douglas Draa:

"Submissions for our Themed Annual this year will open up on the 1st of April 2017 and close on the 30th of April 2017

The Theme is WITCHES
(and Warlocks)

6,000 words is the maximum story length to be accepted.

No cover letters or bios.

Simultaneous submissions are allowed as long as you let me know.

Publication date is October

I’m looking for original (no reprints) well-written (duuh, I guess that that’s fairly obvious) weird stories. My tastes are broad and I’m looking for any of the following: fantasy, dark fantasy, sword and sorcery, ghost, horror, heroic fantasy, science fantasy or just plain odd.

But don’t forget, this is for our 2017 Annual and the theme is WITCHES!"

message 21: by S.E., Gray Mouser (new)

S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Weirdbook Oct 2017 is soliciting for short stories:


message 22: by Jon (new)

Jon Ray (jonray) | 51 comments Yep! I've got a story planned out for submitting to this one. Thanks for the reminder.

message 23: by S.E., Gray Mouser (new)

message 24: by Greg (new)

Greg | 332 comments S.E. wrote: "Ragnarok Closes :(


Hopefully, just a temporary glitch. Their RPG stuff is still going ahead as is their Hath no Fury anthology.

message 25: by S.E., Gray Mouser (new)

S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Black Library / Warhammer:

Starts January 11th ish

Here is the blurb:

Want to write for Black Library? Think you've got what it takes? Now's your chance to prove it, as the Black Library Anniversary Open Submissions window is, well, open.

Find out more here, including all your questions asked and advice from Black Library's authors: https://www.warhammer-community.com/w...

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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Rogue Blades Entertainment is back in 2018, starting submissions again. Not necessarily Sword and Sorcery like its early works (Return of the Sword, Rage of the Behemoth, Demons: A Clash of Steel Anthology....) but still could take those!


message 27: by Jason M (new)

Jason M Waltz (worddancer) | 313 comments S.E. wrote: "Rogue Blades Entertainment is back in 2018, starting submissions again. Not necessarily Sword and Sorcery like its early works (Return of the Sword, [book:Rage of the Behemoth|660430..."

Oh, there'll be S&S again, never fear! I'm just not waiting any longer to expand, let's rip into all the heroic genres at the same time. An ongoing festival of storytelling madness!

message 28: by Jon (new)

Jon Ray (jonray) | 51 comments I'm in this fantasy Facebook group that has a few S&S among us there. Year round, they have open submissions for different themed Anthologies. There is no pay, but if you're looking for an alternative lead to getting your work read this is why I do it. It's a nice non-spam FB group too. Once you've joined, go to the Files section listed on the left and look for any that are set to (OPEN) for submissions.


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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Sword And Sorceress


“The reading period for Sword & Sorceress 33 will begin on MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2018. It will end on SUNDAY, MAY 13, 2018.

If you wish to submit a story to the anthology, please follow the Guidelines below.(on the website)”

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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
DMR books call for short stories though novellas


For the first time ever, DMR Books will be open to unsolicited submissions. The submission window is from October 31-November 30.

What we’re looking for:

Heroic fantasy adventure fiction of the sword-and-sorcery subgenre. Rather than give a detailed explanation of what that means, I’ll just say that if you’re familiar with the books we’ve published, as well as the titles on the following list, you’ll have a good idea of what we want.

message 31: by S.wagenaar (new)

S.wagenaar | 388 comments I’m currently working on a short story that I’ll try submitting. It’s my third Gunnolf, Feeder of the Ravens adventure. Hopefully it’s good enough...;-)

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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Stan, sweet! Forgive my ignorance. Where were the first two published?

message 33: by S.wagenaar (new)

S.wagenaar | 388 comments Actually, SE, I only had the first one published thus far. It was featured in the S&S anthology Barbarian Crowns II, published by Barbwire Butterfly in the U.K. Hoping one of my tales appeals to the editors at DMR.

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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Cool. Keep fighting the good fight!

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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Rogue blades has multiple Sword and Sorcery submission for 2019


Editor/member Jason M Waltz

message 36: by S.wagenaar (new)

S.wagenaar | 388 comments Thanks for the heads up SE!

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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
S.wagenaar wrote: "Thanks for the heads up SE!"

You are welcome.

Most here know that RBE has made made nice anthologies, in particular Return of the Sword: An Anthology of Heroic Adventure .... nice to see Jason M Waltz tackle some more to stir the community again.

message 38: by Jason M (new)

Jason M Waltz (worddancer) | 313 comments Thanks for sharing, Seth! 2019's open calls should have something of interest to this S&S group!

message 39: by S.E., Gray Mouser (last edited Jan 26, 2020 02:48AM) (new)

S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Rogue Blades has another call for submissions which include a S&S anthology:

An Anthology of Heroic Sacrifice

OPEN March 1st, CLOSES May 6th 2020

Not every hero survives. All heroes pay a cost, some the ultimate sacrifice. We're examining that theme of ultimate sacrifice as key to heroism. Not only the willingness to sacrifice all, but the act of sacrifice for the greater 'cause,' whatever that may be. These are tales of loss. Death can be a cost of heroism--but it might not be the greater loss come story's end. Heroes die. And they lose things greater than life: Family. Freedom. Innocence. Faith. Ideals. Drastic change must happen to your hero by story's end. But this is not just a book of dead heroes. Death does not have to mean defeat. Loss does not always equal failure. We want stories across the spectrum, stories of apotheosis and of nihilism and of what lies between. Heroes die and legends are born. Or nothing changes and it is all moot. A battle is won, while a war lost . . . or a battle lost to win a war.

This is character-driven storytelling, and we want to read it in all the 'Sword-and-' genres: Sword & Sorcery, Sword & Planet, Sword & Sandal, Sword & Soul, Sword & Six-gun. 11 week submission period. We will be accepting 13-15 stories, and stories should be 2k-9k words in length. Nothing shorter will be read, and our sweet spot is in the 5k-7k range. Publication is intended for Christmas 2020. Payment of $30 flat per story shall be rendered after publication, and authors will receive electronic copies and permanent discount on print purchases from RBE.

message 40: by S.wagenaar (new)

S.wagenaar | 388 comments Awesome news!

message 41: by S.E., Gray Mouser (new)

S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Tales From The Magician's Skull will have open submissions for the first time. Starts on REH's bday in a few days (Jan 22).

message 42: by S.E., Gray Mouser (new)

S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Robert Zoltan's Sexy Fantastic magazine has an urgent call for S&S stories. It's for a Kickstarter run coming soon for Issue #4: Swords & Shadows
Link to info on KS for #4

From a message from the editor: "We still need at least one more great story for Swords and Shadows. .... please send to editor@sexyfantasticmagazine.com. Deadline is July 1st."


message 43: by S.E., Gray Mouser (new)

S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod

Sword and Sorceries submissions


Submissions for Swords & Sorceries Volume 3 will open on the 1st August and close on the 31st October 2021

(Please do not send anything before the 1st August)

Payment is £25 per story regardless of length, plus a contributor's copy. The book will be published as a paperback and ebook. If a hardcover version is published we will pay an additional £25. Contributors can also buy extra copies of the book through us at cost price.

Please send your submissions as attachments (doc or docx) to:


You can send in more than one submission, but we will not accept more than one story per writer.

Although we prefer original stories we are prepared to consider reprints. Just inform us where and when it was previously published.

There is no limit on the size of submissions.

All rejections and acceptances will be emailed by the end of the first week in November.

Please send your story as an attachment, headed:

"Submission - Swords & Sorceries 3"

message 44: by S.E., Gray Mouser (new)

S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
HFQ is open again
the blurb: ....

After a year of being closed, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly will be open for submissions in September. In that year the field of S&S short story publishing has grown quite a bit, and since several of us are open at the same time, HFQ is going to allow simultaneous submissions.


message 45: by S.E., Gray Mouser (new)

S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
warhammer Olde world accepting submissions https://www.warhammer-community.com/2...

message 46: by Richard (new)

Richard | 714 comments Many people have asked when DMR Books will open for submissions. The time is nigh! On All Hallows’ Eve we will begin accepting submissions for the Halloween-themed sword-and-sorcery anthology Samhain Sorceries.


message 47: by S.E., Gray Mouser (new)

S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
thx for sharing that Richard

message 48: by S.E., Gray Mouser (new)

S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Weirdbook Annual 2022...will be Vampires....submit in January

From Douglas Draa's Facebook post:

"Here's some quick news.
The theme for the 2022 WEIRDBOOK Annual will be Vampires!
Submissions will be open for the entire month of January 2022.
Story length will be limited to 10K words correction. Update.
Stories can be longer than 10K!!!
I'm leaving this up to you all.
Longer stories are greatly preferred.
So 10K-12K is the ideal length
No reprints.
The issue length will be limited to 70K words.
This'll be tough, but I'll only be accepting 3 poems.
No Flash Fiction.
As usual, Email submissions to..
I'll be updating the Weirdbook website this weekend.
Rates will be one cent per word and 2 print copies for fiction and one for poetry."

Website to be updated soon:

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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Johnathan Maberry just posted an open call for Pitches (not stories) for Weird Tales

from facebook:


Read this carefully –I’ll be taking short story pitches for an upcoming themed issue of Weird Tales Magazine. The theme is COSMIC HORROR –which can be defined a lot of ways. It can be Lovecraftian but does not have to be.

I am NOT accepting short story submissions at this time. What I want are pitches of 1-2 paragraphs, along with a writing sample. The pitch and sample must both be attached at Word docs (not RTF, no PDF, etc.). 12-point Times New Roman. No exceptions. No reprints.

Pitches should be sent to me at Jonathan_maberry@yahoo.com. Put WT COSMIC HORROR PITCH in the subject bar. (Again, no exceptions).

In the body of the email, provide a short bio.

The submission window opens now and closes December 21 at 5pm PST.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me with WT PITCH QUESTION in the subject bar.

message 50: by Greg (last edited Dec 19, 2021 02:16PM) (new)

Greg | 332 comments Grimdark short stories and novellas (Black Hare Press)

If you're not put off by token rates of pay and you have a grimdark story looking for a home, Australian publisher Black Hare Press is looking for stand alone short stories up to 3000 words in length that attract a flat $10 USD payment only if the final, edited, version of your text is at least 2000 words long.

Novellas (which the publishers define as being between 20K and 40K words in length) attract an advance of $100 USD plus 60% of book royalties and 80% of merchandise royalties.

Details can be found here: https://www.blackharepress.com/submis... (click the PAID tab and scroll down for the grimdark categories)

You'll need to take account of the submission guildelines on that page as well as those given on this one: https://www.blackharepress.com/submis....

From a personal perspective, I've only ever had one non-paying horror drabble published by them. I've had a few rejections in paying drabble categories, so while they don't pay much, they can be picky!

Also, they don't take reprints.

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