Ɛqυιησx Acαɗєму fσя Ɠιfтєɗ ǀηɗινιɗυαƖѕ {A Sємι-Aɗναηcєɗ RσƖєρƖαу} discussion

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At Equinox Academy, there are five different dorm buildings, one for each house. Ten floors for each, and they're spread out around the grounds. The Animus Dorm Building is the closest to the main school building in the center of the grounds. On the main floor, there's a common room where students can study, or really just hang out and do whatever they want. The first year dorms are also on this floor, for students 11 years of age and younger. The second floor features the second year and third year dorms and a student laundry room. Third floor has the fourth and fifth year dorms and a quiet room, where students go to study, do homework, or concentrate on their power. The fourth floor has the sixth and seventh year dorms, and a snack bar for when students don't want to walk all the way to the mess hall. And finally, the fifth floor houses the eighth year students, the oldest of the school, and a private common room just for them. Younger students may be invited by older students to come in here.

Already Created Dorms
701: Nymphadora Antunes + Giselle Britton
702: Sean Tyler Chase + Ross Nicholas Harrison
703: Astrid Alexander Mason + ?
801: Arabella Mary Gray + Rebecca Alice Morgan
802: Julian Fisher + ?

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